1. H

    Maps with Allied Vision!

    Hi guys! New allied vision maps available now. These maps are meant to be played in team games (2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4). So far I have different versions of Arabia, Full Random (All Standard maps ), MegaRandom and UltraRandom. Great way to learn the game if you're a new player! This is good to have in...
  2. Henkdesupernerd

    Random map: Water Wheel

    <EDIT (version2) : gold and stone distribution was adjusted to spawn equal amount of gold/stone piles per player land. Also birds were added (the birds' Line of Sight has been reduced to 0, so they don't affect how boars or wolves chase your villagers)> I'd like to share this map I made. It is...
  3. H

    Arabia with Cartography Map

    I have made an Arabia map that enables cartography technology again. This is made for WK and for use with Voobly. - Get Cartography on market again in Feudal for 100food and 100gold. - Must research cartography before you can make trade carts. Cheers. Regards HJ. Installation: This is a WK...
  4. Henkdesupernerd

    Rewards Random Map Contest

    I'm happy to announce some crazy rewards for the winner of each stage in this random map contest! First of all the winning competitive map (which will be submitted in the weekend of 3-4november) will be featured in a show match between expert players. The exact date and format will follow soon...
  5. H

    Which maps would you include to make a perfect map pack?

    Which maps would you include to make a perfect map pack? Doing a survey to check what people would include in a map pack if they could choose all maps. Max limit is 25 maps on your post. Regards HJ.
  6. Henkdesupernerd

    24 Hours Random Map Contest

    (see pdf in attachment for full quality of these images) Rewards: https://www.aoezone.net/threads/rewards-random-map-contest.148744/ links: Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KbTKFpJ Website for submissions: https://aoe2map.net/contest/ Resources, Guides and Tools for Random Map scripting:
  7. Henkdesupernerd

    New Map: Forest Nothing 2018

    A tiny clearing in the middle of a dense forest, just enough space for a town center and a few villagers. Forest nothing is a legendary map. It's simplicity as map design does not take away that the games can develop into interesting late game battles. Forest nothing is enjoyed by players of...
  8. H

    Guide: How to find Maps on AoEZone

    Simple guidance on where to find Maps on AoEZone. Follow these steps: 1: Left sidebar locate "Resources and Downloads" on shortcuts. 2: On this page you can decide if you want to visit Uploads or Maps to find RMS files. First section on Uploads contains more Maps. Cheers. Regards HJFE.
  9. H

    Arabia Map with -2 Range on Towers (Test Map)

    An edited Arabia with less powerful Towers. This is a test map. Changes: - Watch Tower and Guard Tower range reduced from 8 to 6. - When you build Keep Towers normal value returns with 8 range. Installation: Works only on Voobly and Userpatch. AoC WK Voobly: Transfer the .rms to "C:\Program...
  10. H

    [RMS] Is there a way to automatically upgrade a tech?

    Im working on a map where this would be useful. Perhaps it can be done with "effect_amount MOD_RESOURCE or SET_TECH" ? Regards HJFE.
  11. H

    WK_Full Random map is here!

    Version 3.0 is released. If you use an old version you must come here and download the new version. WK_Full Random is designed to be a Voobly UP map. Labeled WK to inform that it is a WololoKingdoms map. Not support for a HD version sorry. In an attempt to make Full Random popular again I...
  12. H

    [RMS] Need help with making custom ai_info_map_type "NAME" 0 0 1 in Objectives Window.

    Hey. I'm currently working on a WK_Full Random map that includes all the standard and expansion standard maps in one map. I try to make it work the same way which the usual Full Random does. Using the following command: <PLAYER_SETUP> random_placement ai_info_map_type ARABIA 0 0 1 I can...
  13. H

    Ideas for new WK maps?

    Hi guys. Anyone here who has ideas or suggestions for new maps in WK that they want to share? Now that we can do so much more with WK and UP, we can build very interesting maps. Share with us.
  14. H

    WK_Shrublands - A new similar Arabia Map

    WK Shrublands can be played at Voobly and HD version. Labeled WK to inform that it is a WololoKingdoms map. There will be more RMS maps from me in the future. Story I Introduce WK_Shrublands a map made with WololoKingdoms and UserPatch in mind. Originally it was supposed to be named Outback or...
  15. H

    RMS: Help with new commands Effect_amount, Effect_Percent, Set_Attributes, and Mod_Resource

    Hey guys. I recently got back into Random Map Scripting again. Now that Userpatch and WK have brought a lot of new things to the table it is exciting and fun to work on RMS again. I'm testing new #const commands and following the scripting guide on UP site...
  16. H

    AoC/WK Maps and Map Packs Overview Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to link most of the existing Aoc and WK/WololoKingdoms maps in one place. This will give the community easy access to the maps. Maps will be sorted alphabetically. This is only for RMS maps. Thread will updated frequently to increase maps. Feel free to ask to add...


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