AOE-II Poll: Next Big Event?

Next Big Event?

  • Brain Champion Cup: Season 4

    Votes: 205 27.3%
  • Master of the Huns: Season 2

    Votes: 40 5.3%
  • Grand Masters League: Season 2

    Votes: 36 4.8%
  • Masters of Arabia 2v2 Edition: Season 2

    Votes: 23 3.1%
  • World Clan League 8

    Votes: 131 17.4%
  • Nations Cup 2013

    Votes: 114 15.2%
  • Masters of Arabia 1v1 : Season 2

    Votes: 43 5.7%
  • AOFE 1v1 Tournament

    Votes: 97 12.9%
  • New 1v1/2v2 Tournament

    Votes: 30 4.0%
  • New TG Tournament

    Votes: 32 4.3%

  • Total voters


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Jan 31, 2010
The community seems willing to make things happen. The resources to run an event beside the prizes themselves are there, but what event to be run? As it will mainly consist of community donations, I believe the community should have a big say in which event to be run, wheter it is bringing back an older classic, or creating a totally new tournament.

Possibilities are a Nations Cup, BBC4, MOH2, some sort of new tournament, GML Season 2 and a couple of more. I'm making a poll here to see what brings most interest and that would most likely be the next tournament. I'm not including Voobly hosted tournaments, and only the big recent ones.

Upon decision of what to go for, a Kickstarter will be created for the tournament, with a Prize Pool goal which would have to be reached before the tournament kicks off and the ball starts rolling.

My personal opinion is that a 1v1 or 2v2 tournament should be the starting tournament as we try out this Kickstarter thing. 1v1 and 2v2 are the easier tournaments to run, and those run without bigger problems. Taking on a big teamgame tournament right now might be risky, with the scheduling problems we have seen last TG tournaments.

Please vote for what next big event you want to see.


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Jun 4, 2010
Re: Next Big Event?


I saw WCL7 and GML1, but didn't see BCC (I started looking for international community only when wcl7 starts). So => BCC. I just know about BCC, what Daut was training vs kkab to BCC2, and.. that's all :frown:

I also don't think what it'd be a good idea to start GML2 without making a some kind of "Masters League". For example, take 2 last places from GML#1 and send them to ML (Tim and Ming). Add, for example, Riut and Ruso to GML, and other tops who wants to play to ML. So every new season top2 ML would go to GML, and bottom2 GML would go to ML (or 3-4-5 ppl, it's just an example). Also, ML can be without money (players would fight for ability to get them in next GML), and to get into ML you should be 2k 1v1for example. And ML could be in DE system. Yeah. That's all)
May 4, 2010
Altough I do think it is time for a new Nation Cup (wich could be right after ? doesn't need cash price anyway, playing for your country is enough of motivation) I strongly believe BCC4 has to happen soon if we still want AOC to be attractive.
Apr 30, 2012
How is BCC played?

I wanna see big 1v1 tournement + NC.

And then GML plus ML later this year.

Imo there should be atleast 5-6 1v1 tourneys every year, but only 1 of them need cash prize, in that way there is always a 1v1 tourney in near future and tourneys really help to get better in this game.


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Aug 12, 2011
I think NC can be run without a donation.

BBC4 has seemed for a while like the most desired 1v1 tournament.

WCL8 is likely the most desired team tournament. I think it would be cool to add some settings onto the ones from WCL7 such as having 1v1s and 2v2s in addition to 3v3s and more 4v4s than just ara.
Oct 18, 2010
it would be very motivating if like viper, daut , chris, who made money from aoc donate some prizes. Communtiy would follow these man and get a very good prize pool. Because now this game is old and most players are not child anymore most of us has a work.
BCC4 or WCL7 would be THE tournaments to happen really, if we want something big then I think those prestigious tournaments would most certainly be the way to go :D


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