Adopt a noob World cup 2018 BRACKETS

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Colombia A: Master: MPD Apprentice: xXMAKIAXx Squire: AnaM08
México A: Master: Burunito Apprentice: Menonation Squire: Canito

España B: Master: LaaaN Apprentice: SorbeteDeFresa Squire: Rafilla69
Irlanda: Master: Timotheus Apprentice: LaochraGael Squire: Leag25

Argentina A: Master: _Bl4cK_ Apprentice: _Abraxas_ Squire: TROCAGORILENSE
España A: Master: TatoH Apprentice: R0c1n4nt3 Squire: Makurume

France B: Master: _s1taux_ Apprentice: 2ap Squire: adpatres
Guatemala: Master: Bart Apprentice: _Guille_ Squire: _RZV_

México B: Master: El_Puerco_Negro Apprentice: Yisus_Christ Squire: Shakty
USA: Master: Spring Apprentice: Discern__ Squire: we3kings

Canada: Master: Slam Apprentice: Omer Squire: TheKillerQueen
Colombia B: Master: Xion_ Apprentice: Black_Kanon96 Squire: Stiven_13

Argentina B: Master: Csi_Ramirez_ Apprentice:JamonCocido Squire: _SpartaOnly_
México C: Master: Csi_Tatakae Apprentice: Cornell71 Squire: Gagaya

Russia: Master: Vik Vinchester Apprentice: OneX Squire: Skorlupka_201
France A: Master: Edie Apprentice: Tarsiz Squire: TriRem

The format of the games is the best of three games.
The maps will be: Arabia, HML and HMW.
The deadline to play the games will be 7 days, from today Tuesday 19 to Tuesday 26.
The stays are made through the Discord channel of Mundo AOE.
If you are one of the participants and you are not yet in the channel, please enter through the following link:
You can find all the rules of the tournament in the "rules" category on the AOE World Discord channel as well as all the information about the tournament.

We are receiving donations for the awards, if you are interested in collaborating you can donate at:

You can also follow the live broadcasts through the channels:
The Manko:
AOE World:

You can write me a private message for any questions.

Take this opportunity to comment that we are looking for an NPL player from Canada with at least 50 games and a rating of less than 1300. If you are from Canada and would like to participate, please contact me.

Regards !!!

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Dec 29, 2017
"Hola a todos, a pedido de The Manko, quién no puede continuar administrando el torneo por motivos personales, desde mundo vamos a facilitar el correcto desarrollo del torneo. Les pedimos disculpas por la demora y por los inconvenientes en las semanas anteriores. A partir de ahora retomamos el torneo y pueden hacernos todas las preguntas que deseen. Felicitaciones a los equipos que avanzaron a la siguiente ronda. A los que les falta jugar todavía, les pedimos que agilicen para poder terminar a la brevedad. Las partidas grabadas serán posteadas pronto en, una vez que terminemos los foros esta semana próxima. GL HF!"

"Hello everyone, at the request of The Manko, who can not continue managing the tournament for personal reasons, from Mundo AoE we are going to facilitate the correct development of the tournament.We apologize for the delay and for the inconveniences in the previous weeks. we now resume the tournament and you can ask all the questions you want. Congratulations to the teams that advanced to the next round, those who still need to play, we ask that you speed up so you can finish as soon as possible. You can find the recs at, once we finish the forums this coming week, GL HF! "


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