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  • A joke in two words: Siege Pathing
    United KingdomHyunAOP
    Coming soon to a Microsoft microtransaction near you.

    For 9.99 a month your siege units path better and everything gets ballistics from dark age. Never lose micro war ever again
    ... And here i sit, asking myself whats the problem with 8+3 ranged Onagers for Koreans (but not as TB)
    United KingdomHyunAOP
    Castles that miss bracer that isn't Teuton lost badly to Korea SO. But I agree they're worse than Ethiopia SO now. I miss Korea when they were second best. Also coz Malian don't get SE they wanna at least make them win the SO war Kappa
    Personally, I prefer the new TB overall playing as koreans IF I am not playing vs Britons/Turks. Makes it so much easier to deal with mobbing vils/rams/archers/microing down any other melee unit in the game. Super Super strong. Not to say the old one wasn't also very strong. Sure its better at microing behind walls, no question. Just my preference.
    Likes: Modri
    United KingdomHyunAOP
    It's what we call a blessing and a curse bonus @Timotheus_ 11 a bit like hun trebs being accurate sucks when taking out clumped Mangonels but your generic trebs with the inaccuracy take it out better 11
    Cant decide which is more annyoing: The Chinese Bot Threads or the ECL Qualifier Schedule Threads
    The fact that Jineapple liked that comment is even more hilarious 111

    It got even better now :P
    Likes: robo
    and just like that, jineapple removed the like Feelsdautman
    The nice thing is after 2 weeks the ecl scheduling threads will be gone. But the other non bot spam will remain forever
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