AOE-II 2v1 triumph of the will

Glorious game 8-) :lol:
One of those michi whores attempted to prevent their imminent defeat by resigning very early,
thereby trying to force save&exit. But, as a true troll, I denied this and my team mates wanted to
punish me by resigning too, which gave rise to a 2v1 situation.

00:15:26 bernie_buggie: just go 2v1
00:15:26 CSA_RC_Gatlin: lol
00:15:26 bernie_buggie: u noobs
00:15:26 [B_Horde]_23: 1
00:15:26 CSA_RC_Gatlin: 1
00:15:26 [B_Horde]_23: 14
00:15:26 bernie_buggie: i beat u anayway [sic]
00:15:26 bernie_buggie: 14
00:15:26 bernie_buggie: Chose to continue the game instead of save and exit.
00:16:33 CSA_RC_Gatlin: free cut
00:16:38 [B_Horde]_23: 1
00:16:39 CSA_RC_Gatlin: kill this noob
00:42:04 CSA_RC_Gatlin: no hhelp??
00:45:39 CSA_RC_Gatlin resigned

:sick: :sick: unfortunately the other guy gave up before I could rape him too :frown:
precious puntos :lol: :lol:


Well that's as clear as the fact that nobody cares about <2k2 games. The game itself is not very interesting.
But I think the setting might cause a little bit of debate. Let's be honest, these games are the best.. with this kind of trash talk before the fight, AoC becomes particularly thrilling. Just imagine how red felt after the game 1111
these guys deserved it... they are supposed to be 1650+ and get raped by noob like me 2v1? lmao in their position I would uninstall AoC
11 but that's expected. I barely ever played MR and I play about 5 1v1's per month, while she plays 1v1 MR quite frequently. At this level it is mostly a matter of experience and knowing the BO's, and for MR I have neither.


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