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Apr 7, 2013
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Fellow villagers,

I don't know about you, but when I watch a competitive e-sports event I always get an itch. An uncontrollable itch to put my imaginary points where my mouth is. When some scrub is playing against some other scrub and I know the former scrub is underrated and the latter overrated, I want to shove some of my hard-earned imaginary currency in the mix and bet that the former scrub is going to win. I know I'm going to have good odds and I want, no, need to take everyone else's points and drink their sweet, sweet tears of defeat when my scrub pulls through.

There is nothing like that feeling of victory on a hot African summer day, when your team of scrubs wipes the sandy floor with the other team of scrubs. And those other suckers thought Franks could beat Saracens in the motherfruiting Sahara, lol. Maybe, sometimes, having made some solid bets in a row, you will even feel like you could be a good player yourself some day. Haha :frown:

Anyway, it's here. Though there is some still to be conquered in ECL, AoE2 has seen enough drought when it comes to prediction contests. This Saturday, there will be three best of 5 2v2 matches. If you think you can predict the results better than everyone else, I implore you to join our little side game. If you don't know shit, like me, I would still recommend it. Matches simply become more entertaining to watch when there is something at stake, even if it's just imaginary points.

Sign up at More information about the event, as well as the rules, can also be found there. Participation is free.
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