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After the incredible success of the first AoE2 Hidden Cup, I am proud to announce Hidden Cup 2! Together with Microsoft, the event has a prizepool of $10,200, and will include 16 of the best players in the world.

In the Hidden Cup 2 casters, players, and viewers will be unaware of player identities until the tournament is completed. Players can no longer prepare for who their opponent will be in the next round. Instead, they have to be on their "A game" and adapt to their unknown challenger's playstyle. Higher skilled players no longer have an easy ride to the 2nd and 3rd rounds. There is no knowing how difficult a task each round will be as their opponents are completely random. This puts greater emphasis on preparation, strategy and of course... mind games!

Hidden Cup 2 Rules & Settings
Hidden Cup 2 Sign Ups

Hidden Cup 1 certainly provided some amazing games and results ( See the results here.) Shockingly, TaToH, DauT, Yo, and Vivi all lost in Round 1! Miguel had an insane showing, beating DauT in Round 1 and Liereyy in Round 2. Riut played fantastic, beating Yo in R1 and losing to MbL in the final game of their semi-final series. Then in an exciting finish, TheViper and MbL gave us a fantastic finals! Hidden Cup #2 will feature 16 players this time. The top 14 sign-ups are guaranteed a spot, and the 15th-30th rated sign ups will compete in a 16 man qualifier for the final position. The event promises even more excitement and upsets!

Hidden Cup 2 participants will randomly be given accounts to mask their identity throughout the tournament. This identity will be kept to themselves until the users are revealed at the conclusion of the event. The usernames will be: BledaTheHun, GodsOwnSling, HrolfTheGanger, JoanOfArc, KingAlfonso, Nobunuga, Tamerlane, WillyWallace, AttilaTheHun, El_Cid, ErikTheRed, GenghisKhan, LaHire, OrnluTheWolf, RobinHood, Subotai. For TheViper's sake, let's hope he doesn't get the Joan account!

Additionally, players will play using a custom Userpatch (https://www.voobly.com/gamemods/mod/1139/v15-RC-Anonymous) which will do the following:

- no multiplayer game setup ping display
- no save/vote panel ping display
- no yellow/red/turtle lag indicators

This will further mask the identity of each player, and add to the confusion contestants might experience. Thanks so much to scripter for working on this masterpiece!

Prizepool & Contributors

Total Prize Pool - $10,200

1st - $3,000
2nd - $2,000
3rd/4th - $1,000
5-8th - $600
9-16th - $100

Microsoft - $5,000
T90Official - $2,700
LeglessAlex - $2,500

Big thanks to Microsoft and LeglessAlex for the huge support! Anyone who would like to contribute to the prizepool will be credited and can do so here. Anyone who would like to contribute towards T90Official's costs towards prizepool, graphics, admins etc will also be credited and can do so here here. Pleasure ensure to write your username so you can be credited!

Streaming Policy

Due to the nature of this event players are not allowed to stream their POV on any streaming website. Failure to comply will result in potential ban and replacement. Players are also asked to refrain from streaming altogether on April 13th and 14th.

Hidden Cup 2 is completely open for casters. From casters to viewers, the goal is to have as many people enjoying Hidden Cup 2 as possible. Casters are expected to have the Hidden Cup 2 tournament banner visible on their overlays. However, in efforts to make this even easier for casters the tournament banner will be available in different color options. This is so channels can use a banner that matches their overlays, which will increase the production quality across the board for this event. This banner will slightly differ from the AoEZone banner and will be available soon. Additionally, all broadcasters of the event will be thanked publicly for their involvement on every day of the main event on T90Official's channel. Casters interested in being involved should PM robo on aoezone for access.

The event is streamed over four days at 13GMT every day. Days 1-3 use recorded games and the final day is live. Further info can be found in the settings for this tournament.

There will be prediction & guessing contests for this event. More info will be announced closer to the start of the event, so stay tuned!

Qualified Players

cn Mr_Yo​
no MbL40C​
no TheViper​
at Liereyy​
fi TheMax​
ca Hera_​
ar Nicov​
rs DauT​
vn BacT​
es TaToH​
fi Villese​
cn Tim​
cn Vivi​
vn ACCM​
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Nov 9, 2016
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RM - 1v1
For the casters, maybe (just maybe) don't try too hard to pretend that the grand final is Whitecourt vs Dobbs. Was extremely annoying to hear t90 saying HC4 was surely f1re because he had swept his way to the last match, or telling us "HCx has played well (but lost in the first round), probably TheViper", like Viper ever got eliminated in the first round during the whole t90's caster career, or "HCy is vivi" when a single eliminated player already went for man at arms+towers every game, even on baltic... Guessing identities right is hard enough that you won't get more than half the players anyways, no need to make troll picks just because you're scared of finding out too soon who is who.
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Dec 12, 2011
Maybe i'm too dumb.. but how is scheduling going to happen with hidden names?
Scheduling will happen through the provided Voobly accounts. I will create pm conversations between the correct players and they will use that as a scheduling thread. Players can also pm me (on discord/skype/aoezone/voobly/wherever) whenever necessary.


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May 8, 2018
Scheduling will happen through the provided Voobly accounts. I will create pm conversations between the correct players and they will use that as a scheduling thread. Players can also pm me (on discord/skype/aoezone/voobly/wherever) whenever necessary.
But wont the bad english of some players kind of reveal some information ?


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May 8, 2018
I remember last hidden cup when viper and miguel chatted in chinese in the game room 11
Imagine the fun and laughter everyone would have experienced if it was announced just after the games that it was Viper n Miguel .. Revealing the surprise at the end made kind of everyone forgot about that .
But then it is not actually possible to reveal the identities just after the games because as T90 said it can take away the hype incase Viper Lierrey faces in round 1 or something along those lines .
It's such a different and complex tournament thats it's hard to find a balance.
Perhaps a little bit of surprise reveals, like 'Guys Lord n saviour has decimated his opponent in round 1 ' and ' Guys , none of those chinese speaking were actually Chinese ' :D .. but then it would be unfair for the players for whom this extra hints were given about the identities . So tough to be in T90's place atm . Thankyou for changing the qualifiers rule man :smile:
Likes: AlphaAndOmega

United StatesT90Official

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Jun 24, 2015
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RM - 1v1
I'm absolutely elated with the sign ups so far! Thank you all for your feedback. Also I've been seeing some solid performances from 2k2/2k3's recently and feel like we could see some surprises in the qualifier!

List of sign ups for those that haven't seen it!


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May 1, 2018
Any information on whether Mr Yo will signup ? He's the only top20 player (according to voobly RM 1v1 elo) to not have signed up yet.

United Stateslessthanthree

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Dec 1, 2016
11 He can always try :D If La Hire is out, I owe you a belgian beer. If Hrolf is out, what will you offer me?
Well, If you consider Hrolf to be Norwegian I think a large smoked fish might be appropriate but a heavy pour of Panderyn might be nicer :smile:
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