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Sep 24, 2012
I don't think anyone has posted this video in this forum yet, so for those who might have missed it, here's the full promotion video for the upcoming Battle of Africa tournament:

I'm terribly hyped for this tournament.

I actually can't recall when was the last time we saw a truly high level 3vs3 tournament (no offense to the Silver League of the last Nations Cup), which many of us prefer to watch over a 4vs4 tournament. And after the disappointing decision made by SY to have the last Nations Cup be a 4vs4 tournament, I think and hope and believe that we're now finally in for a treat:

  • It's awesome to listen to the pro players talk on their streams about the best possible combinations of strategies/civilizations or to watch them discuss after every game what did they do wrong and how can they improve.
    ty WololoKingdoms

  • If in the past, before every team tournament started, the only thing that seemed to be certain was that the Tyrants were going to win it, this time around it seems like everybody agrees that at the moment they are far from being the favorites.
    ty aM, SY and Finland

  • We have a bunch of "new" fantastic players that have helped tremendously in keeping the activity at the very top of the ladder.
    ty MbL, Lierrey, Heart, Villese, TheMax, Vivi, Lyx, etc.

  • Despite not being the top contenders to win the tournament, the Tyrants have TheViper playing at the best level that I've seen him play in the last 4 or 5 years and he is now as undisputed the best player as he has ever been.
    ty DauT and JorDan_23 (:unsure::laugh::sneaky:)

  • It's absolutely fantastic to see the dynamic of a "pro" team playing a 3vs3: naked fast castle in the pocket position is not the norm. Actually, the positions on the map are now just that and they say nothing about what kind of strategy you can expect from the players playing those positions. Furthermore, the teamwork has increased to a level where you constantly see everybody attacking everywhere on the map. It's not just flank vs flank or pocket vs pocket, it's everybody vs everybody, all the time. I know this is nothing "new" per se, but a 3vs3 further encourages these types of situations. So does free carto and the now wider use of TeamSpeak.
    ty Free Carto and TeamSpeak

Yeah I'm hyped for this.
ty swissboyy and MembTV

Edit: the video itself doesn't reveal who's the author, but I believe it was made by @BoarBagon !
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Nov 6, 2013
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RM - 1v1
ikr the hype for a 3v3 nations cup was insane, only for it to be 4v4 in the end with 3v3 only in silver league, made me sad.
Now that there is a 3v3 tournament it is very nice im looking fwd to it, im just still salty its limited to 8 teams. Since its 3v3 and so many players seem to be showing interest will be easy to make 16 teams 2k + level.
In any case, still will be 8 of the most highly rated teams battling it out and will definitely be an interesting watch, bad luck to all those teams that miss out at the end of seeding.
Whichever teams manage to make it into the top 8 I will struggle to pick a team I want to support solely since they are all my favourites 111
gl all that make it we will be watching you :smile:
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Feb 18, 2015
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RM - Team Games
So hyped for this tournament & should be a great one.

Considering the current list of sign-up there is only one team which is really missing out. There are quite a few 2k+ active players out there but they don’t seem to be having a team.

Czech RepublicDraCoNT

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Jan 5, 2016
If Tyrant's arent the favorites, who is? There just isn't a team to stop tyrants in 3v3 when they are in shape and by the start of the tournament I'm very sure they will be. Maybe, if Brazil practise a lot and all gets in shape (mainly dogao and RiuT), they might have a shot, but I'd still give an edge to Tyrants.


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