• Can I ask people to avoid posting threads/replying to threads until I've cleaned everything out?

    I'm mass deleting a page of 20 threads at once and I don't want to accidentally miss something and bin it.

    ty <3
    Ok we are all clear now guys. Back to your regular AoEZone discussions :)
    Man I really enjoyed translating Chinese texts about Universities and whatnot :(
    Czech RepublicDraCoNT
    I blame PkZ, that guy just wants his 1k posts achievement, if you wanna avoid more spam, just give him the badge I guess.
    the topic is closed so couldn’t quote you, but you will stay hero of aoc not only for all the task and help u do, but for saving the nation cup final lan 2017 when it was about to be canceled few days before the final, nones could help in time, or some peoples who could help or was expected to help was refusing or trying to say its fault of x or y, and then you put thausend from ur pocket, one hero of community, this kind of donate who help and grow community. kiss <3
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ECL Qualification - Win or go home
Wednesday 16:00 (GMT +02:00)
[7] Suomi vs Ares_A [11]
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ECL Qualification
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ECL Qualification Highlights
June 30th 16:00 (GMT +02:00)
Collection of highlights from the best games of qualification.