Small things streamers do you appreciate?


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Oct 22, 2015
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to see people's opinion on what you like that streamer's do that makes your experience better on streams.

We all know a good streamer has a good communication with chat/decent game knowledge etc.
But these are not the things i am looking for, I am looking for small things they do which makes you appreciate them.
I will start with mine:

Not showing in twitch chat in game. Personally, i don't much interact in twitch chat(there are exceptions), and not showing the chat in game is for people who just wanna watch the game/stream.
Chat in the game is good. because if you interact with your stream and talk to the viewers or aswer their questions it's like talking to theirself. imo


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Jan 31, 2017
Besides entertaining, streams are also an interactive way to learn more about the game. Obviously it's not only about sharing the player's POV, people appreciate it when a streamer/player takes some time to review a game strategy, give opinions about in-game mistakes etc. Some streamers don't give enough attention to those details.

In that sense, streams might offer some prospects that recorded games don't, although they shouldn't be seen as a better replacement to RGs, since RGs also offer so much that streams and videos don't.


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