Chilean cup Best of Chile
  • 1,373
  • 7
Good night friends to let you know that inscriptions for the chilean cup Best of Chile is now on inscriptions phase and all chilean players above 1600 are invited to participate you can watch the rules with all the info in the following link
King of the Hippo 5 - Announcement
  • 4,971
  • 9
All the games will be played as an 8-man-FFA king of the hill with WololoKingdoms. The tournament will be held on the 19th and 20th of May. And will be streamed by Nili_Aoe with different co-casters. There will be 8 qualifiers. The winner will get a spot in the finals, in which the winner will...
Nomad Battlegrounds 2v2 Announcement
  • 6,148
  • 16
Nomad Battlegrounds Nomad Battlegrounds is a 2v2 Tournament played on the standart map Nomad. This Tournament will be played on Userpatch 1.5 using Wololokingdoms. 32 Teams will fight for glory, starting with single elimination in the first two rounds and switching to double elimination for the...
Battle of Africa has come to a close
  • 19,499
  • 114
Battle of Africa has come to a close. After a brilliant and exciting few weeks we found our champions... Full Result Thank you to PGI and Memb that handed me the tools and money to create the best teamgame tournament I could. Without you this wouldn't have been possible. If you haven't...
AOE-II Extreme Streamer Showdown - Season 2 Announcement
  • 4,658
  • 13
The 2nd “Extreme Streamer Showdown” tournament is here! NRQ's Community Discord ESS Tournament Bracket Organized and hosted by NerdRageQuit, the Extreme Streamer Showdown (ESS) is a tournament to help grow the AoE II Community by having AoE II streamers come together and play against each...
AOE-II NPL Tournament
  • 4,247
  • 18
Welcome to the Npl Tournament 2018!!! For those who are just starting, or who still do not feel ready to take the lobby jump this tournament is for you. We want it to be a great experience for you, so everyone who wants to have fun and feel passion for the game feel free to join. 1vs1...
AOE-II R.E.D. CUP announcement
  • 4,150
  • 20
Random Everything Deluxe Cup A tournament hosted by the creator of the ‘random_everything’ map-script to celebrate the launch of the brand-new rework “Random Everything Deluxe” The Map: The random_everything map-script uses features from UserPatch 1.5 that allow for the craziest game modes...
The Legacy Cup 2 - Grand Final
  • 3,316
  • 11
A year after the first edition of The Legacy Cup it was time for the second edition. All the top DM teams signed up for the tournament, including reigning champion Tsu(benstock), multiple QuEnDi and TyRanT teams. Out of the 22 teams that signed up, only two are left and will play the Grand Final...
Split-B Tuesdays - 1v1 Arabia Showmatches
  • 8,144
  • 41
Past Weeks: Week 1: PROject_Belgium v Daniel_____ Full Broadcast - interviews, 5 games, post match interview. Week2: Pete_Martell v Chort Full Broadcast Tuesday April 10th, 17th, and 24th starting at...
ToA Announcement
  • 5,836
  • 23
After Gladiators of the Arena and Masters of Arena 5, there is a new tournament waiting for you: Titans of Arina (ToA) is a 2v2 Team Event played on the map Arina (1800 HP Walls) with "WK Titans of Arina" Mod (Download Link, Slinging settings like in GotA) featuring some 1v1s between the teams...
Chilean cup Extended edition 2018
  • 1,349
  • 2
We are glad to announce the first chilean extended edition cup for this 2018: All chilean players bellow 1600 1v1 rank can join. The award for this category is being held in a pool that will be revealed later on but it will be money. To sign up follow this link and register on the webpage, then...
Mexican Cup 2nd Edition
  • 2,222
  • 10
We are glad to announce that the sign-ups for the second edition of our national torunament are open. What are you waiting? This time we got a prize pool of $3,100.00 MXN (170 USD) 1st Place - $1550.00 MXN =~ $82.05 USD 2nd Place - $1025.00 MXN =~ $54.26 USD 3rd Place - $525.00 MXN =~ $27.79...
Rise of The Sultans 2
  • 1,615
  • 0
About the tournament: The Rise of the Sultans is our attempt at helping find the best leaders in India, but at while allowing near beginners to play in a tournament setting with the Pro players leading them. more info Registered Sultans: Ass_Kickerwa...
Battle of Africa gets Qualification Stage
  • 8,574
  • 18
We promised to add a qualification stage if sign ups and interest would justify it - now it's here! While the 6 highest rated teams will make it in to the main event directly, teams 7-14 will play for the remaining two spots on the weekend after the sign up deadline and before the official...
RTS League Season 41 Playoffs Have Begun!
  • 1,228
  • 0
Group stage and deciders are done, the best of the best are known, Playoffs here we come! RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League is heading for its 41st postseason battles and we're glad it was so thrilling to learn who's going to get through and who's not - those 16 spots...
Announcing Battle of Africa
  • 20,209
  • 119
King of the Desert was a huge success. And now it's time for the next celebration of Age of Empires: MembTV and supporters weren't resting after funding and promoting King of the Desert. Only a few days after the event finished they started thinking "What next?". Together with the support of...
AOE-II Uno-Rage Weekend 23-25.02.2018
  • 1,321
  • 1
What is Uno-Rage *: Thanks to KTGO for making these wonderful rules 1) These are 1v1 Random Map Games played on Green Arabia [No water possibility at all] 2) Pop == 200, Map == Tiny, Type == Conquest 3) These will never be Mirror Civilization games [Random Civs] 4) Players can only make ONE...
Announcing Battle of Thar
  • 3,027
  • 27
The launch of website for Indian community was a great success and we are happy to see that lot of Indians are back in action. Now it is time for us celebrate and wake up the sleeping beasts. Therefore we decided to organize a 1v1 tournament called Battle of Thar (BOT). The registrations...
Rage Quit Arabia Details/Sign-ups
  • 2,708
  • 16
Prepare for an AoE experience unlike any you have seen before! ---Tournament hosted by NerdRageQuit and map script by HenkDeSuperNerd--- All of the matches for this tournament will be streamed from . SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED BRACKET AVAILABLE HERE MATCHES START 3/2/17 at 18gmt Feel free to join my...
AOE-II AoE2 Liquor League - 1v1 Edition
  • 915
  • 4
"Liquor League" is a tournament organized and hosted by T90Official. It will be a biweekly 1v1 event played on "Turbo Random Map" beginning on February 9th at 23GMT. A new event will take place every two weeks. The next series will occur on February 23rd with the exact time TBA. Settings The...


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Improvement Cup 3v3 LB Semifinal
Wednesday 20:30 (GMT +01:00)
Peter sings a song vs Lunacy
ECL SE Asia 1v1 JorDan vs Tim
Friday 12:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL SE Asia 1v1 JorDan vs Tim
Improvement Cup 4v4 WB Final
Saturday 11:30 (GMT +01:00)
new Chapter vs Australia
ECL SE Asia 1v1 Villese vs St4rk
Saturday 13:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL SE Asia 1v1 Villese vs St4rk
ECL South East Asia 1v1 Ro16
Saturday 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL South East Asia 1v1 Ro16
Improvement Cup 3v3 WB Final
Sunday 02:00 (GMT +01:00)
CSPD vs Australia D
ECL South East Asia 1v1 Ro16
Sunday 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL South East Asia 1v1 Ro16
ECL SE Asia 1v1 TaToH vs ReallyDiao
Tuesday 14:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL SE Asia 1v1 TaToH vs ReallyDiao
ECL SE Asia 1v1 MbL vs yinghua
Wednesday 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL SE Asia 1v1 MbL vs yinghua
King of the Plebs 2
March 7th 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
RO16 1400-1700 ELO Tournament

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