Where should Chinese players go?

Feb 21, 2014
Hello, everyone, I am the administrator of an Imperial Age Forum in China. Recently, the version of wololokingdoms has been promoted with the spread of streamers, and more and more players are beginning to contact the new version. However, due to language problems, many people don’t know how to use the official wk installation software, and because of the need for vpn, registration of the account number has become a very difficult thing.
In this case, some people extracted the contents of wk, so that the wk installation does not need to pass the genuine verification of steam. This way they can freely access the game content of wk and use it on Chinese domestic game platforms. They built some groups and owned the package in the group file. Not only this group, the wk-free version has been spread in China.
In fact, as long as you borrow someone else's steam account, you can also implement wk installation. So how should I avoid this phenomenon, I have several suggestions:
1. Will wololo installation file finished
2. Use more effective genuine verification methods
3. Use some method to make Chinese users register voobly without image verification
4. Update voobly china and join wk mod _D6}T[O77VODX0W_YWX`Q3U.png ][K_O3)1B}QSS7%IMMA269R.png
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