RTS League Season 41 Playoffs Have Begun!
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Group stage and deciders are done, the best of the best are known, Playoffs here we come! RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League is heading for its 41st postseason battles and we're glad it was so thrilling to learn who's going to get through and who's not - those 16 spots...
Announcing Battle of Africa
  • 17,498
  • 120
King of the Desert was a huge success. And now it's time for the next celebration of Age of Empires: MembTV and supporters weren't resting after funding and promoting King of the Desert. Only a few days after the event finished they started thinking "What next?". Together with the support of...
AOE-II Uno-Rage Weekend 23-25.02.2018
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What is Uno-Rage *: Thanks to KTGO for making these wonderful rules 1) These are 1v1 Random Map Games played on Green Arabia [No water possibility at all] 2) Pop == 200, Map == Tiny, Type == Conquest 3) These will never be Mirror Civilization games [Random Civs] 4) Players can only make ONE...
Announcing Battle of Thar
  • 1,853
  • 20
The launch of aoe2.in website for Indian community was a great success and we are happy to see that lot of Indians are back in action. Now it is time for us celebrate and wake up the sleeping beasts. Therefore we decided to organize a 1v1 tournament called Battle of Thar (BOT). The registrations...
Rage Quit Arabia Details/Sign-ups
  • 1,964
  • 14
Prepare for an AoE experience unlike any you have seen before! ---Tournament hosted by NerdRageQuit and map script by HenkDeSuperNerd--- All of the matches for this tournament will be streamed from . SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED BRACKET AVAILABLE HERE MATCHES START 3/2/17 at 18gmt Feel free to join my...
AOE-II AoE2 Liquor League - 1v1 Edition
  • 650
  • 4
"Liquor League" is a tournament organized and hosted by T90Official. It will be a biweekly 1v1 event played on "Turbo Random Map" beginning on February 9th at 23GMT. A new event will take place every two weeks. The next series will occur on February 23rd with the exact time TBA. Settings The...
AOE-II The Legacy Cup 2 - The Tournament Has Started!
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This week the second edition of the 2v2 DM tournament The Legacy Cup will start. We have a great number of high level DM players that signed up for the tournament. In total 22 teams and 54 players have signed up The Legacy Cup 2 to try to dethrone Tsubenstock as the holder of The Legacy Cup...
AOE-II Wololo Contenders
  • 520
  • 3
Nimro7 community and TK Clan invite all AOE2 Wololo Kingdoms players to enjoy our 1v1 tournament: Wololo Contenders!! To sign up and get more info, please send us an email to torneosaoewk@gmail.com. This time, we are accepting all single players, your ELO doesn't matter! This tournament will...
The Extreme Streamer Showdown Update!
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The tournament continues next week! Follow @NerdRageQuit on twitch to stay up to date on match times
The Legacy Cup 2 - Announcement
  • 3,094
  • 17
After a year since The Legacy Cup we are pleased to announce a second edition of the cup. The tournament will yet again have 2v2 settings and captains mode, but in addition WololoKingdoms will also be a part of The Legacy Cup 2. The Legacy Cup 2 will be a 16 team double elimination tournament...
Argeking Cup II
  • 1,219
  • 7
Clan Arg and Clan Gaucho would like to invite you all to enjoy the Argeking Cup II, a 1v1 tournament for Argentinian AoC players. To sign up and for more info, please visit our website: https://www.clangaucho.com/argeking This year we decided to open signups for all Argentinian players of AoC...
Let your teammate die!
  • 6,953
  • 34
"Let your teammate die!" is a tournament organized and hosted by Nili_AoE. It will be a 3v3 tournament with the settings of team together: off. Resulting in possible starting positions like this: Bracket The tournament will be held on the 06th and 07th of January. And will be streamed by...
SWGB 1v1 Boonta Eve Classic
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WATCH THE TOURNAMENT TRAILER HERE In 2001 Ensemble Studios and LucasArts teamed up to release a Star Wars game powered by the Genie engine and one young boy borrowed money from his older sister to buy it. 17 years later he has decided not to pay her back, but to host a tournament instead...
KotD has come to a close
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32 players, 5 weeks, 31 games, +9000 people watching the grand final, 1 winner. All hail the new King of the Desert! Thank you to Memb and viewers for handing me their money to create something special, up front, no demands attached. Your blind faith in me is what kickstarted all of...
41st RTS League's AoC Clan League Started!
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  • 38
Apologies for the delay, but if that's what it takes to have a good season, that's what we're going to do! :smile: As a unique clan competition, RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League faces much different situations and risks than other tournaments, and so we need to take special...
2v2 Mad Random Cup Announcement
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  • 20
2v2 Mad Random Cup The 2v2 Mad Random Cup is a RM 2v2 Tournament played in single elimination mode. This tournament will be played on Userpatch 1.5 using the SY Nations Cup 2017 Mod. This tournament will be held on a small mappack containing 10 different maps out of...


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