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May 2, 2016

Recently some people, including me, were planning on having a tournament on the steam version of the game. Nothing very professional but just a tournament for the lolz. We did however run into the problem of having a lot of trouble finding people willing to play, because most hd players aren't much on the forums.

To help organizing tournaments in the future i made a steam group to connect people interested in this. The idea is to have a place where people can share ideas and participate in/organize tournaments on the hd game. with this there will also be an option to notify people of tournaments via a steam message where hd players are more active, which hopefully will make it easier to find players.

If you are interested aswell in HD tournament please join and share the steam group.
Steam group link:

Rating is not important we are aiming for multiple tournaments with different elo ranges

Feel free to give advice, hate on me and hd or share your thoughts about this, all feedback is appreciated.

ps: I know not having a restore option makes it impossible to have professional tournaments but thats not the idea, its just for the lolz.


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Jan 15, 2014
I think you should post this on reddit as well, a lot of HD players never read this forum but do read reddit.


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Mar 5, 2014
advice - i think trying to have multiple tournaments could be ambitious. plenty of these have been organised on reddit and i even signed up for a few but not many have actually happened, and those that have had plenty of people dropping out, missing games etc

not to be a debbie downer though, i hope it goes well for you
May 2, 2016

I know that people drop etc, but the idea is to get a group big enough for tournaments to not be a big deal and if we have a few AWs thats not a big problem for me. Although right now a fairly big tournament is organized the idea is that the group will be big enough to create fun and small tournament very fast.

If the group is big enough it could be possible to for example put a post for a tournament on monday, and play it in the weekend. Ive played in some of the small tournaments TaToH organized and they are meant to be in that style. You have a small group of people around your level and you play it in a few days. Because of a strict planning you might have one or two AWs but its still a lot of fun and there are plenty of games to be played.


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Sep 22, 2013


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