Argeking Cup II


Clan Arg and Clan Gaucho would like to invite you all to enjoy the Argeking Cup II, a 1v1 tournament for Argentinian AoC players.

To sign up and for more info, please visit our website:

This year we decided to open signups for all Argentinian players of AoC - no matter their rating -. There shall be two stages. The first stage is single elimination BO3 and only the best 8 players will advance to the next stage. In the second stage, the best of the first stage meet the best 8 players of 2017 and fight on a double elimination bracket.

The prize pot this year is 8000 ARS for the best 6 players and on top of that, Voobly will put on the profile of the best 4, one of those sexy shields they have.

Signups are open from Sunday 31st to Saturday 6th. We start with Stage 1 immediately after.

JT_Argeking (Javier Trogliero) R.I.P. was a very dear friend of us who passed almost 5 years ago. He represented Argentina in various Nation Cups and was very important for the Argentinian AoC community. Founder of Clan MaLoN and second place in 2001 Microsoft´s tournament, many of us learned from him. We host this tournament in your honor JT.

Thank you and enjoy the tournament!


BibleThump, im pretty sure this decision comes not from admins but from nicov who is probably scared that i win the tourney, ridiculous! , :evil:
We are getting ready guys! We close sign ups today. Almost 100 players signed up so far. This is looking pretty competitive and fun, I hope you can enjoy, there will be Argeking Cup for quite a while, huge tourney :D

Players signed up:

Doubts for the community (discord):

Link if you are the best person in the world and want to donate:


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