AOE-II Best Game of the Month: February 2019


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Jan 15, 2014
Post a link to a recorded game or even upload it in a response. The platform does not matter (can be Voobly Voobly China, Gameranger or Steam too - rated or unrated, just needs to be watchable).
Any game played in February 2019, RM, DM, Scenario, 1v1-4v4 is valid.
The chance of entry ends March 07 2019.
Then I will open a poll for 7 days and we will have a ranking of the suggested games.

The idea is not that there is one funny or smart event in one game, but rather a game that is exciting or special during most of its time.
I hope that with many people watching streams and spectating, this will be possible and later some can be added to the Classics section.

The month is not over yet, but if you already saw something, please post here.


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