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Dec 19, 2016
。Main League - World Cup top 4 and top 4 Sign-up of Main League
 Sign-up deadline: Apr15 12GMT
 Apr15 ~ May05: Group stage (BO5)
 May06 ~ May12: Quarter-final (BO7)
 May17 ~ May19: Semi-final (BO7)
 May24 ~ May26: Final (Play all 7 games)
。Gold League - Top 32 Sign-up of Gold/Silver League
 8 * 4 teams group, 2 of each advance to single elimination
 Sign-up deadline: Apr17 12GMT
 Apr17 ~ May05: Group stage (BO3)
 May06 ~ May26: Single Elimination (BO5)
 May27 ~ Jun02: Final (BO7)
。Silver League - Others Sign-up of Gold/Silver League
 To be set after knowing how many teams in this league
Group tie breaks: (1)Wins vs tied team (2)G2~5 wins vs tied team (3)Points difference (4)Seed
.Map Ban
Main League at the start of tournament / Gold League at the start of Single Elimination,
Every teams have to ban one map by pm Admin.
In the following tournament, both opponents and themselves cannot pick that map.
.Map Pick
Both team need to pick home maps before Game 1.
Team A = higher seed = left-hand-side team on scheduling topic's title.
Maps cannot repeat in a series.
It's both team's responsibility to check home maps are in the map pool.
Map pick order: BA
Game 1: ECL_Arabia
Game 2: Game 1 loser's home map
Game 3: Game 1 winner's home map
Map pick order: BAAB (the first BA is for Game 2~3, the second AB is for Game 4~5)
Game 1: ECL_Arabia
Game 2: Game 1 loser's home map
Game 3: Game 1 winner's home map
Game 4: Losing team's home map
Game 5: Game 4 loser's home map
Map pick order: BAABBA (the first BA, the second AB, the third BA is for Game 2~3, 4~5, 6~7 respectively)
Game 1: ECL_Arabia
Game 2: Game 1 loser's home map
Game 3: Game 1 winner's home map
Game 4: Losing team's home map
Game 5: Another team's home map
Game 6: Losing team's home map
Game 7: Game 6 loser's home map
.Play all 7 games
Map pick order: ABABABA, should be done before Friday
Game 1~7 play order = pick order
.Civilization Settings
"Random" or "Team Random" is not allowed.
A team cannot pick the same civilization twice in a series.
 If Team C pick a wrong civ vs Team D (repeat from previous games or both player use same civ in one game)
  1. Team C -1 Re. If already use it then Team D +1 Re.
  2. Team C re-pick one civ to replace the wrong civ and tell Team D, Team D can change their own pick.
 If one team pick wrong civ second time in a series, Admin Loss for this series will be awarded.
 If both team pick wrong civ in the same game, then just re-pick, nothing happen.
ECL_Fortress (Regicide)
Please directly install this mod: ECL Maps
Note these maps have the sling nerf:
.Base tribute tax percent is increased from 30% to 40%
.Coinage is moved to the Imperial Age
.Banking is removed
DA_Map_Pack.rms can be found in this mod.
*Thanks T-West for authorization and helping on maps.
Prize Pool: $2430 now, welcome to contribute more in the link!
。Main League
 1st: (30+3x)% + Voobly award
 2nd: (19+3y)% + Voobly award (Final score x:y)
 3rd: 18%
 4th: 12% (Percentages multiply by "prizepool - $630")
  Current amount: 1st $756~918, 2nd $342~504, 3rd $324, 4th $216
 Group #3: $180
 Group #4: $90
。Gold League
 1st: $90 + Voobly award
 2nd: Voobly award
This section is almost identical to ECL rules, different part colored.
To call a restart a player must type “Re” Into the global game chat no later than 4:00 game time.
No player should resign from the game, instead a save and exit should be initialized.
There will be one restart per team per BO3/5/7 series.
There will be two restarts per team in Main League Final, but one team cannot call both in the same map.
.Bugged Map Restarts
If a player starts with a trapped villager his team may decide to restart the game;
 this must be called in the global chat before 1:00 game time.
A team can request a bugged map restart before 6:00 game time.
A map counts as bugged if at least one of the following is true, in case of a standard resource start:
 Gold: Less than 4 tiles of a main/extra gold cluster are at least accessible on one side.
 Stone: Less than 3 tiles of a main/extra stone cluster are at least accessible on one side.
 Berries: Less than 4 tiles of a berry cluster are at least accessible on one side.
 Animals: Spawned with less than 3 deer or less than 8 sheep or less than 2 boars or,
     one or more of the animals being trapped.
.Straggler Trees
Players are not allowed to delete the straggler trees which spawn within 10 tiles of an opposing player’s TC.
This rule does not apply if the straggler tree which is being deleted forms part of a wall for the defending player.
.No TC Start
Before the first TC is built, you are only allowed to build a dock, a mill, a lumber camp and one house.
Before 3:30, no villager fights, no enemy villagers killing, no animals laming.
Before 3:30, no blocking another TC being built by using villager.
If TC fight happens mistakenly then the game have to be replayed.
If TC fight happens intentionally an Admin Loss will be awarded.
Lobby: Tournament 1
Patch: v1.5 RC
Rated game: VCOM Ladder
Mod: WololoKingdoms
Spectator Settings: Select 1~4
Advanced Settings: Select "Hidden Civilizations" "Anti-cheat protection" "NAT traversal"
No color restriction.
Game: Random Map (Regicide if playing Fortress)
Map Style: Custom
Size: Medium (4 player)
Difficulty: Standard
Resources: Standard
Population: 200
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Dark Age
Victory: Conquest
Team Together: Yes
Lock Teams: Yes
All Techs: No
Lock Speed: Yes
Allow Cheats: No
Multi Queue: On
Players are expected to check AoEZone and "Inbox" "Alerts" on the top right corner at least once a day.
Click here and choose "New messages" and click "WATCH", then AoEZone will send you important alerts.
Players have to use the same Voobly account and in-game username during the entire tournament.
Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed.
One player may only play in one League.
  Both team are expected to answer in 48 hours after the scheduling topics being post. If you are still discussing you also have to post something there.
  Each round will last for one week, your team has until Monday 12GMT of the corresponding week to start your set of games.
  You have to make a good effort to schedule your games as early as possible each week and inform Admin of any potential player issues ahead of time.
  Once you and your opponents have confirmed a time the maximum wait time is 20 minutes to have all players in the game room.
  Admin will consider the importnace and delaying issue of League/Round to be very stick on deadline or give a little bit flexibility.
  If both teams cannot come to an agreement in scheduling their match, Admin will analyse the situation, schedule efforts, available hours, and time zones, to set Admin Time or award Admin Win.
.Recorded Games (Posting)
。Main League: Admin will post it.
 When there is a drop, both team have to send all parts of .mgz to Admin via email or Discord.
。Gold League: Winners have to post it, except Semi-finals and Final.
。Silver League: Winners have to post it.
.Prize Money
Prizes will be sent via PayPal. If the recipients do not use/have PayPal the prizes will be sent by other means. However, certain fees may be deducted from the amount.
.Respect & Behave
Every player must respect their opponent. Bad behavior (determined by Admin) will result in warning/prize-reduction/disqualification. This tournament values not only great skills, but also sportsmanship and fairness. Any insult, racism or flaming will not be tolerated. Laming and mind games in game are allowed.
.Rules Changes
Admin hold the right to add/change/explain all things related to this tournament.
Rules changes will be replied under this thread.
About other changes, Admin will try his best to inform all the related persons.
These matches are only open for Official Casters to cast, and players to stream POV with 1:00 delay:
。Main League
。Gold League Semi-finals and Final
Other matches are open for any casting or POV streaming without delay.
Players POV stream is free.
Official Casters fee: Admin is currently woking on trying to find a fair formula across all platforms.
Once the formula is known, Admin will announce it with more details about stream rules.
The purpose of cast fee is to make prizepool bigger, 100% cast fee will go to prizepool.
@Lanchi Discord: Lanchi#7756 [email protected]

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