Age of Empires World Cup - Final Stage has begun!
  • 6,700
  • 14
Hi guys! With a very succesfull Group Stage with already quite a few upsets and some of the best games I've ever seen (looking at you Italy 11) It's very happy that I announce that the Final Stage has begun. Next 4 weeks will be the best of the best countries in the world fighting for a chance...
AoE Steam Sale
  • 6,789
  • 95
AoE2 is 80% off, so if you have been waiting for a chance to purchase the expansions for use with WK now is a good time to do so! Also it is 82% off if you buy the AoE2 & AoE3 bundle...
Batalla de Aldeas (BF Tournament)
  • 2,483
  • 20
Welcome to Batalla de Aldeas Please, before signing up, read carefully LAS REGLAS. To register, please answer AQUÍ with the following information: Name of the team: Team representative: Link to the Voobly profile of Player 1: Link to the Voobly Profile of Player 2: Link to Player 3's...
[KotD2] Official Announcement
  • 46,317
  • 191
AnnouncementHandbookQ&ARegistrationsSchedulingRecordings Announcement After the great success of King of the Desert and Battle of Africa, we are thrilled and proud to announce the next big tournament. Together with Microsoft, we have managed to get a total prize pool of 15,800$, which will...
Announcement - Continental War II
  • 3,955
  • 35
Welcome to Continental War 2 This second edition of the tournament features 8 civ pools from different regions of the world. 8 highly competitive clans from America and Europe have chosen a pool and will only play with those civs in an attempt to win the juicy 500 USD price pool donated by...
Title Getting Close - First AoR RTS League Playoffs Begin!
  • 1,067
  • 0
Seems the first Season of RTS League's Age of Empires II: Rise of the Rajas Clan League started on the right foot as we have seen top level gameplay all around with some real memorable matches along the way, including the very season premiere and also closing matches to the Group Stage (and...
24 Hours Random Map Contest
  • 2,897
  • 19
(see pdf in attachment for full quality of these images) Rewards: links: Discord: Website for submissions: Resources, Guides and Tools for Random Map scripting:
True FMT 2nd edition - Merry-Go-Rounds 2v2 Tournament
  • 2,941
  • 13
Hello everyone, If you enjoy the first edition or you missed it, don't worry you have another opportunity to team up with anyone you like, regardless of his elo, and have tons of fun =) Since Merry-Go-Rounds is a map especially made to be beginner-friendly while keeping the game interesting for...
World Cup - 2v2 Edition! 800 U$D Gtd
  • 22,373
  • 96
World Cup – Brother in Arms I've been wanting to sponsor and develop a tourney for quite some time now, and I always loved the spirit of the Nations Cup or when people get to represent their countries! So I decided to do an open-tourney where the main expectation is for everyone to have fun...
Nili's Apartment Cup 2 - Announcement
  • 25,408
  • 50
From 09.02.19-17.02.19 the next episode of Nili's Apartment Cup is happening. This time with a prizepool of $14,000. It will feature TheViper, TaToH, MbL, Nicov, Liereyy, JorDan and two open qualifiers. With your beloved casters ...
Halloween Party - 12 Hour Stream!
  • 2,595
  • 2
FOR WHO : YOU! WHAT : A halloween party! (12 hour Halloween Stream) WHEN : October 26th. WHERE : WHY : Because it is Halloween! What you can expect: - Duo stream from NerdRageQuit and BigMooseBoii. - NerdRageQuit and BigMooseBoii in costume. - Costume contest. (Enter...
King of the Hippo 6
  • 4,217
  • 13
King of the Hippo 6 is a tournament organized and sponsored by Nili_AoE. All the games will be played as an 8-man-FFA king of the hill with WololoKingdoms. The tournament will be held on the 22nd and 23th of September. And will be streamed by Nili_AoE with different co-casters. There will...
King of the Realm 1v1 Announcement
  • 3,338
  • 9
King of the Realm is a 1v1 Tournament played on the Voobly platform. The Tournament will be played on the latest Userpatch 1.5 version using Realms Mod (Mod by Vardamir117). Realms is a free expansion using the latest HD balance patches for AoC + Forgotten Empires civs, techs and units. On top...
T90's Hidden Cup 1v1 Event
  • 36,075
  • 154
Hidden Cup is a three day 1v1 event hosted by T90Official us. The event features 12 of the best players in Age of Empires 2. Players will fight in hopes of victory but with a twist - Their opponent's identity will be secret. In the Hidden Cup casters, players, and viewers will be unaware of...
USA Cup Announcement
  • 3,046
  • 5
Banner created by ca Dave Will you answer the call to represent your country? The fight to determine once and for all (until next time) who is the best player from the United States of America! Will Metal sign up and attempt to prove that Arena clowns can do well in other tournaments? Is...
The Battle Has Begun! RTS League's AoR Clan League Season 1 Is On
  • 1,836
  • 10
Here we go then - step into a new direction. But is it really? It's still the same old game, played by the same (sometimes old) players and in the same, at this point pretty much ancient, community, of which we are an inseparable part since way back in 2001, just with a few new toys now - can...
Arena Tournament - Featuring 4 Arena Specialists & 4 Friends Of The Map
  • 11,956
  • 90
3 Rounds 7 Matches 1 Winner Featuring Friends Of The Map: St4rk, Vinchester, Slam & Miguel Featuring Arena Specialists: Metal, Stefan, Edie & Melkor Who will rise above the rest and conquer the walled map? Starting August 27th
LotH2 - Final Stage Begins!
  • 5,692
  • 7
After five weeks of dense battles for the qualifier spots, we enter the Final Stage of Legacy of the Huns 2! Final Stage Bracket: (Including prediction contest - for fun!) Match Announcements: Rules &...
Uno-Rage 2 - Single Unit Combat - Registrations Closed
  • 3,236
  • 40
Tournament Format - 1v1 with one restart per players with in first 4min of the game time. Bo3, raondom civs in all the rounds and for finals it will be bo5. Map - Green Arabia, WK Uno-Rage Rules and Settings 1) These are 1v1 Random Map Games played on Green Arabia [No water possibility at...
New Chapter Begins - Rise of the Rajas Clan League, Season 1 Is Here
  • 2,760
  • 7
After incredible, truly incredible 17 years of continuous clan leagues in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, RTS League enters another era, an era where the community moves ahead with its game and a new competition is desired - after 41! seasons where you could have seen all the top players of...


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ECL South East Asia 3v3 Semi Finals & Grand Final

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