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After Gladiators of the Arena and Masters of Arena 5, there is a new tournament waiting for you:
Titans of Arina (ToA) is a 2v2 Team Event played on the map Arina (1800 HP Walls) with "WK Titans of Arina" Mod (Download Link, Slinging settings like in GotA) featuring some 1v1s between the teams as well. Everybody is welcome to sign up.
Link to Tournament Forums: Link
Rules and Settings

NEW: << Link: Poll for Starting Date / Timeframe >>
Expected Timeframe for now: Tuesday April 24th - June 3rd/10th (depending on qualification stage)
Sign-Ups will be accepted until Monday April 23rd 20:00 GMT.

The tournament will have 16 Teams playing 3 rounds of Swiss System, followed by two Brackets (Gold and Bronze) of 8 Team Single Elimination. If more Teams sign up, there will be a short Qualification stage and a Lower Bracket with similar Settings may be added.

Link to Prizepool and Donations (currently at 516$)
We need your help to get a good prizepool for ToA and reward the Top Teams for their effort!
You can use this link to donate:
The admins, the players and the viewers all appreciate your generosity.
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I may argue this rule under bugged maps:

- Walls of two players of different teams touch or cross

If this rule is in use for determining a bugged map, I would argue that a more important issue would be players of the same team's walls overlapping, essentially making them a single entity in terms of one being attacked and if broken into, it's a direct route into their teammate's base. So I'd say it's a bugged map if any players regardless of team have overlapping walls, or just dont have the rule at all.
ToA Showmatch happening! Sunday April 15th at 17GMT streamed live by TeRRoR:
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Featuring the Brothers Melkor + Feanor against MetalRTS + Stefan!
(Settings yet to be discussed, hopefully Bo5)

All Donations during the stream go directly to the Tournament Prizepool.
Thx for tuning in, any support is very much appreciated!
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Showmatch Settings (April 15th, starts after TaToH vs TheMax ends):
--- --- ---
Metal and Stefan decide who is Team 1 and who is Team 2
In case of 1-1, Feanor and Melkor decide who plays who in the 1v1s

Game 1: Ban/Pick from Match Pool 1
Game 2: Ban/Pick from Match Pool 1
Game 3: Two simultaneous 1v1s Team Random
Game 4: Hidden different civilizations from Civ Pool A
Game 5: Ban/Pick from Match Pool 1

Ban/Pick: Option 1) Team 1 bans one match. Team 2 bans one match. Team 2 picks the match for G1. Team 1 picks the match for G2. The remaining match will be played in G5 if necessary.

Match Pool 1:
Burmese + Malay
Berbers + Malians
Indians + Slavs
Mayans + Spanish
Magyars + Huns

Civ Pool A: Britons, Chinese, Vikings, Koreans, Ethiopians, Vietnamese
Tournament Begins!
Thx for the help and all donations! If I forgot anything, let me know!
gl hf

(Dont forget: Map is Arina, and you need the WK Titans of Arina Mod Link )
There's a bug with ToA mod. Iam not sure if it's only with ethiopians, or if it affects more or even all civs.
You can't create knights. Instead of a knight picture in stables, there's just black square. You can however click on that square and you're loosing the res, the black square is creating. Once it finishes, nothing appears out of the stables. It gets quite tricky, when you already uped +2 armor for cavalry, then you realize that even though you should already have 10+ kts you have none and you're left with solid 3k+ res invested to go amazing ethiopian LCs.

Edit by Admin: Bug confirmed (in SP with Ethiopians, also Malians; Kts are invisible and cannot be controlled by the player)
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