MoA5 has ended

Feb 16, 2016
After a long time, yesterday night Masters of Arena 5 finally came to a close. A new master has been crowned, so without furder ado lets into the results:

1st place: TheViper 452.25 USD
2nd place: TaToH 301.50 USD
3rd place: St4rk 150.75 USD
4th place: CL 100.50 USD

Prize money will be send during/shortly after the weekend

The completed bracket:

I have to give a huge thank you to everyone involved, everyone who donated to the prizepool, Kigo who helped me out in the earlier stages of the tournament did most of the work, all the streamers creating the hype, the viewers for watching and ofcourse the players for making this tournament possible.

A special thank you I have to give to my Co-admin Kc_ereon who posted all the recs and helped me out with too many things to list here 11

I had a lot of fun hosting this tournament (on most occasions :P) and alot of fun watching the games, I hope you did too.

Stay tuned for more from me,

ty gman

kigo edit; fixed a typo
Feb 19, 2014
Thanks for this tournament. Didn't have so much fun watching AoC games in a long time. I was hoping CL would win it but hey, maybe next time. Don't you wanna host a Land Nomad 1v1 tournament? Now that would be great!


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