Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch


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Mar 13, 2010
Top Player at this moment, member of prestigious Viper Clan, reached 2.4k rating in Voobly just yesterday, called by many players "DauT's weakness" because of their many practice games where JorDan_23 showed us how to stop him. Can any AoC player have greater attributes? AoC Zone introduces to you JorDan_23. I don't have any more words, just click and enjoy.

Name: Marco Bloch
Date of birth: 11.12.1991
Town: Town near Münich ( Germany )
Favorite Civ: Viking
Favorite map: Arabia

Fuzer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
JorDan_23: I am just attending the 12th class at FOS. I have 2 weeks off now and then I will have to write final exams which will take place on a time period for one week. Then I am finally done with my school and can attaned university. I will study Maths or computer engineering and I am scared that I wont have time to play aoc anymore.
Fuzer: Once in university, is really hard to get time to play =/.
JorDan_23: yeah, I will have to check how I will manage it.
Fuzer: What do you love from Germany?
JorDan_23: Well Germany is a country with a good economy. In germany it’s possible to get rich if you really work hard and I am really glad to live here because we have democracy here, everyone is allowed to say what he thinks. I hate the climate here, though. It has rained for 3 weeks now, dunno what is up here.
Fuzer: 2012 is coming!
JorDan_23: Yes, time for some change.
Fuzer: Do you play other games besides AoC?
JorDan_23: Na. I don’t play any other games besides AoC. I like to play on gamecube or nintendo 64 if I really have nothing to do and if I meet with my friends. I just love Mario Kart and I own it!
Fuzer: Mario Kart on Nintento Wii online is just crazy!
JorDan_23: Yeah, you are right I really should try it.
Fuzer: What sport do you practice?
JorDan_23: Well summed up I can say that I am a person who just loves ballsports. Tennis, table tennis, football, volleyball, etc. My favourite sport is basketball, though. I am really good at basketball but I have had a injury for almost 1 year now in my knee and it is really stupid to play with it.
Fuzer: How is the enviroment in Munich now because of Champions League Final?
JorDan_23: I can’t say how it exactly in Munich but I can tell you about the town I live in. Really everyone I know is going out today and trying to watch it on a big TV. We are all looking forward to watch this match up. Of course I cheer for Munich.
Fuzer: What music do you like?
JorDan_23: Well I like any kind of music but I have a little tendency to rap and hip hop music. I dont like metal or heavy rock music, though.
Fuzer: My God, what's up with Rammstein?
JorDan_23: Na, I dont like this guy. I think these people are too much into drugs, haha.
Fuzer: 11111

About AoC

Fuzer: When did you start playing AoC?
JorDan_23: I think I started playing Aoc around 2004 if I am not mistaken. I played custom scenario and I always play rpgs, archer games and CBA, haha. I got bored of it very fast and then I tried the map "Europe". That was the first "rm" map I played, if you can call it RM, haha. I was very young and had a bad behaviour. People always flamed me and called me noob. I was very angry back in this time and I wanted to show all these guys that I will be the best one day. I remember I improved very fast and soon I was able to compete with the bests. One is to mention here. Its RuFF_DayDream/RuFF_Nutcase/PiA_Panta now. I met him on Europe map and the destiny wanted us to be the best friends I guess. We are very good friends now and we even planed to meet us one day, really rox friend. I got bored of Europe and then I found aocgroup site. I remember, my first expert games I watched was from Prays vs Spring. I just loved their games and as in Europe I had a new goal. It was my time to get best in RM, I told myself. I asked many 2ks to train me but everyone ignored me of course expect prays. Prays really took his time and trained me for a while. This was the time when my RM career has begun. It was 1 month before zone closed. Prays left after Zone closed, though. He had problems with his computer so I was on my own again. I always played very much and trained as much as I could. And soon I won all my friends who used to be much better than me. I reached 1k8 first time in Game Park and then in IGZ I finally made my breakthrough. I finally reach 2k in 3 days. That was hilarious I remember. That was the time I could call myself an expert. That was after FC1 tourney, I guess it was 2007 I think? or 2008, not sure.
Then I met another person who really helped me improving and I am really glad I met him. I am talking about DreaIVIS, he played very much back in the time and I always tried to compete with him. I remember that I never had a chance against him and lost 95% of the games. I set myself another goal, I wanted to be better than DreaIVIS! I practised hard and worked hard, and one day I could win him more than 50 % of the games. That was around 2009, he went inactive, though. I just wanted to mention that I learned very much from daut and that was the time then I finally reached 2k3.
Fuzer: DauT is the inspiration of all new generation experts.
JorDan_23: Exacty, I remember I used to have respect from him. But now I know that he is just an alci and a cool guy. He always make a joke out of me if I tell him my secrets about my experience with female people, though :@
Fuzer: 11111
Fuzer: Can you make a short list of the AoC clans in which you have been from the beginning until now? (most important ones)
JorDan_23: I havent joined many clans in my AoC career, only 4 I think. Let me check: aX(Europe clan), TUW(german clan), RuFF and Viper.
Fuzer: Could you describe your playstyle?
JorDan_23: My playstyle is very easy. I am very week at micro, I dunno but I am just too stupid for it. Thats a big disadvantage compared to other experts. My strentgh is my economy, though. I can only play good if I really want to. I concentrate 100% and I can be a very strong player. Most of the time I joke around, though because I just lose fun if I take this to seriously. My strength is macro and economy.
Fuzer: What is your most memorable game you have played?
JorDan_23: I have 3 really great games which are in my mind right now but I think the most funniest one was against my german mate. Spain war on highland, it was just hilarious. I can give you the link if you want to watch.
Fuzer: My God yes plz
Fuzer: About old AoC pro-gammers, who is your favorite? Why?
JorDan_23: Daut and Chris. Daut is a economy machine, this fits to my style and Chris is in my point of view the best strategy player.
Fuzer: Who is currently the best AoC player? And the best clan?
JorDan_23: I think the best player is Daut. He has reached a level noone will reach so fast expect Riut. My lovely fdp Ruru is just a little step behind Daut. The best clan is Viper of course ;p.
Fuzer: Ruru 1111111
JorDan_23: Yeah I am jojo and he is ruru ;p
Fuzer: How is DauT with Viper Clan? Is he active in Viper’s web?
JorDan_23: DauT is very inactive right now, because he switched to starcraft 2 but he plays sometimes. Our latest game was Daut and me vs RoR at RTS I think.
Fuzer: That's sad :/
JorDan_23: NP, he is just an alci
Fuzer: How much time do you spend on Voobly?
JorDan_23: Pretty much, haha. I always try to play with my friend Prays but nowadays there isnt so much up unfortunately. Thanks Prays I finally love team games now again. I used to be 1v1 player but now I enjoy Tg more.
Fuzer: Drush+FC+CA strategy has finally a counter. RiuT and Cain used 30~31 pop 3m-Drush+2militia in Feudal transition and then [email protected] and semi-fwd archers. What gamestyle is more funnier for you, the first or the second one?
JorDan_23: Well the second one is obviously funnier because I hate this 1 TC CA war, really bores me. I have never used this start, too. I always tried to counter it vs DAut in our practise games
Fuzer: What is you strategy to counter the 3m Drush+FC+CA's?
JorDan_23: Well usually I fwd with 4 vills and tower the main gold of the opponent. I always try to tower my home + wall my eco. The most important thing is to get the opponents players gold.
Fuzer: Thank you for the tips!
JorDan_23: No problem, maybe there are players outside who can use their brain better than me, haha.
Fuzer: The most funny strategy with any civ in any map, in your opinion?
JorDan_23: Well I remember there was a german tournament called Civ Cup and I had to use goths. My favourite strat was to boom and make militas only in Imp. That was just too hilarious, 80 militas crushing enemys town, haha. I can give you the recs, if you want to watch them.
Fuzer:I remember one game posted in AoCGroup!
JorDan_23: Game 1 and Game 2
Fuzer: Thanks for the games, I will download them asap!
JorDan_23: no problem, haha. There are much games of me. That’s a german zone TG only thoug.

About MotH & BCC3

Fuzer: You lost in BCC3 Second Stage against poZ_Tammy; then you defeated DreaIVIS on looser brackets, and then you lost against Bling, finishing your posibilities to get on League Stage. Did you think you will be eliminated at Second Stage?
JorDan_23: Well before the match up vs Ding I was confident and I thought I could make it. Against Ding I played the best I could but this pizza fighter was just too strong for pizza and so I had to get in the losersbracket. It was a pleasure to play my mate DreaIVIS and pay him everything back ! (Just joking, haha). I remember I had a bad time back then, had much problems with a girl and nothing went as I wanted. Bling won me, though and he deserved it. He is better than me I suppose.
But it was sure that my fdp dogba will win vs Bling because noone can compete with the sea monster!
Fuzer: What player did you miss in League Stage?
JorDan_23: Well I missed Ding and Ruso in the league stage. I just love dings style and he is an awesome person. And puta is one of the bests if he really plays at his peak form. In my point of view he is the best FR players but unfortunately he wasnt on his form or he just didnt have enough weed, either way is possible, haha.
Fuzer: Can you tell us what happened after dogao and Bling game? They were use to be nice friends, but now we barely can watch any comment refered to each other.
JorDan_23: Well in my eyes Bling is a very bad loser, but oh well. Everyone has his impairments. Bling annoyed me in the games vs myself because he spammed around with taunts and talked bullshit while playing. Dog just owned him, that’s all.
Fuzer: Bling is not active right now?
JorDan_23: Na, he is inactive. Dunno why haha.
Fuzer: RiuT won BCC3, and got second in MOTH. What do you think about him? Is he the next top young expert player, as L_Clan_Chris was back in his days?
JorDan_23: Indeed, with ruru I really see a new excellent player raising to reach the top of AoC. I am pretty sure he will compete with Daut in the further games and I really hope that I will be good enough to compete with them too, haha. Still I think Daut is better than ruru but I am sure that this will change anytime soon.
Fuzer: I hope DauT still continue playing AoC in future tourneys.
JorDan_23: Don’t worry, he told me he will.
Fuzer: MOTH brought us a lot of recs and a new playstyle. Do you think AoC can continue evolving?
JorDan_23: I am pretty sure that Aoc can still evolving. Honestly I think we haven’t even reached 70-80% yet. Just check the Continental games of the BCC3. Many new strats were evolved. Thats why I love AoC so much, it never gets boring, haha.
Fuzer: Yeah, DauT strategy with chinnese vs RiuT in League Stage was amazing.
JorDan_23: The funny thing is that Daut is bored of Aoc and thus he evolves new strategies. There are many top players but most of them just play like a machine. I ama player who plays like a machine, too. I dont really think that much. There are players who play with brain, I d like to mention Daut at this point. He always try to find new stragies and he is so flexible.
Fuzer: The 3 militia drush+FC+CA's pump is an example. Fulgore did the 5 militia drush+FC+CA's, and then Daut improve it. 3 days later all people in Voobly and the rest of MOtH tournament games were with like that.
JorDan_23: Well the funny thing is that many people try to copy dauts strat. 3 militas+ fc + ca but many just fail because they dont know what everything is about. I remember I played Daut like 20 hiim using this start and maybe I won 5 games? Against other players I won maybe 80% of the games because they do too much mistakes. If you do this start you have to be very good at raiding and you have to be aggresive even though you are getting attacked. Against Daut I always feel like he control his villagers so good that they have an impact of 100%. Thats for example the reason why I wouldnt use this start in BCC3 because I just dont know about it. I am a player who plays like a machine and I play what I am used to. Scouts + flush. Players with brain can trick their opponent and own them easily.
Fuzer: Do you think a new WCL can be succesful?
JorDan_23: Yes, I am pretty sure that this will be very helpfull and very succesful. I personally have this feeling that Aoc is getting the reputation of a 1v1 game. Team games are very funny and they help players of clans or just friendly teams to stick together to a strong team. I would love to play a WCL. WCL6 I was too weak unfortunately, haha.
Fuzer: What kind of tournament would you like to be organized?
JorDan_23: you mean what tournament i want to be hosted coming time?
Fuzer: Damn my english is sucking. Yes dude, my bad.
JorDan_23: Don't worry just wanted to get sure haha mine ain't perfect too we both have same problem
Fuzer: What kind of tournament do you want to be hosted in coming time? (Is it correctly now?)
JorDan_23: Not sure about coming, further dunno haha who cares !
Fuzer:111 further !
JorDan_23: ;P not sure myself, you better not copy me haha.
Fuzer: What kind of tournament do you want to be hosted in further time?
JorDan_23: You sure that further is correct? use another word please !
Fuzer: Well I will check it later 111
JorDan_23: na man I’m just kidding
Fuzer: future? 11111
JorDan_23: Okay, future is wrong for sure fdp :D
Fuzer: 11111111 My God, just answer the question 11
JorDan_23: Ok, back to Business (H). I would love to participate in a tournament like WCL. Would be great to join such a tournament with my friends. Hope WCL 7 will be coming, dunno who would sponsor it, though.


Fuzer: There is a rumor that AoE IV or AoM II is being developed (by Robot Entertainment). If it is AoE IV, how would you like it to be, an AoC remake, or a new one?
JorDan_23: I want it to be like Aoc but better of course. More units, more maps, and PLEASE MORE POP FOR JORDAN. Jordan’s villagers are keen on working and so I have to produce many of them ! Unfortunately I cant build much army, haha.Why aint Spain my civilation anyway? Aoc is such a great game, it is 10 years old and I am pretty sure it will survive 5 more years. A new AoC will be just too great.
Fuzer: The rumors say it is like AoE I and II. We just have to wait :P
JorDan_23: If thats true I will visit you one day and we gonna meet for a drink.
Fuzer: If you can afford the tickets, and then pay for the drinks, I will be waiting for you :$
JorDan_23: <3 okay !
Fuzer: Have you played Starcraft II?
JorDan_23: Na I have never played Starcraft II. I remember back in the times when I was 8-10 years old I had the opportunity to choose between AoC and Starcraft. I picked AoC and I dunno now if it was the right choose, haha.
Fuzer: What do you think AoC scene needs to grow up?
JorDan_23: I think we are on a very good way to grow up again. I really have to thank you and all others who are doing such a great job for the community. The death of Aocgroup was a very hard shock for all aoc players but thanks to you guys from we are on a good way to get back to our old shap. I really appericicate your hard work and maybe I can help with some nice recs, haha. A very helpful thing would be if there were hosted more tournament.
Fuzer: We just want to make a place where all AoC players can find what they want :smile:.
Fuzer: Other games like Counter Strike, HoN, Starcraft have live broadcast. Would you like to see that kind of stuff in AoC?
JorDan_23: What is live broadcast? Games of tournament which can be seen live?
Fuzer: Exactly
JorDan_23: Oh that would be very great I think. If I imagine players watching be live I think I would reach 2k5, muhaha. :P

Community members questions

_key_: How can a normal player be expert? By getting faster or thinking?
JorDan_23: Well, it is important that you really enjoy aoc. This is the most important thing, dont play because you are forced to be good. IT is important that you played regular and watch record games of expert players. After you played a game watch yourself and check which mistakes you did in that game. Try to fix them in the "coming/further" games. I would advise you not to take everything to serious and if you lose stand your man, no excuses and just continue playing. Have fun at playing aoc and the success will follow immediately.
Fuzer: "coming/further" .. future? 111
JorDan_23: oh sorry forgot it 1111
Fuzer: 11111
JorDan_23: You are some funny guy, haha
Fuzer: <3<3

[BsK]VeNaCe: What the hell is Drinky-t doing at this moment?
JorDan_23: Oh, I am sorry I can’t answer you this question. I dont even know him, he left before I played Aoc, haha.
Fuzer: you have -1 Fan 111
JorDan_23: Damn :frown:, tell him that i will visit him too one day and I will give him some alc 1111
Fuzer: 11 He will check it here.

Dalv: Ask Jordan if he is Bayern München fan
JorDan_23: Well I am not so keen into football but I cheered for Bayern Munich yesterday. I wasnt sad that they lost, though. Thats life, sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win . Inter played better and deserved the win.

RiuT: Jordan, why you walk the whole map with army just to kill my vills ? :@
JorDan_23: My lovley fdp ruru. We have known us for a long time already ( 4-5 months? long?). Anyway, I am smart guy and it didnt took me much time to realise that your micro is not fun for me anymore. I think if you had 6 archers and me 10 skirms you would even win me. Thats why I rather make love and peace with you and visit your villagers if they are exhausted. Most of them seem to be exhausted because, you are a bad ruler and dont give them any break. Thus I decided to realease them and send them to heaven so they have a better life.
Fuzer: 11111111111111 Nice answer :P
Fuzer: Next interviewee will be L_Clan_Ruso. Give me a question to ask him.
JorDan_23: How the **** is he still alive with so much weed in his body.
Fuzer: Any last words to your fans?
JorDan_23: I really appreciate everything my fans do for me and I hope in the future I can give you many nice recs which you all can enjoy. I really hope many of them practise hard and play much so they own me one day. I love to get owned ! (Hey Ruru :$). Thanks for this interview and thank you all guys who keep this game alive. (Buga, you, Dreams, Manager, Canary and all the people who are doing their great job as admin). Thanks to Viper and I hope we all have many great times in the further/coming/ future times!

Fuzer: Thank you for this nice interview, Marco. Take care of your basketball injuries, and stay such a nice person. I will be waiting for that drink :wink:

Hope you enjoyed this long interview. As in the last one, you can write down questions to ask L_Clan_Ruso. If you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to tell us :wink:

Thanks to BugA_the_Great for fixing some ortographic and grammar errors!

Have Fun!


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Mar 24, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

Thx for answering my question Jordi. Btw really nice interview thx Fuzer!


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Jun 7, 2009
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

two things,
1. @ fuzer ur english is good and u rlz interviewer
2. i think i wud hoop all over jordan in 1v1 basketball 11


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Mar 4, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

Then I met another person who really helped me improving and I am really glad I met him. I am talking about DreaIVIS, he played very much back in the time and I always tried to compete with him. I remember that I never had a chance against him and lost 95% of the games. I set myself another goal, I wanted to be better than DreaIVIS! I practised hard and worked hard, and one day I could win him more than 50 % of the games. That was around 2009, he went inactive, though.
My argument is that I still have around 100 wins against your 50 wins. At least that's the ratio. KAKAKAKAKAKAAA! :sick:

But now the student has become the master. Great interview. Definetly the best I have ever read.


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Apr 11, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

that good interview, as long as I have no more motivation to play aoczone attempt to come to me with these articles and all the adrenaline comes to play


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Apr 1, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

Ruso can you tell som abut what happend with Rukie? What he doing now or mayby other information.


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May 19, 2008
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RM - 1v1
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

Very nice interview, Fuzer, its so nice to read Jorditan, he's a very cool person <3


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Apr 11, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

fuzer.... come take my interview please....:P
you r the best interviewer and jordan is the best.."interview giver" (whatever... may be ask jordan for the right word :P )
Mar 25, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

thanks for this interview
it was a pleasure to translating it :D


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Mar 13, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Marco "JorDan_23" Bloch

I appreciate your words! Ty all, is very nice to recive that kind of feedback :smile:
@ Prodigy, ty mate, but BugA helped me a lot with some grammar errors :wink:

Remember that the next guest is L_Clan_Ruso. If you want, you can leave your questions here, and I will add them to my questionnaire.


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