[BoA-Interview] Inside the team with Villese (Suomi)


Apr 29, 2012
Winland Pt. 2

Villese said:
What teammate is the biggest rager? - TheMax.
What teammate would survive a shark attack? - Zuppi. He has taken nature guide classes.
What teammate would be the worst to share a room with? - I know Max doesn't snore and Zuppi said Ruben doesn't. That leaves Zuppi as the worst option.
What teammate would you pick to rob a bank with? - Rubenstock. He would come up with the best strategy and we could ride away with his bike.
You have to give one of your teammates a new and cool nick: Who and what? - Ruben would be called Rubenstuck.
You have to cook one meal for the whole team for one month. What do you prepare? - Kaalilaatikko. (cabbage casserole)


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