Nations Cup 2005 results and brackets

Mar 25, 2010
1st China A
2nd Canada
3rd Japan A

Group stage:

Group A: Colombia B, Portugal, Spain A, Switzerland, Turkey B, Vietnam B
Group B: Chile B, China A, Colombia A, Paraguay, Spain B, Turkey A
Group C: Andorra, Brasil A, Czech republic B, Greece, Sweden, United States of America A
Group D: Austria, Canada, Chile A, Czech republic A, France A, Peru B
Group E: Bulgaria, Germany, India A, Mexico B, Peru A, United Kingdom
Group F: Argentina A, Brazil B, Hungary, Japan B, Serbia & Montenegro, Vietnam A
Group G: China B, France B, Lithuania, Mexico A, Poland, Venezuela
Group H: Argentina B, Australia+New Zealand, India B, Israel, Japan A, United States of America B




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TheViper (1) vs (9) TaToH

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