SY Nations Cup 2017 - SL GS Team Distribution

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Dec 9, 2014

Silver League Group Stage Tables Groups A-F: Round Robin - Brackets
Silver League Group Stage Tables Groups G-L: Round Robin - Brackets

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1.argentina Argentina C1.australia Australia B1.chile Chile F1.argentina Argentina B
2.australia Australia A2.chile Chile C2.germany Germany C2.france France C
3.chile Chile E3.colombia Colombia C3.hungary Hungary B3.germany Germany D
4.denmark Denmark A4.germany Germany A4.spain Spain B4.peru Peru B
5.mexico Mexico A5.mexico Mexico C5.sweden Sweden A5.switzerland Switzerland B
6.netherlands Netherlands E6.netherlands Netherlands D6.switzerland Switzerland C6.vietnam Vietnam C
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
1.belgium Belgium B1.colombia Colombia A1.belgium Belgium A1.japan Japan B
2.canada Canada B2.germany Germany F2.brazil Brazil D2.morocco Morocco A
3.finland Finland B3.hong kong Hong Kong A3.chile Chile A3.netherlands Netherlands C
4.france France A4.netherlands Netherlands A4.germany Germany E4.norway Norway B
5.italy Italy A5.spain Spain C5.peru Peru C5.turkey Turkey A
6.netherlands Netherlands B6.uruguay Uruguay B6.uruguay Uruguay A6.united kingdom United Kingdom C
7.vietnam Vietnam D
Group IGroup JGroup KGroup L
1.argentina Argentina D1.australia Australia C1.belarus Belarus A1.france France B
2.chile Chile D2.peru Peru A2.czech republic Czech Republic B2.germany Germany B
3.colombia Colombia D3.russia Russia A3.japan Japan zealand New Zealand A
4.mexico Mexico B4.spain Spain D4.spain Spain E4.norway Norway A
5.poland Poland A5.switzerland Switzerland A5.united kingdom United Kingdom B5.sweden Sweden C
6.sweden Sweden B6.united kingdom United Kingdom A6.venezuela Venezuela A6.ukraine Ukraine A
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