RMS: Help with new commands Effect_amount, Effect_Percent, Set_Attributes, and Mod_Resource


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Aug 22, 2011
Hey guys.

I recently got back into Random Map Scripting again. Now that Userpatch and WK have brought a lot of new things to the table it is exciting and fun to work on RMS again. I'm testing new #const commands and following the scripting guide on UP site: http://userpatch.aiscripters.net/reference.html#

So far Its been going good. There is some new commands I wonder if people know about:

-- Mod_resource which can modify your starting resources.
(start with 1000 food for example)
-- Effect_Amount who can change attributes and values on objects.
-- Effect_Percent if I understand correctly you can make new tech upgrades with this.

Are there any examples out there for these new commands? I've seen them used in the new NoCut+Allied_Vision_BF and BoA NotSocotra. I'd like to see a full available list of these commands or more examples.



May 22, 2011
Great to see you, HJFE! If you check the Reference/Scripting/Examples folder inside the standalone UP download zip file, you'll find 3 example rms files that demonstrate various features. The UserPatchConst.rms file in the Reference/Scripting folder has more detail.

This version of Acropolis demonstrates the use of weather_type to create thunderstorms (rain + thunder/lightning with positional audio) or snow (blizzard). To enhance the effect, it tints the map to give thunderstorms a cloudy look and blizzards a cold, blue look. It also shows how to handle the Relics victory condition, by providing a strong monastery that cannot be replaced.
This demonstrates direct_placement and assign_to, creating an islands map with precisely positioned and separated player islands, while still allowing randomness in where those lands are placed. In addition, the effect_amount and effect_percent dynamic modding commands are used extensively to enable Dark Age transport ships, increased house population, and boar-like, passive roaming wolves that can be lured to the TC for food. An island is also directly positioned at the center with a monument that has been modified by effect_amount to train hunting wolves and other units and can be converted to serve other players.
Finally, it shows how guard_state can be used to provide a resource trickle for protecting (or not protecting) a unit. In this case, one player starts the game with a custom arbalest unit on the center island that can rapid-stream-fire low-damage fiery trebuchet rocks lol. However, everyone else gets a wood trickle of 1w per 2 seconds. If the player loses the custom arbalest (on purpose or not), they'll gain the wood trickle like everyone else, creating an opportunity for a strategic sacrifice if wood runs low on the island. The guard_state command can also be setup to cause defeat if the unit is lost (set to the town center for classic sudden death, etc.), but this isn't used here.
This map primarily demonstrates terrain_type, enabling buildable shallows, which creates a situation where ships, land units, and buildings can be present and battle on the same terrain, as some AoR maps allow.
For maps that will be used for competitive purposes, it would be best to avoid distracting players with excessive terrain tinting and weather effects and to ensure that any unit changes are well described for players that use the map, since they are only notified in-game that changes have been made, but not the specific details.
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