"League of Empires"? As brief as my overview could get


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Oct 2, 2016
Do you as a community believe it would be nice to have (and follow) a tourney in which varying players fight for the TEAM (the civilization) they are supporting the most and taking them on a journey to the Grand Finals?

If so, please read this brief overview and leave your thoughts :smile:

Hello guys :smile:

It's been a while since I started watching the tournaments & streams that this community offers and first of all, I'm very proud of y'all! Keep up the good work :D

I came to think about a fun way to "prove" which civilization "truly is the best" in this game, and, well, now I signed up to share my thoughts with you short and crisp:

The reason I signed up here is that I want to ask you as a community if there is a request for a tournament in which the main protagonists are not the players, but the civilizations. We would achieve this by having a match schedule based on the Civs, who also would be played by another guy or gal on each Match Day.

First of all, I believe both AoC on Voobly and AoE:HD-AK on Steam are equally reasonable choices and I'd let the community (those who will actually watch this format) decide on that. The downside with AoC would be the lack of 9 civs compared to HD, while HD has the downside of being a somewhat bugged game.

I personally would LOVE to see a league-style tournament with some components taken from the Big Four in major US sports. For example, a possible league organization could look like this:


Western Conference: Aztecs, Britons, Celts, Franks, Goths, Mayans, Spanish, Teutons, Vikings
Eastern Conference: Byzantines, Chinese, Huns, Japanese, Koreans, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, Turks

9 civs per Conference; The best 4 civs of each Conference in ranking after a Round Robin-esque Regular Season advance to the Play-Offs, where they determine their respective Conference Champions, and those face off at the Grand Finals.


Western Conference: Aztecs, Britons, Celts, Franks, Incas, Mayans, Portuguese, Spanish, Vikings
Central Conference: Berbers, Byzantines, Ethiopians, Goths, Italians, Magyars, Malians, Teutons, Turks
Eastern Conference: Chinese, Huns, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, Slavs

Divisions: {Aztecs, Incas, Mayans} {Britons, Celts, Vikings} {Franks, Portuguese, Spanish}
{Berbers, Ethiopians, Malians} {Byzantines, Italians, Turks} {Goths, Magyars, Teutons}
{Chinese, Japanese, Koreans} {Huns, Mongols, Slavs} {Indians, Persians, Saracens}

Just in case someone is wondering at the suggestion of three Conferences instead of two: As it is with everything I wrote down, these are all suggestions that shall be discussed. I personally prefer my idea of 3 balanced Conferences to 2 unbalanced Conferences (14 civs in one, 13 civs in the other), and it makes it easier to introduce comprehensibly set Divisions, of which the Division Champions 'd be seeded in the Play-Off stages. This being said, I could imagine a Round Robin system in the Regular Season in which the 16 strongest civs advance to the Play-Off stages, with 5 civs each coming from their respective Conferences plus the best civ seeded 6th of the three Conferences.

Now, this of course is as brief as a league organization description can get, and there might be many questions coming up when you read this (Team Games? 1v1? Maps? How many Games? How many Match Days etc.), so feel free to leave those questions in the comments, since a critical review allows everyone to make fewer mistakes.

I don't want to explain every single aspect of a possible "League of Empires" (that's a working title, not a ™ :smile: ) the way I imagine it in this original post though, because I guess most of you would not even start to read if this post was 3 pages long (and it would definitely be more). So I'll focus on the main question:

Do you as a community believe it would be nice to have (and follow) a tourney in which varying players (by that I mean: On each Match Day, there would be another human playing the e.g. Vikings) fight for the TEAM (the civilization) they are supporting the most and taking them on a journey to the Grand Finals?

I would like to see something like that - IMHO, at the very least, it would be adding to the flavor of this wide variety of tournaments played. But i also believe that a "League of Empires" could be a very entertaining way of "ascertaining" the "truth": Which is the "single best civ" in AoE2? :D

As I mentioned earlier, this post shall be as brief as possible in order to get you to read it on the one hand, and to give you the possibility to use your own imagination on the other hand! If the topic makes you get interested, please tell what you think about it, ask questions, make suggestions.

And for those who don't believe we could get the "boring", organizational part done: I've already got a few ideas on an exact match schedule, and some other things as well, so either leave those worries to me or get involved and make your own remarks :smile:

Say if you can imagine a tournament like this, if you would follow it, if you would play it!

I'm countin' on you! :smile:

P.S.: If, in a distant future, I should be the one actually organizing and casting this tournament, I could need help from some of the experienced casters to set myself up for this ^_^



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Jul 17, 2012
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RM - 1v1
On mobile atm so I only glanced through your ideas but overall it sounds like a fantastic concept. People of certain civs would be forced to get creative in various settings. Interesting idea!

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Jul 21, 2014
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RM - 1v1
Unfortunately for AOC its pretty well understood which civs have advantage on particular maps, particularly among the pros. For example aztecs was picked nearly every single time in WSVG, but this is just one example. For AOAK this is less well known. Ideally a balance patch should be used such as the Carlos balance patch if we are actually going to have the civs compete with each other. This would make for an interesting tournament.


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