[KotD] R2: Game 17 (Spoiler Free Scheduling Topic)


Apr 29, 2012
Liereyy vs happyhappy

Deadline to finish these games is November 27, 23:59 GMT.
It's a deadline, not a rough guideline or friendly suggestion. If you need extra time communicate it early and efficiently with the other player AND ME and we will try to work something out.
If you don't say anything until the end of the week expect to get rewarded with an admin loss and a tournament exit. The world will not wait for you. If you get dropped from the tournament for lazy / no scheduling or not showing up to a match you won't get prize money.

Good luck to both of you.


Two handed swordman
Aug 17, 2011
since theviper vs jordan23 is being played at 11 gmt, i talked with happyhappy and he confirmed that 13 gmt is a good time for him too, waiting if is good time for you liereyyy, if is good time, let me know and we could confirm at 13 gmt.


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