NAC2 Updates - 27.11.18


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Apr 24, 2010
1st Qualifier
The first Qualifier is over and I'm happy to have BacT with us in Hamburg for NAC2.
Bracket for Qualifier #1

Q: Hey BacT, congratulations for qualifying for NAC2!
You won in the Grand Final vs F1Re 5-1 without dropping a map (F1Re was leading 0-1 because he came from the winner bracket). How confident were you that you could beat F1re? You lost to him in the winner bracket semis 0-4 after all.

Answer: Hey Nili, thanks for hosting a great tourney.
Yesterday was really a good day for me, I did not lose any games, which was unexpected for me. I lost to him in WB when I had a bad day and I tried my best to stabilize mentally. (I'm really afraid of his strategies)

Q: How well do you think you can adjust to new maps that NAC2 has and the specific civ draft for it? Do you struggle or do you have an advantage over most opponents?

Answer: Well, NAC maps are my favorite maps, I'm pretty confident of my strategy and I just need to train civils draft to own the best civils for me.
Yes, I think I have an advantage over the opponents because the maps of NAC are quite complex and I am very experienced.

Q: Have you ever been to Europe? What are you most looking forward to?

Answer: I have not been to Europe before, and I don't know what will happen to me there 111, how cold it is? and hot?

Q: And what are you most looking forward to during NAC2? Meeting old friends (TyRants) or purely the competition with the worlds best?

Answer: Well, of course I would like to meet my old friends, my favorite streamers and I hope will meet some my fans there 1111. But the best thing is the best contest in the world, I have not had a chance to join it for a long time.

Q: How do you think you will perform in NAC2? What's your goal?

Answer: Now I still dont know yet, I have invested a lot time into the qualifiers.
And my goal is probably to do something fun 1111 with people to have memories, to me that's enough.

Microsoft gave $5,000 and MattJustSalsa $9,000 for the prizepool.
Resulting in a likely payout like this:
1st: $6,000​
2nd: $3,000​
3rd/4th: $1,500​
5th/6th: $1,000​
7th/8th: $0,000​

Hopefully more updates next week

There has been some change when it comes to casters for the LAN finals:
- Killer_B had to cancel because he has to work in China during that time
- ZeroEmpires has involvements in other projects but will join at the end as a fan
- T90 didn't want to leave his stream for the full duration of NAC2 but I need casters that could commit for the full time
- MembTV going strong! MembFace

I'm glad to have found two great casters that will now attend the offline finals instead:
- BBQTurkman
- OrnLu_AoE

Meet&Greet + Public Viewing
There will be a Meet&Greet with all the players, casters & fans during Saturday evening of NAC2 on the 16th of February. Additionally there will be public viewing of the Semis and the Grand Final at the same location.
You can get more info and Sign-up here

Group stage Swiss System - BO5
Playoffs - BO9
Finals - BO13

Saturday 09.02.19 13:00 GMT
Saturday 09.02.19 15:30 GMT
Saturday 09.02.19 18:00 GMT
Saturday 09.02.19 20:30 GMT

Sunday 10.02.19 13:00 GMT
Sunday 10.02.19 15:30 GMT
Sunday 10.02.19 18:00 GMT
Sunday 10.02.19 20:30 GMT

Monday 11.02.19 13:00 GMT
Monday 11.02.19 15:30 GMT
Monday 11.02.19 18:00 GMT
Monday 11.02.19 20:30 GMT

Tuesday 12.02.19 13:00 GMT
Tuesday 12.02.19 15:30 GMT
Tuesday 12.02.19 18:00 GMT
Tuesday 12.02.19 20:30 GMT

Wednesday 13.02.19 13:00 GMT
Wednesday 13.02.19 15:30 GMT
Wednesday 13.02.19 18:00 GMT
Wednesday 13.02.19 20:30 GMT

Thursday 14.02.19 14:00 GMT - QF BO9 3rd vs 6th
Thursday 14.02.18 19:00 GMT - QF BO9 5th vs 4th

Friday RBTV + Funday

Saturday 16.02.19 11:00 GMT - SF BO9 2nd vs 6th/3rd
Saturday 16.02.19 16:00 GMT - SF BO9 1st vs 4th/5th
Saturday 16.02.19 21:00 GMT - Meet & Greet

Sunday 17.02.18 13:00 GMT - Finals BO13

You can post ideas for the Friday in the topic.
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Oct 15, 2017
I am really glad that BacT made it into NaC2, he seems to be a nice streamer and really deserves it. It's a bit unfortunate that he is now the only top player of tyrant, but the fact that he stayed shows his loyality, even tho he isnt involved that much into showmatches anymore (due that he is the only top player in tyrant above 24++).

Well deserved BacT

Good luck, i hope you win it :smile:


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Mar 16, 2018
T90 is the best caster ever. Why nili dont want him for 4 days lol. probably he would like to get him out of his streams for a longer time...

United Nationsaoewc

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Jul 6, 2018
T90 is the best caster ever. Why nili dont want him for 4 days lol. probably he would like to get him out of his streams for a longer time...
You're the dude who got himself a DauT tattoo right?

EDIT: It is your own "best caster ever" T90 who just yesterday said sth along the lines of "To have the balls to suggest that you know why I'm doing what I'm doing, it's ballsy" to a guy who made a statement as redundant as yours. Maybe you should listen to your fav caster!
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Aug 10, 2014
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RM - Team Games
T90 is the best caster ever. Why nili dont want him for 4 days lol. probably he would like to get him out of his streams for a longer time...
I really pity your taste in casters. No offense to T90 but IMO he sounds like the typical American caster.

Helene was the best caster and she did it not for money. Membtsuni was the best duo ever but I do like memb in general with another caster like BBQ, Ornlu and Nili.

I like the current casters for NAC2. It's really nice to see that Memb gets finally invited to a lan. Hope Nili will also try to invite Katsuni to the next NAC if it's happening!

Really looking forwards to see NAC2 and even considering going to Hamburg in feb for the friday/saturday event.


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Aug 10, 2014
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RM - Team Games
You criticize his choice of considering T90 as best caster and then proceed to say monologue, zero game knowledge Helene as best caster 11
I think it's personal preference but Helene has quite a good understanding of the game back when she casted.

Maybe I was just too spoiled with the times when casting wasn't about money but pure passion back when Vooblyofficial was the main tool for casting games. Not saying that the casters of this era are dull, I really like most of them!

Helene might be 16xx but at least she had much knowledge about the players back then and didn't hype things up but like I said i think it's personal preference who you think it's the best caster. I kinda miss expert co casting but NAC makes it happen which is nice.

United Statesjive36

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May 19, 2018
It really stinks that KillerB has IRL responsibilities and isn't able to go to NAC2, he has a ton of potential to be a great caster.

I love Dave as much as the next guy but he isn't really the type of caster needed at NAC2. NAC is an event where you need multiple play by play casters to fill the time and can grab one of the players to cocast and give the expert analysis that Dave often provides.

I'm happy for Ornlu and Turkman to get the invite. I think Ornlu has proven he cares deeply about the game and being around the top players for 10 days will be a great experience for him. I only know Turkman from his ECL work which is entertaining and I look forward to hearing more from him at NAC2.

As for the T90 situation. I understand both sides, he and Nili are both trying to make it as full time streamers and had to make the best decision they could based on their situation.


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Jan 20, 2016
why make it a war between casters again? i dont think that is appropriate now.

it is unfortunate that Zero, T90 and KillerB couldn't come in the end, i think they really would like to be there, but sometimes in the end it doesnt work out the way everyone thought it would.
I am glad you found BBQ and Ornlu to cast with you :smile:

Meet&Greet looks awesome, still thinking if i would go or not 11


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Mar 16, 2018
Yeah pay flight and everything for T90 and he will stay only 4 days. Worth it!
Damn u are not really known for your cleverness.
I could buy ticket for him if its problem for nili. Im not a pauper. Now when i got Daut face as tatoo on my back my life has been change. In one day i found a girl (looks like she will be my wife soon) and my chef gave me extra money as a bonus.i can invest those money into t90 airline ticket.


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Oct 27, 2014
great casting team <3:
- memb is usually my fav streamer and my go to channel when watching aoe .
- i admire ornlu's passion for the game and he proving this over and over again (wish him all the best)
-and ofc the great bbqturkman , when i started to learn the basics of the game back in late 2013 his channel was like an AOE bible to me (great casting and really good person ).

I hope that zak can finish his projects soon and catch up with the nac 2. and sad to hear about how killerB couldn't make .

Ty NILI for making this NiliLove
May 29, 2017
Chennai, India
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RM - 1v1
You criticize his choice of considering T90 as best caster and then proceed to say monologue, zero game knowledge Helene as best caster 11
If Helene had zero game knowledge, then what do you have? Negative?
Helene wasn't the best caster but she did provide good insight to the game as well as knew the Chinese players and their play styles, which was her USP.
Putting a person down, that too someone like Helene who did so much for the community, just because you want to settle scores with someone else is purely disgusting.
But oh wait, It's kwik and that's what he does best.


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