Google Spreadsheet Support on AoCZone


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Jul 28, 2012
Google Spreadsheet Support on AoCZone

Hey guys,

since we've seen that twitch videos and challonge brackets can be embedded pretty nicely on AoCZone, it got me thinking whether Google Spreadsheets could be embedded just as well. So, I sent a few PMs back and forth with norway _PkZ_ and thankfully he implemented this option for us.

Here's an example of how this could make the lives of tournament admins & creators of quality posts a lot easier. If you're curious, it's a draft for the upcoming Balance Patch tournament (nothing set in stone yet).

  1. create a Google Spreadsheet, example: ... lKFWAS0XY/
  2. select "File" -> "Publish to the web..." -> "Embed" -> [entire document/select sheet] -> [copy html code]
  3. grab the unique ID of your spreadsheet, example: and use the following BBCode:

[gsheet]unique-spreadsheet-ID[/gsheet] ->
Formatting Tips:

  1. Since it's likely that you're about to start a new topic, the background colour on AoCZone will be #F0F2F8 - every 2nd post will use the background colour #F4F6F8
  2. If you don't have to present an entire tournament bracket and you like to avoid scroll bars, make sure that your columns (width/horizontal size) add up to 698px. You can right-click on column A for instance and select "Resize Column..." to adjust sizes. You can also select multiple columns/rows, hold down Alt and change the size of one in order to edit the others.
  3. In order to match the height (rows/vertical size) you can right-click on "1" for example and adjust the sizes until they add up to 663px
    (This was tested on Firefox v50.1.0 & Chrome v55.0.2883.87 m)

Final Result:

gl hf


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