Age of Empires World Cup - Final Stage has begun!


Hi guys! With a very succesfull Group Stage with already quite a few upsets and some of the best games I've ever seen (looking at you Italy 11)
It's very happy that I announce that the Final Stage has begun. Next 4 weeks will be the best of the best countries in the world fighting for a chance to get a share of the 1200 U$D+ Prizepool!

With Official Casting in Spanish , English and Chinese, probably everyone will be in contact with these amazing games since the beginning.

Remember that Ro16 will happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday 19:30 GMT with the teams playing each day already added to the callendar. From Ro8 on, all games will be casted LIVE !

The Brackets you ask? Here you go!


Here goes River's Challenge. It's all BO5 except China A vs China B, that will go for a BO7, since we didn't think a BO5 was enough to prove if China A or China B should represent their country!
Everyone should post their prediction in THIS POST. If anyone nails all 8 Results of the Ro16, he will get 60 U$D !!! The entries are FREE.

Jul 22, 2012
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RM - 1v1
it's better to ask us first when you 'decide' we should play a bo7 next time :smile:
we would agree 100%
but still there is difference
You're right Mr.Yo

A while ago we started thinking about the Chinese dilemma, which is to have two of the top 8 teams from the same country. I called a big discussion between Admins and after extense talk, we decided that sadly, in order for it to be a World Cup, only one team per country should be in Top 8 Teams in the world. Now, as a big admiror of the Chinese skill, we just couldn't let a single BO5 determine which China is best at the moment, it would just be impossible in my eyes, and I advocated for a BO7, more suited for the high level of play that might as well have been the final, and of course edited it in the Rules and Settings.
I did however, forget to get in touch with the players in question here. It's pretty clear for me that it was a big mistake, and I apologize for it, since of course when you signed up that wasn't the case, and rules were modified later. Out of respect and good sportmanship, the first of all that I should have contacted was you guys.

I won't enter the discussion if two more games is really that much more, I just acted wrong by not contacting you and hope you can understand my honest mistake. It wasn't fair for you guys, hope you can forgive me and while I do hope for a BO7, I wouldn't blame you for playing a BO5 instead if that's what China A and China B agree on.

Best wishes


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Mar 1, 2018
Just check the calendar on the right side. Today 14 gmt Brazil vs. China, today 19 gmt Norway vs Canada and tomorrow 19 gmt Winland vs Spain.


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