Patrols and Patrolling


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Apr 7, 2010

Patrolling is accomplished via pressing the “patrol” button in unit commands, and then left clicking on the location you want your units to patrol to.
The default hotkey for patrolling is ‘Z’.

Why patrol?

To begin this it’s best by asking this question:
Q. What’s the main difference between 40 ranged and 40 close combat units?
A. The 40 ranged all attack at the same time.

On the other hand, the 40 close combat units will all wander and try to attack, but only those that are next to their enemy will be able to.

What patrolling does is make units go “on top” of each other. That way on the same space you can have 3, 4, even 5 close combat units, attacking the same 1 enemy unit. Put simply, using patrol makes your close combat units much more effective.

Patrolling in practice:

Patrolled units will generally “target” the first enemy unit that “attacks” them. That’s why sometimes you will see patrols go by each other – the units simply did not detect the enemy, and therefore did not target anyone.

There are 4 stances that units have – Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground, and No Attack.
You can patrol units using any stance.

In order of strength, patrolling goes like this:
Aggressive > Defensive > Stand Ground > and last is obviously, No Attack.

Therefore, aggressive is the main stance that you will use in most of your gaming.

Defensive patrolling you can use when you want your units to stay around 1 general spot.. BUT if they see an enemy, they will chase after him anyway, so this one is not pointless… just hard to explain and takes practice to know when to use.

Stand Ground patrolling is how I first discovered patrols. I thought it was the only way you can patrol until I accidentally changed stances haha.
When I was beginning 1v1 CBA wars, I started to think that it was useless: Every time I used it vs any other stance I would get raped. Later however, I found a really cool way in which to use it.

Finer points of patrolling:

And now, we reach the finer aspects of patrolling, of which I think there are only two. The first, and possibly foremost point of which (and for which I am both loved AND hated among the CS community) is…. (drum roll please): runners.

Runners are units used solely for the purpose of distraction. In close combat wars, they “lure” enemy units away to give you a numbers advantage. In ranged wars, they are used by taking advantage of the bad accuracy of ranged units. A few runners are patrolled in between your army and the enemy, and are replaced when they die. All runners use No Attack stance.

No Attack patrolling was also my COUNTER to runners, when they started being used against me.
I would use No Attack stance, patrol with all my men, and when I got past the runner, and close to enemy, I would switch to aggressive stance.

This still remains as one very effective way in which you can use it.

The second point is the cool part I mentioned earlier – Stand Ground patrolling, which has three uses.

a) Instead of No Attack, I later began using Stand Ground stance. The reason for this is – in stand ground, your units still “target” the enemy units. So when you change them to aggressive, they already KNOW who to attack, where as in No Attack stance they must first target something.

b) Since they don’t attack until you tell them to, you can get more units closer to the enemy before you switch stances. This is just advanced micro; with time most should begin to see it.

c) This is a continuation of b, but here goes:
If my ally needs help, I will send my units(close combat) to him on stand ground patrol. This way they don’t get distracted by every single enemy unit along the way, AND if they get ambushed, they are already on patrol, so it’s simple to switch to just switch to aggressive and get the most effective use out of them, even in a situation where they will die anyway.


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Apr 7, 2010
Navy Patrolling:

When chasing enemy, but your units on stand ground stance, and constantly re patrol. This will make the units even more clumped, and they will move more smoothly (WITHOUT REGROUPING WHICH SLOWS YOUR CHASE DOWN).

Stand ground stance is for them noticing/attacking less things such as docks (which keeps them more ordered), and every time they DO attack something meaningless, or even say 1 enemy ship, re patrol right away to keep them moving forward.

The anti-ballistics trick I showed you works here too.
Another anti-ballistics trick is: Micro one boat on the side. When the enemy boats fire, RIGHT AWAY you move the boat into a different direction, causing them to miss.

The reason why ballistics can be countered is: it predicts where the unit will go based on it's current path. Next it sends a arrow/cannon ball TO THE PREDICTED point. If you move your unit back, when they shoot 2 tiles forward, you'll make the arrows miss.


When defending do really tight close patrols, by patrolling units close together. Do 15 re-patrols like so: (U = units, X = re patrol point)

UUUU -------------- X (this kind of distance, in game)

When you do this, move them so that they will be facing the most likely enemy attack front. Ie, don't do something like this: (E = enemy)



In the above situation, your units will get raped as he will have more vs less, EVEN THOUGH you have the same starting #'s.

Brahma asked this question, and I can't believe I did not address it-
You retreat in two simple, but VITAL steps:
1. STOP your units (X hotkey for me)
2. put units on NO ATTACK STANCE (O hotkey for me)

Then just click wherever you wanna go.

Reasons for this:
Patrolled units go to the point you PATROLLED them to. Stopping them releases the units from this "obligation". They no longer do anything and wait for next order.
No Attack Stance - Sometimes units will fight back if attacked. Probably a bug in AoC. No Attack Stance prevents that.

Here's the main guideline for all fights by which I play: (Not only navy, but everything)
1. Make all your battles More vs Less.
  • if you have 40 champs vs enemy 30 champs, and you fight, you will have 20 CHAMPS REMAINING, NOT 10. Numbers are EVERYTHING.
  • say you have 20 boats. he has 10 boats by your 20, and another 30 coming in support a screen away, FIGHT THE 10, then gb as soon as you see the larger army.
  • in big fights, try to come in from a front, like shown above. 40 vs 40, make it 40 vs 20. IF only for 5 seconds. that will give you the win.
2. If you think you lost, GB.
  • NEVER fight losing battles. ALWAYS save units. Each unit you save can then be later used to outnumber enemy.
  • Keep this in mind: When enemy is fighting you, it's because of (a) he thinks he won or (b) he has no other choice [protecting his and pockets fish; his vills, etc] IF it's A, think about GB. UNLESS you think you won the fight.


  • General Advancing Chat Researches

    • Version: AOC
      Duration: 01:06:10
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      Map: Coastal
      View of: Geen
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      Team 1
      Team 2
    •   Feudal Castle Imperial
      Geen - - -
      MStateFan - - -
      <Geen> take celts
      <Geen> first defend
      <Geen> how u normally would
      <Geen> and ill attack
      [00:00:19] <Geen> @ start
      [00:00:25] <Geen> delete one wall
      [00:00:53] <Geen> this way u can then build a double row of buildings there
      [00:00:58] <MStateFan> wall or ga*te
      [00:01:06] <Geen> the side wall
      [00:01:09] <MStateFan> wall or gate
      [00:01:31] <Geen> like this
      [00:02:09] <Geen> ill show u best way to build here too
      [00:03:01] <Geen> get armor upgrade n ill attack
      [00:03:15] <MStateFan> there upgraded
      [00:03:24] <Geen> armor missin
      [00:03:25] <Geen> k
      [00:03:36] <MStateFan> just did
      [00:03:40] <Geen> yeah
      [00:05:13] <Geen> same numbers
      [00:05:18] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:05:23] <Geen> only im left with much more
      [00:05:23] <MStateFan> i see
      [00:05:37] <Geen> kk stop attackin
      [00:06:27] <Geen> while we wait for u to get more
      [00:06:46] <Geen> ill get a raze for the build display
      [00:06:56] <MStateFan> you just tell them to patrol one area and they attack better?
      [00:07:17] <Geen> well patrol behind the enemy
      [00:08:05] <Geen> generally
      [00:08:11] <Geen> when i first attack
      [00:08:21] <Geen> ah\
      [00:08:31] <Geen> short patrols are the start
      [00:08:44] <Geen> kk
      [00:10:02] <Geen> thats the best way to build
      [00:10:06] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:10:15] <Geen> u can do a wall
      [00:10:20] <MStateFan> what about here?
      [00:10:20] <Geen> in front of the towers
      [00:10:52] <MStateFan> do u build here?
      [00:11:00] <Geen> where
      [00:11:02] <Geen> yeah
      [00:11:11] <Geen> almost always
      [00:11:16] <Geen> delete the gate/wall
      [00:11:21] <Geen> and buil there, ya
      [00:11:35] <Geen> but the inside base
      [00:11:47] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:11:52] <Geen> 2X4 and 1X4
      [00:11:56] <Geen> works best
      [00:12:03] <Geen> units dont jam
      [00:12:10] <Geen> and u get lots of stables
      [00:12:24] <Geen> k
      [00:12:29] <Geen> generally
      [00:12:37] <Geen> you shouldn't attack in cba
      [00:12:43] <Geen> especially 1v1
      [00:12:50] <Geen> untill u have all men
      [00:13:05] <MStateFan> k, let me attack by patrolling and you attack normal
      [00:13:12] <Geen> yeah
      [00:13:29] <Geen> patrol to here
      [00:14:19] <Geen> when u get castle age
      [00:14:22] <Geen> dont upgrade
      [00:14:34] <MStateFan> i see, they stand around more when not patrolling
      [00:14:49] <Geen> yep
      [00:14:51] <MStateFan> i'm castle now
      [00:14:57] <Geen> kk
      [00:15:09] <Geen> dont upgrade
      [00:15:15] <Geen> we'll practice patrols
      [00:15:44] <Geen> in 1v1s
      [00:15:55] <Geen> the first battle
      [00:16:06] <Geen> is pretty much the most important one
      [00:16:18] <Geen> once u get a unit advantage
      [00:16:26] <Geen> its impossible to catch up
      [00:16:38] <Geen> as long as u keep pressing
      [00:17:03] <MStateFan> right
      [00:17:05] <Geen> so thats pretty much what u are aiming for
      [00:17:18] <Geen> razes are secondary on 1v1
      [00:17:26] <Geen> get them as u can
      [00:17:36] <Geen> when u have the unit advantage
      [00:18:04] <Geen> but first focus is to win the fights and have more men
      [00:18:17] <Geen> so...
      [00:18:18] <Geen> ah
      [00:18:24] <Geen> ur men are wounded
      [00:18:30] <Geen> put them to no attack
      [00:18:38] <Geen> and send to me
      [00:18:48] <Geen> we'll do patrols
      [00:18:53] <MStateFan> k
      [00:18:53] <Geen> with fresh groups
      [00:19:38] <Geen> hmmm..
      [00:19:40] <Geen> k
      [00:19:54] <Geen> i patrol from where i am now
      [00:20:08] <Geen> usually this is my starting
      [00:20:21] <Geen> and my patrol point
      [00:20:23] <Geen> is here
      [00:20:41] <Geen> number groups 1-2
      [00:21:06] <MStateFan> i always number groups
      [00:21:12] <Geen> yea
      [00:21:38] <Geen> im sleepy so its kinda hard to focus n explain
      [00:22:02] <Geen> hmmmm
      [00:22:08] <Geen> what else
      [00:22:08] <MStateFan> yea, it's late for me too
      [00:22:09] <Geen> ah
      [00:22:15] <Geen> keep sending men
      [00:22:23] <Geen> as they build
      [00:22:26] <Geen> u send them
      [00:22:32] <Geen> on patrol
      [00:22:37] <Geen> to that same ponit
      [00:22:54] <Geen> well
      [00:22:58] <Geen> lets try it
      [00:23:22] <MStateFan> patrol to you?
      [00:23:27] <Geen> yeah
      [00:23:34] <Geen> lets try a fight
      [00:24:52] <Geen> ye
      [00:25:14] <Geen> if u sent earlie
      [00:25:20] <Geen> u woulda had advanatage
      [00:26:10] <Geen> why are u sending now?
      [00:26:29] <Geen> yeah
      [00:26:34] <Geen> think :P
      [00:26:35] <MStateFan> ha, just to be doing it
      [00:27:00] <Geen> if its about even
      [00:27:15] <Geen> it's much harder to fight @ enemy
      [00:27:28] <Geen> cuz the units support comes faster
      [00:27:36] <Geen> and by time u get there
      [00:27:49] <Geen> he has same number, or more
      [00:28:03] <Geen> thats why @ start u wati for full army
      [00:28:20] <Geen> to kinda make it as even as possible
      [00:28:38] <Geen> lets go again
      [00:28:53] <Geen> if u see i will win
      [00:29:05] <Geen> then stop sending
      [00:29:13] <MStateFan> ur elite
      [00:29:17] <Geen> and gb with those that u have
      [00:29:29] <Geen> so are u 11
      [00:29:49] <Geen> rdy?
      [00:29:53] <MStateFan> yea, i forgot it did it auto
      [00:29:59] <Geen> hahaha
      [00:31:18] <Geen> hihi
      [00:31:24] <Geen> take one guy
      [00:31:28] <Geen> and run with him
      [00:31:40] <MStateFan> 7
      [00:31:42] <Geen> then 5 guys follow
      [00:31:54] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:32:06] <Geen> and now
      [00:32:13] <Geen> its abotu even
      [00:32:18] <Geen> if i attack
      [00:32:23] <Geen> u still have chance
      [00:33:24] <Geen> but ya thats good
      [00:33:49] <Geen> kk you kinda got the hang of it
      [00:33:54] <Geen> practice it more
      [00:34:01] <Geen> in all ur games
      [00:34:09] <Geen> you'll see it helps loads
      [00:34:11] <MStateFan> i see how little tricks like that can help alot
      [00:34:24] <Geen> yeah
      [00:34:37] <MStateFan> thanks man
      [00:34:43] <Geen> well this is essentially "micro"
      [00:34:58] <Geen> np
      [00:35:03] <Geen> i had some gg's
      [00:35:18] <Geen> and its always fun to see new players moving up
      [00:35:29] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:35:49] <Geen> or old ones improving :P
      [00:35:53] <Geen> rdy?
      [00:37:17] <Geen> haha
      [00:37:29] <MStateFan> nobody followed
      [00:37:32] <MStateFan> 11
      [00:37:34] <Geen> yeah :P
      [00:37:39] <Geen> generally
      [00:38:04] <Geen> if this is me moving
      [00:38:14] <Geen> n imagine ur units there
      [00:38:19] <Geen> attacking as well
      [00:38:29] <Geen> they will follow the unit
      [00:38:40] <Geen> that they first see
      [00:38:46] <Geen> or rather
      [00:38:54] <Geen> they will "attack"
      [00:38:56] <MStateFan> yea
      [00:39:02] <Geen> the unit that they first see
      [00:39:06] <Geen> so it would be
      [00:39:17] <Geen> one of those
      [00:39:27] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:39:33] <Geen> also
      [00:39:39] <Geen> u can take a guy
      [00:39:49] <Geen> like i just did
      [00:40:02] <Geen> only i failed running
      [00:40:21] <Geen> but send him first
      [00:40:28] <Geen> and ur2 groups later
      [00:40:46] <Geen> that way the patroled guys of ur enemy
      [00:40:51] <Geen> all follow him
      [00:40:58] <Geen> an get rolled
      [00:40:59] <MStateFan> yea
      [00:42:04] <Geen> what do you think of HC clan?
      [00:42:24] <MStateFan> i dont know
      [00:42:35] <Geen> hmm
      [00:42:40] <MStateFan> i use to play against them some on gamepark
      [00:42:44] <Geen> ah
      [00:43:00] <MStateFan> i just got igz 2 days ago
      [00:43:03] <Geen> well u think theyre good? bad?
      [00:43:22] <Geen> its aruodn since zone hah
      [00:43:48] <MStateFan> yea, i played against some of them
      [00:44:03] <Geen> whatcha think of em?
      [00:44:07] <MStateFan> i usually played with loco's on gp
      [00:44:12] <Geen> ah
      [00:44:19] <Geen> hahaha
      [00:44:27] <Geen> yeah
      [00:44:42] <MStateFan> the ones i played against were pretty good
      [00:44:49] <Geen> theyre fun. but they hate vsing good players
      [00:44:51] <Geen> yea
      [00:45:02] <MStateFan> it's hard to remember though really
      [00:45:08] <Geen> i founded HC clan 2 yrs ago
      [00:45:18] <Geen> n i taught all of them
      [00:45:21] <Geen> like this
      [00:45:37] <Geen> they used to be avg
      [00:45:55] <Geen> and now they dominate cba/cbf
      [00:46:20] <Geen> teamwork and individual micro like this
      [00:46:26] <Geen> does wonders
      [00:46:32] <MStateFan> yea
      [00:46:44] <Geen> kk
      [00:46:50] <Geen> last patrol
      [00:46:56] <Geen> n i go sleep :P
      [00:47:03] <MStateFan> k
      [00:47:40] <Geen> the problem with short patrols
      [00:47:46] <Geen> is sometimes they freeze
      [00:48:00] <Geen> or rather, they are much much more likely to freeze
      [00:48:07] <Geen> and just stand there and die
      [00:48:12] <Geen> then long patrols
      [00:48:34] <Geen> thats why i prefer long ones :P
      [00:48:43] <Geen> theyre generally stronge too
      [00:49:31] <MStateFan> i got some to chase him but i didnt tell him to run far
      [00:49:39] <Geen> yeah
      [00:49:44] <Geen> +
      [00:49:54] <Geen> i patrolled late
      [00:50:16] <Geen> also if u hae them on stand ground
      [00:50:35] <Geen> u can time it
      [00:50:44] <Geen> when they switch to attack
      [00:51:04] <Geen> stand ground they dont get distracted by individual guys
      [00:51:26] <Geen> but stand groudn gets raped by agressive patrol
      [00:51:33] <Geen> so u do have to switch it
      [00:51:58] <Geen> just
      [00:52:47] <Geen> well its just screwing around with it :P
      [00:54:43] <Geen> try to send them
      [00:54:49] <Geen> 4 at a time
      [00:54:55] <Geen> behind the enemy
      [00:55:30] <Geen> and now i gained unit advantage
      [00:56:12] <Geen> n @ this point its pretty much impossible to turn it around
      [00:56:21] <Geen> thats what u try to avoid haha
      [00:56:32] <MStateFan> yea
      [00:56:40] <Geen> kk
      [00:56:46] <Geen> ggs man.
      [00:56:55] <MStateFan> u2
      [00:56:58] <Geen> have fun with patrols
      [00:57:10] <MStateFan> ha, i will, thanks
      [00:57:16] <Geen> pals can patrol too etc
      [00:57:25] <Geen> all units
      [00:57:25] <MStateFan> 1
      [00:57:53] <Geen> thats why iw as able to hold the double fairly easily :P
      [00:58:21] <MStateFan> yea
      [00:58:29] <Geen> if u wanna try vs me
      [00:58:48] <Geen> let me know. if i can we defaintely will
      [00:59:05] <Geen> like to see how u progressed etc
      [00:59:17] <Geen> all of hcs know patrol
      [00:59:41] <Geen> they're a good place to start practicing vs
      [00:59:46] <MStateFan> i'll have to play and get the hang of it real well
      [00:59:51] <Geen> yeah
      [01:00:07] <Geen> to improve fast
      [01:00:16] <Geen> play vs the tops
      [01:00:32] <Geen> the better the players u play against
      [01:00:37] <Geen> the faster u improve
      [01:00:55] <MStateFan> 1
      [01:00:56] <Geen> cuz u pick up on small things
      [01:01:07] <Geen> on when to attack when to not
      [01:01:11] <Geen> ahh
      [01:01:32] <Geen> nver fight battles that u think u lost
      [01:01:45] <Geen> if u think u lost either run, or delete
      [01:02:11] <Geen> also - generally when people fight
      [01:02:18] <Geen> they think they won
      [01:02:28] <Geen> the fight anyways
      [01:02:46] <MStateFan> when u delete?
      [01:02:50] <Geen> so if someone is rlly confidently attacking
      [01:03:02] <Geen> it might be a sign
      [01:03:12] <Geen> that u will lost the fight :P
      [01:03:21] <Geen> delete when u cant run 11
      [01:03:52] <Geen> and if u have time in between these fights
      [01:04:07] <Geen> like when we waited to get full pop
      [01:04:22] <Geen> delete the wounded guys
      [01:04:31] <Geen> in 1v1s its important
      [01:04:45] <Geen> team games its too much of a hassle
      [01:05:03] <MStateFan> yea
      [01:05:15] <Geen> kk
      [01:05:33] <Geen> so ya, to test your progress, any time msg me
      [01:05:50] <Geen> hf man. was nice playing with ya tonite
      [01:06:02] <MStateFan> k, it'll be a while i imagine
      [01:06:10] * Geen resigned
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New Member
Mar 4, 2010
Good guide, let's leave it here for a while and see if any mistakes, then move it to articles if you don't mind. Thanks
Jun 24, 2010
in the retreating part,i think there is no need to stop a patrol,
we can certainly use no attack stance and move our army.

the bug u are talking about[units attackd whn its being attackd],it happens only whn the order given to the unit is completed.
such as if u order army to move it will move first and once it has moved to its destination,it will attack enemy only if its being atttackd after it has reachd it destinationadn no furthers orders are given to it.
correct me if i m wrong plz


New Member
Apr 7, 2010
little background on me:
i may be a RM nooba, but in CS i'm pretty well known as Geen/Geenberry. most of the best/top level CBA players that are now playing were trained by me, or by those i trained. the Berry club is a large amount of them. the overall skill level among the CB crowd has also spiked hugely after i spread a bunch of teaching recs around starting back on IGZ. i changed the way some Blood maps were played, and greatly helped further CBA's popularity. when i was active, i was also either the best (smosh, germs) or in the top 2/3(vetz, gwarz) of the popular Bloods as well. don't take my word for this though, feel free to ask/look around. my point is not to brag, but to help you get an understanding of my background and where i was coming from when i wrote that.

@INDmarijuana: you need to stop your patrolled units before retreating. if you do not, there's a 75% chance if not higher they will FIRST go TO the patrol point, then go back. if your enemy is at your patrol point, it means you'll probably lose your army.

i wrote this guide revealing everything i know about patrols. every nuance. if you have something to add, by all means. i look forward to reading it/learning something new.
Mar 13, 2010
Bor, Serbia
Thanks _Ares_, really nice written :smile: As DreaIVIS said, we`ll let it stay here for a while (to see if there`s anything to be updated), and then move it to Articles section.

Tell me, should the games mentioned here go with this article? If so, we may reupload them to first post :smile: - That's a pack Geen made for the CBA community since they didn't really know this stuff. If you're an Rmer/Dmer, don't think it's not worth the watch. It's top level tricks and tips for unit patrols and such.

That's just a basic over-view, Geen had some massive write up on it somewhere but I dunno where to find it anymore.
Mar 29, 2010
Belgrade, Serbia
U are Geen, wow! Probably the best player of CBA on world :wink: Great tut man, so much to learn, thank u!

question: I wonder is better to press patrol at front, inside, on behind the group of enemy units?
question2: what is about two groups of units, I saw in cba games is mostly used 1 and 2 group. I wonder, what exacly is benefit of using two groups? Is that just a 2*40 units, so player actually cant avoid bringing two groups? Or there is something more beyond it? Like sending one at front and other to attack from side, can that increase chance to win a battle?


New Member
Apr 7, 2010
not sure if i understood the question, but initially you don't really have that much pop... you assign them to groups to make it easier to manage.

patrolling.. close combat units, most effective to do behind enemy. ranged actually best to do a tight patrol, and then stop them on stand ground. close patrols work good too for ranged, but not infantry.
Mar 29, 2010
Belgrade, Serbia
tnx :wink:
other question: is possible to train units from multiple buildings in same time? For example selecting 5 stables and pressing "T"? I know this dosnt work :smile: , but is there another trick, faster than going through all buildings and train one by one?

edit: sorry I posted in wrong topic, wanted to post in "how they do that"


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Apr 18, 2010
tnx :wink:
other question: is possible to train units from multiple buildings in same time? For example selecting 5 stables and pressing "T"? I know this dosnt work :smile: , but is there another trick, faster than going through all buildings and train one by one?
This is one improvement that AOK really needs. In AOE3 this works, too bad AOE3 suck in so many other aspects. If a fan patch ever comes out, I hope they can fix this.


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Apr 7, 2010
@BokiSergy: no, you have to que each building seperately. part of the speed/macro of the players

@dukla: tbh i use it probably 95% of the time my army goes anywhere... so yeah i'd recommend it.


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Nov 9, 2008
tnx :wink:
other question: is possible to train units from multiple buildings in same time? For example selecting 5 stables and pressing "T"? I know this dosnt work :smile: , but is there another trick, faster than going through all buildings and train one by one?
This is one improvement that AOK really needs. In AOE3 this works, too bad AOE3 suck in so many other aspects. If a fan patch ever comes out, I hope they can fix this.
nooo...that shouldn't happen. Whats the point if computer does all your work lol
Jun 24, 2010

the query i put up was that we could certainly not stop patrol,use no attack stance.that way my army wont engage any other but still would go to another place if ordered to
but if we dont stop patrol and use attackng ,defensive stance my army is surely gonna engage any enemy whoever come in my path to my destination.

patrol is not always useful,if we dont use the logic of MORE v/s less in patrol,there is much greater loss.

suppose enemy has got 10 archers,i have the time my patrol starts he would kill a kts and run
and thn whn i repatrol he would again come back wait for my patrol towards him and he will again kill a kts and run away.

this is very bad whn engaging less army,and whn enemy units have got same speed as urs
Mar 29, 2010
Belgrade, Serbia
Ares thought that using patrol in 95% times, but in situations when its useful and logical to use. In some particularity situations when its not indicated, I guess u two would agree :wink:

question: what is about pressing N (stand ground), waiting to ur units come to enemy and switching to A(aggressive)? Is that just making all units attack in same time (preventing unwanted spreading of units who are attacking in the moment they have enemies in sign, while others in back still dont attack)?

question: can defensive stance instead aggressive prevent our units to go with "runners"?


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