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Jan 2, 2013
Hello! My name is Gallas and I make AoC Mods and Scenarios as a hobby on Voobly. I would like to share my projects with you.

This is a hunter / prey map, with 6 other game modes: Hunter / Prey, Sheep vs Sheep, Wolf vs Wolf, Mixed Game Mode, Wolf Level Race, King of the Cave, and Wonder Race. guide link

This mod allows you to research a new age after Imperial. . . the Golden Age.

Forget everything you know about Medieval Age of Empires... start think with spaceships. guide link

This mod is a new water-styled blood map. Includes 40 unique ships from the Age of Empires I scout ships to the legendary Ironclad, random bases, and a lot of new technologies. guide link

First hunter / prey game in Age of Empires II which can be played in all random maps (except nomad).

The map is separating players like in Michi games, but with Rocks. Set no rush time by choosing map! Random Maps included too.

This is a small mini game. Everyone has one fat king. Collect randomly spawned gold, but watch out, stone kills you! The first king who collects 20 gold wins the game.

Racing with a cobra, but without a mouse. Control your unit with customized hotkeys.

Giving back the Kidnap ability to Scout. Click on enemy's villager to pick it up and return it to your Town Center!

Disable military units and few buildings, but Loom researchable in Feudal and Castle age too (Sappers in Castle also) + Supremacy allowed for all civilization. Fight with buildings and villagers!

1.0 Patch data file and old Turtle Ship, but with Userpatch features. Changelog included.

Based on the NES Duck Hunt, but now it's in multiplayer! Collect more food than other Ducks, or be the most skilled Hunter! Three different game modes: Collector, Survivor, and Eating Race.

This is a domination game mixed with aoe2 civilizations. 5 base on map, capture its. Get points from objects, and collect 2 000 points before enemy team. guide link

This is a Hunter / Prey map. Build base or fight with your vampire. Use your spells in your units (not working with userpatch, only 1.0c support it).

Single- and Multiplayer arena. Choose your gladiator and survive each round!

10 or 20 round micro training. Each alive unit gives one gold, earn more gold than other player to win! guide link

This mod is a simple graphic re-skin for units.

Turns off the tribute sound and message. Useful in several maps where gaia sends negative resources to a player and it's visible as Spectator.

If you like what I made then you can check full list at here:



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Mar 15, 2013
I loved all of those which I played, which are "The king minigame mod", "Sheeps vs Wolves", "Vampire-Mod" and "Age mod".

Oh sorry. forgot the Battleship mod, in which i really suck, so that one is okay only 11

EDIT: Forgot my main point. Anyone who hasen't tried out these, should definitly give them a try. they are really fun to play :D
Mar 21, 2014
Hey all,

Obviously I love a lot of Gallas' mods. I just want to post here to advertise my YouTube channel where I mostly upload video tutorials, games, pro tips and fun moments when playing Sheep vs Wolf (and some of his other mods). I hope Im allowed to post this, I am making AoC content solely because I love the game and playing relaxed MODs, so Im not looking for personal profit. My channel:

Some examples of videos I made:

Sheep vs Wolf
A tutorial on how to play with sheep:
A tutorial on how to play with wolf on Tisza (east):
A tutorial on how to play with wolf on Tisza (west):
A tutorial on how to rush with animals:
A funny moment of stupdity:
A video on the new map Oasis:

Cobra racing
A tutorial on Cobra Racing:


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