1. Henkdesupernerd

    Rewards Random Map Contest

    I'm happy to announce some crazy rewards for the winner of each stage in this random map contest! First of all the winning competitive map (which will be submitted in the weekend of 3-4november) will be featured in a show match between expert players. The exact date and format will follow soon...
  2. Henkdesupernerd

    24 Hours Random Map Contest

    (see pdf in attachment for full quality of these images) Rewards: links: Discord: Website for submissions: Resources, Guides and Tools for Random Map scripting:
  3. H

    RMS: Help with new commands Effect_amount, Effect_Percent, Set_Attributes, and Mod_Resource

    Hey guys. I recently got back into Random Map Scripting again. Now that Userpatch and WK have brought a lot of new things to the table it is exciting and fun to work on RMS again. I'm testing new #const commands and following the scripting guide on UP site...
  4. Henkdesupernerd

    Arena with AOC-walls and how to adjust walls using RMS scripting (userpatch 1.5)

    Dear WallerBoys, I have gotten the request to make the map arena with the old version of wall-balance for Wololokingdoms on voobly. Since people will always be unhappy with wall balance on arena I tought about making this guide how to change your favorite map scripts yourself (in this case...


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