1. Mundo AoE

    Mexican Cup 2019

    Signups open for the Mexican Cup 2019! All AoE II:WK 1v1 players welcome. SIGNUPS
  2. Henkdesupernerd


    Overlord is a random map where one player roleplays as the 'overlord'. This player (the host of the gameroom) will not participate in a conventional way, but will overlook the battlefield, sending tributes to the ones in need or interfering with special units to punish players that are showing...
  3. NoDream

    Where should Chinese players go?

    Hello, everyone, I am the administrator of an Imperial Age Forum in China. Recently, the version of wololokingdoms has been promoted with the spread of streamers, and more and more players are beginning to contact the new version. However, due to language problems, many people don’t know how to...
  4. Gregstein

    AOE-II WK Cloud Installer Trailer

    Yet another WK Installer alternative made with love and care. WK Cloud Installer is joining AoE2Tools as an integrated tool. Or You can download it as a separate tool by itself. The conversion is done externally (not on your computer) and a download of 100 MB Only!!! (Wololokingdoms data) is...
  5. robo

    AoE Steam Sale

    AoE2 is 80% off, so if you have been waiting for a chance to purchase the expansions for use with WK now is a good time to do so! https://store.steampowered.com/app/221380/Age_of_Empires_II_HD/ Also it is 82% off if you buy the AoE2 & AoE3 bundle...
  6. Deathcounter

    [KotR] Realms/WK comparison

    Here you can see everything that’s different between WK and Realms Realms already implemented almost all balance changes from Forgotten Empires and African Kingdoms for all existing techs/civs and units (latest balance from balance patch 5.8) Graphics: Architecture sets: Note: All Dark age...
  7. T-West

    AOE-II WololoKingdoms Update 5.7.4

    Edit: Hotfix to fix a bug with the Khmer building bonus has been pushed. The version is now 5.7.4. The autoupdater has also been disabled. Hello! TriRem is on vacation, so I'm handling the updating of WololoKingdoms files this time around. This update is version 5.7.3 5.7.4, which will be...
  8. J

    [Guide] How to watch recorded games: Voobly/WK/UserPatch

    *Update1*: seeing as this was linked by none other than the Grand Wizard himself, scripter, I applied some updates, links and better explanations. *Update2*: Since I had to reinstall Windows lately and had to set up everything again, I also added the steps for opening WK-recs directly from...


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