AOE-HD AoK: Realms v1.21 released

May 3, 2015

Realms is a project to consider more of the medieval world. Explore new ways to build and wage war in the peaks of the Himalayas, the coast of Peru, the jungles of Southeast Asia, Cilicia, Manchuria, and Europe with twelve new civilizations:

Available for download at AoK Heaven, Voobly and Moddb

Armenians- From Yerevan to Cilicia, defend your lands from a multitude of foes.
Balts- Form a mighty commonwealth to subdue the encroaching crusader.
Bamars- Command the rise of Pagan, Ava, Hanthawaddy, or Taungoo.
Bohemians- Forge an invincible army powered by innovative tactics and the fervor of your people.
Bulgars- Carve out a domain under the hooves of your armored cavalry.
Chimus- Challenge the Inca for supremacy of the Andes.
Dutch- Protect your economic interests with powerful militia armies.
Helvetians- Revive the discipline of the phalanx in battles once ruled by mounted knights.
Jurchens- Contend with the Han, Khitai, and Mongols for a Golden Dynasty.
Khmers- Dominate Southeast Asia with vast armies, cultural strength, and mastery of war elephants.
Tufans- Descend from the Himalayas to forge an enduring empire.
Viets- Drive out would-be conquerors with relentless guerrilla tactics and subterfuge.

Cavalry civilization

· Knights and Castle units +0/1 Armor, +1/1 in Imperial Age
· Stable Techs cost -25%
· Monks 20% cheaper in Imperial Age

Unique Unit: Ayrudzi (cavalry)

Unique Techs: Asfin Al-Armani (Generate food, wood, and stone trickle); Azatavrear (Cavalry +1 damage)

Team Bonus: Monasteries work 20% faster

Cavalry Civilization

· Buildings +2 LOS
· Cavalry 15% faster
· Knights cost -10% Castle, -15% Imperial Age
· Fishing Ships 10/20/30% cheaper Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age

Unique Unit: Vytis (anti-cavalry mounted skirmisher)

Unique Techs: Hillforts (Towers cheaper, palisades +60% hp); Voivods (Light Cavalry 5% faster, +0/1 armor)

Team Bonus: Knights +2 attack vs gunpowder units

Archer and Monk Civilization

· Monasteries 25% cheaper
· Foot Archers have 10/15/20% more health Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
· Archery range techs cost -30%
· Mangonels have increased bonus vs buildings

Unique Unit: Howdah (cavalry)

Unique Techs: Stockade (Palisades stronger, 3X cost); Pwe-kyaung (Monks regenerate faith faster)

Team Bonus: Scorpions +10 attack vs buildings

Archer and Infantry Civilization

· Archery Ranges -15% cost
· +5 Villager hit points for each Town Center technology
· Heresy free
· Archers, hand cannoneers +1/2 pierce armor Castle/Imperial Age

Unique Units: Taborite (Infantry), Trestle Gun (Scorpion), Wagenburg (Tower)

Unique Techs: Tabors (Enable Wagenburg); Houfnice (Bombard Towers do extra damage vs rams)

Team Bonus: Barracks -15% cost

Cavalry Civilization

· Can create cows from town center
· Spearman, skirmishers, and light cavalry are created 33% faster
· Knights attack 20% faster
· Cavalry Archers +3 attack vs. spearmen

Unique Unit: Bagain (cavalry)

Unique Techs: Pirgos (Improve Castle armor); Auxiliaries (Light cavalry gain bonus vs. archers, villagers)

Team Bonus: Skirmishers +1 attack vs. cavalry archers

Infantry civilization

· Infantry +1/0 armor Feudal, +1/1 Castle, +2/1 Imperial Age
· Masonry and Architecture free
· Barracks techs cost no gold
· Repairers work 2X faster
· Villagers move 10% faster

Unique Unit: Chimor Warrior (infantry)

Unique Techs: Huacas (Increase building garrison room); Tlacochtli (Skirmishers 25% faster, +10 HP)

Team Bonus: Blacksmiths work 50% faster

Infantry Civilization

· Infantry +1 attack
· Castles +2000 hp
· Farms smaller, cheaper, hold less food
· Militia line costs -10 gold, +10 food

Unique Units: Ruiter (Regenerating Cavalry), Beguine (Healer)

Unique Techs: Goedendag (Militia line have anti-cavalry bonus); Merchants (Trade Carts +30 hp, markets work faster)

Team Bonus: Economic buildings provide +5 population room

Infantry and Archer Civilization

· Spearman line +1 range
· Skirmishers +1/2 attack Feudal/Imperial Age
· Skirmishers benefit from Parthian Tactics

Unique Unit: Pike Square (infantry)

Unique Techs: Close Order Drill (Spearmen, Pike Squares +1/1 armor); Confederacy (Units +5 hp)

Team Bonus: Castles Work 20% faster

Cavalry Civilization

· Docks, Markets, and Town Centers build 40% more quickly
· Villagers +3 range, benefit from Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, Bracer, Chemistry
· Husbandry free
· Petards -50% cost

Unique Unit: Tiefutu (cavalry)

Unique Techs: Guaizi Ma (Mounted units +10 hp); Sijiao Pao (Trebuchets +2 range)

Team Bonus: Mill, Mining and Lumber Camp build 50% more quickly

Siege civilization

· Fishing Ships +15 carrying capacity
· Archer Line upgrades free
· Military units -5% cost in Feudal Age

Unique Units: Ballista Elephant (siege cavalry)

Unique Techs: Levy (Spearmen, Skirmishers, and Camels enabled at Town Center, Mining and Lumber Camps); Ballista (Ballista Elephants and scorpions +1 range)

Team Bonus: Scorpions +1 range

Cavalry and Monk Civilization

· Cavalier upgrade free in Castle age
· Paladin upgrade researches more quickly
· Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade costs no food
· Stone lasts 50% longer

Unique Unit: Mastiff (war dog)

Unique Techs: Sangha (Monks 20% faster); War Dogs (Mastiffs +30 hp)

Team Bonus: Monks +5 hit points

Defensive civilization

· Villagers have +3/7/12 attack Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
· Trees last 2X longer
· Can construct sea walls and gates
· Castles, Town Centers, monasteries, and palisades regenerate
· Elite Skirmisher upgrade free

Unique Unit: Spy

Unique Techs: Irregulars (Foot archers move 10% faster); Tam Giáo (Monks can convert siege and buildings from range)

Team Bonus: Infantry +2 LOS

More information can be found on the development forum.

In addition to the new teams, a few other features are included:

Custom random maps with capturable locations and respawning wildlife.

Tzontlimixtli's excellent Indian buildset is incorporated.

Pesquiera's Feudal age Italian buildings are included.

Work by Jan dc, The_Nomad, and Guiomar are combined for a partial new Byzantine buildset.

Updates to the latest Forgotten DLC balance.

Wonders are a bit more useful. Building a wonder will increase your population limit by 50 (65 for the Goths) and increase the amount of relic income slightly. Additional wonders increase your population by 25 and also offer more relic income. Be careful, though! Losing a wonder will nullify its bonus.

Several new editor objects are added.


Active Member
Mar 25, 2010
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

That's a good idea for the wonders, it would bring them into the game.


Well Known Pikeman
Mar 11, 2011
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

Nice project you got there, but imo some units break the balance, almost all the UU from the new civs looks overpowered, a change log is a must in order to lure players.


New Member
Nov 14, 2014
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

The Dutch civ should be a naval civilization :P

Otherwise, looks great!
May 3, 2015
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

I put the civ list and pictures of unique units (with stats) on the opening post. If it wasn't clear, Realms uses the latest 4.3f balance, except for the wonders. The only other difference is that one gate orientation no longer builds at the old rate.

Could you be a little more specific on balance issues? On AoKH, I've only gotten concerns about the Pike Square, which I nerfed, and the Ayrudzi, which needs to be fairly strong since the Armenians lack conscription and should be outnumbered quite easily. I really doubt the other units are perfectly balanced, and I'd love to get some feedback on how to fix that.

I don't think that the navies of the Low Countires became truly exceptional until after the AoK timeline. They do get a wood-saving team bonus, good naval tech, and more durable trade cogs, so they're certainly above average.


Well Known Pikeman
Mar 11, 2011
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

The armenian UU fully upgraded can kill trash with 2 hits max 3, it has same piercing armor than elite husk but with 210 HP and 20 attack looks more like a tank, with those stats it can kill everything, UU's, paladins, range units and infantry, the question is if you want to keep those stats then whats is the speed of the unit? the cost and the counters.

For the elie pike squad, it has a high attack but considering it as 4 units is ok, but what is the current hide bonus vs cavalry? same as helbaldier or more?
May 3, 2015
Re: AoK: Realms v0.80 released

The Ayrudzi costs 70 food, 90 gold and takes 21 seconds to build, slightly longer than Cataphracts and Boyars before conscription. The move speed is 1.2 (the same as a dark age scout) and the Armenians don't get husbandry. It also attacks every 2.1 seconds rather the paladin's 1.9, which means 10 paladins consistently beat 8 Ayrudzi.

It's still vulnerable to pikes and camels, you'll just need a few more and can catch it more easily. Hand cannons and scorpions won't fare as well given it's pierce armor, but it may be slow enough that mangonels or bombard cannons can hit it.

The pike square attacks at slowly, so the damage output is much less impressive than it first appears:

Pikeman- 22 to cavalry, 16 to camels, 25 to elephants
Pike Squares- 35 to cavalry, 21 to camels, 25 to elephants

Halberdiers- 32 to cavalry, 17 to camels, 28 to elephants
Elite Pike Squares- 48 to cavalry, 24 to camels, 30 to elephants

Incidentally, a 1v1 between a pike square and a Cataphract is very close. Pike Squares barely win in the castle age, while Post-Imperial Cataphracts are marginally better than Elite Pike Squares.

Thanks for your reply!


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