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May 18, 2014

Welcome to the Signup post for the Polaris Series Bo7 Challenge. to Signup Please simply post " Challenge Accepted " on this thread and your name will be entered into that weeks challenge list.

Skill requirement to Signup:
Be a minimum of 2000+ rated.

Rules and Settings

Weekly Prizes

The Champion each week shall be rewarded with:
  • 50$ for successfully defeating each new challenger.
  • Potentially 4 x 50$ = 200$
  • A Shield to show the number of challenges he/she has won. Example: "Polaris Series BO7 Challenge x1"

Grand Champion

The Grand Champion will receive:
  • Winning 5th week a further 150$ .
  • A grand total of 350$ for 5 wins
  • A permanent Shield to mark his achievement.
  • A 3 Month Gold-Membership on Voobly.
We can add 10 new challengers to the Poll each week. We reserve the right to not add certain players. There will be no personal choices in this process.

The thread will be cleaned every week.

Scheduling and Commitment
It must be noted that all players who are in the poll are assumed by admins to be free to play that week and all following weeks indefinitely until they ask to be removed from the poll, while you are on the poll please note the following:

  • You must schedule games with utmost activity, do not apply if you will not schedule.
  • You must be available to play that week.
  • In case you are not available to play please post the week before in the How to Enter Link to get yourself removed from the poll until you can be active again.
  • If any person does not schedule a game, or is unavailable for the week without notice he will be Permanently Banned from the Polaris series bo7 unless exempted by Admins on showing of a valid reason.
Players to be added to poll in coming weeks


(This Thread will be updated every week with new upcoming names to be added)

A big thank you to the sponsor Stian


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