My NAC2 Experience


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Aug 17, 2011
Hello guys, im back home and super happy because i can be with my family after 11 days, but being said that i will try to show you what this experience has meant for me in terms of personal and profesional povs.

I want say that as a caster, this experience has been probably the best experience of my life since i cast age of empires 2, im writing it and i almost feel the teers over my skin, for people that do not know me it was a wish i had long ago to be part of a LAN event, and for some or other reasons it never happened, so i said to myself, Memb, NAC2 is ur tournament too, and i worked there at my 110%, and hopefully it went well, because every single cast i gave everything i have.

I want mention all the castings/casters i worked with:

- Nili, is probably the hardest couple because to work 100% i think i should be the caster and he the co caster, so if we cast together i think will be great like this, but said that i think was great to cast again with him after a long time we didn´t have the opportunity, i think it still was good one we did, and thanks so much for make me part of NAC2.

- Ornlu, you don´t know him, he is young, i would say a bit shy, but he know the game ALOT, and he cast better everytime, take a look his channel, he is a great caster and better guy, nice to meet to mathew.

- BBQTurkman, im so happy i can finally understand you properly, i got used to your accent, "MATEEEEE" and work with him is great and super easy, you might have always a smile from him, such a joy to have him there.

- Jordan_23, well being able to cast with someone like him was amazing, and we had the luck to get that huge moment with the 10k, and then we missed a 10k donation from Matt for like 30 minutes, hilarious stuff, but well focusing in the casting it was incredible fun but also i think it was really deep into details in the game, definitly felt like with hera in KOTD2 was one of the best moments i had during my casting carreer.

The Event itself is great, only "negative" thing is that is pretty long from someone like me with 2 kids and wife at home, but beside that, great experience, i don´t regreat a single moment to be part of it. Also mention great work to the "Overlay guy".
Not gonna lie, some things can be improved??? sure, there is always margin for it, but that i will talk with nili in private.

Then now i focus in the people i meet there, and about the people i meet there, i can´t say with words what i feel, i want mention first, people from the community, i didn´t want mention names because i might forget some of them but i could have words in real with gentle, squeak, clemensor, nadya, terror, nimanoe, robo, zak,... well alot people important and "less" important or known from this community, also alot people from my channel that do not need to mention because they know how much i love them, and others that didn´t know because they lurk or just because maybe they discover me during the event, but was incredible to meet them, was so overwhelmed for me when people came to ask for autographs and even my t-shirt with the emote from the channel, was just incredible, felt like messi for 1 day Kappa. Anyway was something great.

About the players that i meet there:

TheViper - was great to meet mr vipa in real, amazing, was with the one i talked less but he was busy cuz he wasn´t alone there Kappa. Love you too debbie :D - His performance in the event you all saw, maybe he is not 100% motivated according what he said but his performance is always 100%. Amazing as a player and hope i can know him more as a person next time.

MbL - liked to meet him in real, loved how he said, wtf? thought u were smaller memb, and i said him, now you are scared right? :D but we talked quiet alot, have few lunchs together, and was the last guy that i say gb, because we went together to the airport, great that we meet. He is nice guy, i would say he is a bit shy and also love the game alot, he has always 200% motivation and for that reason he sometimes rage more that he should, but that also happen to me, at least he is younger and can "fix" that, i probably can´t :D

Nicov - he is definitly shy, quiet, but love the game ALOT, he was angry/frustrated with some result, mostly with the TaToH result, but that not the most important, he felt great there and loved to meet him, we could talk, and being able to talk in spanish was great to know eachother more, wish him best when in the future, since he is moving, he gave me few hug and said me few times that was so happy to meet me in real, so do i mr nicov, wish you the best.

F1re - i know him from katsuni's times, we were closer then, and then we lost more contact, but meeting him in real was great, even if he was alot time tired, jet-lag, and also sleeping was tough, he always had a smile, also he was so motivated during the tournament, and always trying and practice after NAC2, great to meet the crazy brazilian, he definitly bring something special to that apartment.

DauT - aka the lord, well this guy destroyed my back with one of the hug, but the way he talk, the way he say the things, in spanish we say in a very good way, "es un personaje" is a expression when you are with someone that you just can enjoy with, love you mr daut. About his performance i won´t mention, is not needed Kappa :D i just missed we didn´t cast together, but was great to meet the other old guy :D

TaToH - loved to meet in real the other spanish guy, he is always so nice, even in some moment were he could be annoyed during the event, he showed his calm, and great personality, also loved when without asking, after winning nicov said beautiful words about him, like you would say in football, he is great in and out. Love you tati

Jordan_23 - well if with daut you can´t get boring, what about this legend, what you see in the webcam, is the same behind it, almost always has a smile, i said him, **** jordan, now i can´t say "angry german" anymore, you smile all the time man, STOP plz :D - also getting some huge moments together during cast helped to get a bit closer to him, enjoyed also going out with him, and got some great conversations with him, just hope he never leave completly this community, happy he has enough stuff in real life and its going well for him. A pleasure to meet him.

Liereyy - what can i say about my "son", or the kid like i like to call him, i have enjoyed with my roommate, been with him 10 days, killed him in FIFA few times, laugh alot, super young but smartboy, was a pleasure to be with him, i won´t deny that im a bit biased with him, i never say this but i want him to get better and better, not only because was expending more time with him, because i think he got the potential and hope he get the motivation for the game but if not, i wish him the best in real-life, i think there he for sure will get, because he is smart. But if not you will always get that Nahhhhhhh, that is amazing when he say to MBL in the co-cast.

Do not want forget mr. Chef he took care of all us, with great food and being incredible nice with us, amazing guy.

Well guys won´t make it longer, i could write more and more, but in resume i wanted to say, thanks to everyone involve, and that hopefully you can understand now a bit better why WE LOVE THIS GAME.
Jan 18, 2018
Congratulations Memb. This was the highest level I've seen you cast, you were trully very good.
I think you are one of the casters who most understands casting the game as a visual experience, and not only commentary. For example, you can make Dark Age interesting manipulating fog of war and players perspective.
And I also think having a co-caster brings your best.
Oct 6, 2018
Hi @MembTV . Even though I don't watch your stream regularly, your badabooms were what drew me into this game. The first one I remember was in a final between Liereyy and Viper where Viper was Burmese. I think it was the last game of kotd1, but I'm not sure. After watching that on youtube, Boa was the first Aoe2 tournament that I followed from beginning to end. I've been hooked on aoe2 since and have you to thank.

As much as you are a polarizing figure, so likewise are you an integral part of this community. I feel like the criticism you get for being too emotional or hyping things up can go both ways; an argument can be made that other casters are not emotional enough or underplay events. In football there is a humungous discrepancy between Brazilian commentators and Norwegian commentators. To each his own, but the fact that people continuously harp on it, more so with you than with other casters, is unfair. I took exception to Nili when he did this when casting with Viper in NAC2. It was a tasteless joke which was uncalled for and unnecessary.

I think you wear your heart on your sleeve, which I find commendable. You are interested in furthering this game and have a huge commitment to your followers. I was really happy that you were in NAC2. You brought so much positivity and camaraderie to the atmosphere. I greatly enjoyed reading about your experiences and thank you for sharing it with us! Have a good one!


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Dec 12, 2014
Vengo desde reddit, hace mucho que no juego ni sigo Age of empires, pero solia seguir tus streams hace 2 o 3 años atras. Me agrada que hayas llegado tan alto viejito, sos un grande y representas, con tu tremendo acento y horrible sintaxis en ingles, a todo el publico latino. Gracias por tanto! (tenia que comentarlo)
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Feb 18, 2015
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RM - Team Games
Thanks for making NAC2 is an enjoyable experience. I agree with many that having a pro player as co-caster with whom you have a chemistry takes the whole casting to another level. Case in point would be recent co-casting with Hera, Jordan.

Not for regular games but would be good for semis and finals.
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Sep 4, 2017
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RM - 1v1
Thanks for the great casting, Memb: truly, I think it was some of your finest performance. It was nice also to meet you briefly in person on the Friday night!


Jun 9, 2014
I also wanted to add that I really enjoyed your performance in NAC2 and its awesome to see how far you have come in the community while still staying true to yourself. It was also a pleasure to meet you, even though we didnt get to talk too much. Hope to see you at the next big AoE2 event aswell :giggle:
Dec 19, 2016
I was really happy to see you casting in NAC2 since I love your casting and you are the reason I came back to AOE2 (because of BOA), keep the good work up, you deserve a lot of love and respect.

Estay tunis.


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