Mexican Cup 2019
  • 719
  • 6
Signups open for the Mexican Cup 2019! All AoE II:WK 1v1 players welcome. SIGNUPS
King of the Hippo 7 - Announcement
  • 4,201
  • 12
King of the Hippo 7 is a tournament organized and sponsored by Nili_AoE. All the games will be played as an 8-man-FFA king of the hill with WololoKingdoms. The tournament will be held on the 16th and 17th of March. And will be streamed by Nili_AoE with different co-casters. There will be 8...
Aspiring Experts 1v1 tournament announcement
  • 2,618
  • 10
Hello guys, i would like to introduce the Aspiring Experts tournament to you: The Aspiring Experts tournament is a RM 1v1 Tournament played in single elimination mode. This tournament will be held on a small mappack containing 9 different maps with a mix of some known and some unknown maps...
Doubles Age | 2v2 Tournament Announcement
  • 3,157
  • 16
  I'm glad to announce this "Doubles Age", an open, multi-map 2v2 Tournament! Featuring 8 best teams in the world -- 4 from World Cup, and 4 form by different country players. This Tournament will be held on Apr15 ~ May26/Jun02, with some good maps in World Cup and ECL 2v2s. In addition, this...
  • 5,722
  • 43
Ladies & Gentlemen, EscapeAoE is very pleased to announce The New World Championship 2019! The first Age of Empires 3 LAN tournament in over ten years. This July, we’ll fly the top eight international players to Manchester, all expenses paid, to compete at our studio. Under entirely lag free...
DemEyesRed Arena Cup
  • 6,058
  • 66
Hey guys! I am excited to finally announce the first tournament that I am going to host: DemEyesRed Arena Cup (DERAC). Since we had quite some great events that focused on Arabia or different Random Maps, I decided to put a spotlight on Arena once again. Similar to what Killer B did last year...
Spanish National Tournament
  • 1,096
  • 8
We are proud to announce the Spanish National Tournament for AoE II (1v1). It shall be played in Voobly with WK. All Spanish players are welcomed to participate. Prize: around 150 Euros! Signups open starting now! For more information, click HERE.
Hidden Cup 2 | Announcement
  • 25,867
  • 144
After the incredible success of the first AoE2 Hidden Cup, I am proud to announce Hidden Cup 2! Together with Microsoft, the event has a prizepool of $10,200, and will include 16 of the best players in the world. In the Hidden Cup 2 casters, players, and viewers will be unaware of player...
Chilean Cup 2019
  • 843
  • 5
We are proud to announce the Chilean Cup 2019 for AoE II. It shall be played in Voobly with WK. All Chilean players are welcomed to participate. Prize: around 400.000 Chilean Pesos! Signups close very soon! For more information, click HERE.
Master of the Axe - Frank War 1v1 Tournament
  • 3,596
  • 40
DM Gaming is proud to announce our latest tournament, the Master of the Axe 1v1 Deathmatch Tournament to be played on Voobly. Starting on the 17th March 2019 this double elimination Franks 1v1 Tournament is set to push players to their very limits! Signs Ups for the Master of the Axe have...
Siege Engineers& CaptureAge Version 2 Announcement Video
  • 1,051
  • 0
Here's the Siege Engineers and CaptureAge Version 2 announcement video. If you're a developer or just interested in the future development of AoE2 you're welcome to join our Discord server. Further information can be found on my YouTube, as well as my Twitch (which I...
AOE-III The General's Table - 2v2 Invitational
  • 1,704
  • 8 is proud to announce our next event, the General's Table 2v2 Invitational Tournament, co-hosted by @Hazza54321. Starting the week of February 11th, eight two man teams will battle it out in a single elimination tournament for a chance at the 250$ prize pool. The final list of...
[KotD2] Tournament Concluded
  • 3,520
  • 15
AnnouncementHandbookQ&ARegistrationsSchedulingRecordings Tournament Concluded Unfortunately, we have already reached the end of King of the Desert 2, but what I ride it has been. It's has been an absolutely fantastic journey and experience. We've had incredible matchups right from the very...
Improvement Cup
  • 5,302
  • 20
Start 2nd January Hello everyone, :smile: Tired of being 1600-2200, because there are no tournaments for you? This will change now. The Improvement-Cup will give you the opportunity to participate with your friends/mates in two great tournaments, with a realistic chance to win it, because...
AOE-I Masters of Rome - Announcement
  • 3,601
  • 15
Sign Ups: December 31st - February 3rd. Bracket coming soon! Hey guys, I am pleased to announce we will be bringing you our first AoE: DE tournament on this website, Masters of Rome. Masters of Rome will be a 2v2 tournament focusing on...
24 Hour Holiday Stream!
  • 1,171
  • 0
24 Hour Holiday Stream with NerdRageQuit and BigMooseBoii Starts 17 GMT on December 27 and ends 17 GMT on December 28th. What to expect? •Tournaments •Giveaways •Holiday Shenanigans •New maps •Community Games •Special guests SCHEDULE : (subject to minor change) TIMES GMT / PST 17:00...
Dioses del Age (AoM: The Titans)
  • 1,444
  • 2
Welcome to our first Age of Mythology tournament! We invite the whole community to participate, learn and have fun. DIOSES DEL AGE (AOE GODS) is a 1vs1 Tournament for Age of Mythology: The Titans with patch 3.0 and is played entirely in Voobly! More information and signups HERE
Announcment Rusaoc Cup: International Edition
  • 2,296
  • 11
Wololo everybody! My friends and me (GriN) have been organizing tournaments for the Russian-speaking community for more than a year already. We have distributed more than 1,500$ prize pool money among tens of players. Most of the players from Russian and other Eastern European states you know...
T-Rex IV (AoE II WK Noobs)
  • 1,872
  • 12
Welcome everyone to this new edition of T-Rex. This time we´ll play in water maps! All noobs (<1250) are welcomed to participate. Signups are open until next Saturday (128 spots). Price pool is low but fun is high :smile: More info at: Tournament 14!


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DERAC - Quarterfinal #1
Friday 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
Tim vs BacT
DERAC - Quarterfinal #2
Friday 18:30 (GMT +01:00)
Vivi vs JonSlow
DERAC - Quarterfinal #3
Friday 20:00 (GMT +01:00)
ACCM vs DauT
DERAC - Quarterfinal #4
Friday 21:30 (GMT +01:00)
TaToH vs Melkor
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Semi Finals & Grand Final
Saturday 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Semi Finals & Grand Final

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