Allied Annihilation Coop Tournament


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Jul 11, 2017

Hello Community,

the registration for the Allied Annihilation Coop Tournament has started.

In this tournament you team up with a friend to share control over the same civilization (means: you have the same teamcolour). The players will play 2v2 to win the prizepool, we hope will be around 250€.

The maps are not safe yet, but will include multiple towncenters, so you really need to play together as a team.
Rules and definite maps will follow the next days.

We will play the HD version on Steam.

You can register alone and search for a teammate in the steamgroup (in which we will invite you after registration) or you sign up as a team (then both of you have to register). On the 28th of July, midnight, registration will close.

I (LynxStratStreaming) will cast the games with help of Klavskis and Major Queros. The elimination games wont be casted. The games will be casted here:

Rules and Settings:

First round: BO1
Rounds until the finale: BO3
Finale: BO5

Civ Picks:

First round: BO1 / Random Civ
Rounds until the finale: BO3 / random civ / switch civs from game before / random Mirror
Finale: BO5 / random civ/ looser picks civ for both / switch civs from game before / viewers choice / viewers choice

Feedback on that is really welcome!!!

Double Arabia, Double Arena, Double Coastal, Double Highlands
Team Islands
Budapest and Metropolis

Here are the maps (random pick)
FFAS: Regicide Migration
Round of 16:
Game 1: Double Arena
Game 2: Double Arabia
Game 3: Budapest
Game 4: Double Arena
Game 5: Budapest
Game 6: Double Highlands
Game 7: Team Islands
Game 8: Double Coastal

Game 1: Team Islands, Double Highlands, Double Arabia
Game 2: Double Coastal, Team Islands, Metropolis
Game 3: Double Arena, Double Arabia, Double Highlands
Game 4: Budapest, Double Arena, Metropolis

Game 1: Double Arabia, Budapest, Team Islands
Game 2: Double Arabia, Double Arena, Metropolis

Double Highlands, Double Coastal, Double Arena, Double Arabia, Metropolis

You can watch the tournament trailer here:

You can sign up here:

You can spend money to the prizepool here:


May 9, 2013
If any of my friends with who we used to coop active when spectator didn't exist is interested lemme know :lol:


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