T90's Hidden Cup 1v1 Event

hidden cup banner.jpg Hidden Cup is a three day 1v1 event hosted by T90Official us. The event features 12 of the best players in Age of Empires 2. Players will fight in hopes of victory but with a twist - Their opponent's identity will be secret.

In the Hidden Cup casters, players, and viewers will be unaware of player identities until the tournament is completed. In an esport where it's important to have a mental edge, will players perform worse or better when identities are secret? Will those who normally feel pressure instead feel confidence in such a format? Find out on the 28th of September.

List of participants

  • TheViper no
  • MbL no
  • slam ca
  • DauT rs
  • TaToH es
  • Liereyy at
  • Nicov ar
  • Vivi cn
  • Yo cn
  • RiuT br
  • F1Re br
  • Miguel br

Four out of the twelve players will be randomly selected to receive a bye into the Quarter Finals. This is so we can include as many as possible in the event. The other 8 players must play a Best of 5 to advance to Quarter Finals.

Quarterfinals & Semifinals are Best of 5. Grand Finals is a Best of 7.


Civilizations are free hidden pick for each set of matches. Players cannot reuse any civilizations that they have already chosen in a set.

Game 1 Arabia
Game 2 G1 Loser's Home Map
Game 3 G1 Winner's Home Map
Game 4-7 Map Pack

Map Pool - Arabia, Baltic, Bedouins, Chaos_Pit, Cross, El_Dorado, GoldRush, Golden Island, Land Of Lakes & Scandinavia

Game : Random Map
Map Style : Custom
Location : Depending on the game.
Size : 2
Difficulty : Standard
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal
Starting Age : Standard

Team Together : [X] Yes
All techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes
Multi Queue [MQ]
Hidden civilizations.

There is one restart per player for all sets during this tournament.


1st - 50%
2nd - 30%
3rd/4th - 10% each

Current Amount - $1,443.37 USD

List of Donators
CryptoDatabase - $1,000
AceJohn - $100
Sivadkaz - $100
GrimGerbil - $50
CanadianNinja - $50
Yoshi - $30
a28b - $25
Algernonr - $25
Fatido - $20
Anonymous - $20
Anonymous - $13.37
Anonymous - $10

You can contribute to the prizepool by using this link. Please type your username in the donation description.100% of funds go to the players. Feel free to PM me if you have not been added to the list.

Streaming Info

This event will be streamed by the host T90Official and is also open streaming. All streamers must display the tournament banner in between matches. Interested streamers must also contact Robo_boro prior to the event to ensure they get access to the room. Day 1 and Day 2 are recorded games and Day 3 is live. All days begin at 13GMT until completion.

Friday Sept 28th 13GMT - Qualifiers
Saturday Sept 29th 13GMT - Quarter Finals
Sunday Sept 30th 13GMT - Semis and Final

Bracket Competition
All viewers are encouraged to participate in this fun bracket competition. The top 3 placed brackets will receive prizes that are soon to be announced. Thanks to willworkforicecream for helping set this up!
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Sep 24, 2012
Awesome idea!

I guess it will be really hard to hide the identities amongst the players themselves.
While scheduling and according to the availability of the opponent, or in-game ping, they will probably be able to tell who is who.
Let alone the fact that I'm pretty sure those who are good friends with each other will eventually spoil who they are.
Unless they go really deep into those mind games...I could see DauT offering Viper 4 GMT as starting time just to make him think he's a Chinese player! :laugh: But then again the ping...:unsure:
Anyway, as long as we the viewers are completely oblivious to all of that, im pretty sure this will be a fantastic success.

Just a suggestion that has probably already been thought of: don't let the players choose their smurf nicks themselves. They might unwillingly give clues to who they are by choosing a specific capitalization pattern, or by choosing an obviously "asian" nickname, etc. etc.
I would just give them a random number as their nickname and stick to it for the whole tournament.

Jun 10, 2012
It is a very entertaining event idea, which has been discusssed before but not been done apart from a Chinese tournamet, as far as I remember.

Like Masmorra said though, how will the scheduling and collecting the recorded games work?
For scheduling you probably need to set a time for every match, which will probably be morning for America, noon for Europe and evening for East Asia, so it works without spoilers (e. g. 13 GMT).
For sending recorded games, is there a person involved who is not caster, who receives the recs from the players?
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Dec 13, 2015
Between scheduling, lobby talking and playstyle, I think it won't take long for players to figure out who their oppenent is. But even then, having players' identity be unknown to just casters and viewers sounds pretty interesting :D
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Czech RepublicDraCoNT

Two handed swordman
Jan 5, 2016
I'm happy for top level 1v1 games that the tournament will surely deliver, settings and maps look very reasonable.
I don't think "smurf format" is a good idea though and I'd much prefer to see player nicknames as usual. I think many people had this idea in mind and simply didn't do it, because it didn't make enough sense for them. I don't see advantages of having it like that except the final 15 mins when most viewers will get "super hyped" while you can be revealing names 1 by 1. Players will realize very well whos playing who during 1st game given ping and opponent playstyle. For viewers it will get harder, but I don't think A) it's that important B) it would still be more enjoyable for them to see slam vs TatoH than C vs J. Another thing would be proper seeding, I don't want to see Viper vs Lierey R16, which can happen.
I'm sure it's still going to be great tournament and it's something uncommon, but I don't think the format is the way to go.
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Nov 20, 2017
Between scheduling, lobby talking and playstyle, I think it won't take long for players to figure out who their oppenent is. But even then, having players' identity be unknown to just casters and viewers sounds pretty interesting :D
Unless someone deliberately Jebaits and talks a bit differently!
Will be tough for Slam though, slamSorry will come out somewhere inadvertently.


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Jun 3, 2013
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RM - 1v1
Good idea, but AFAIK all the included players have premium accounts and can see AKA rates, how will that be sorted out?
Also, is it possible to hide/manipulate ping so that players are unable to guess where their opponent is from?


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