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Adopta un noob inscri.png We officially opened the Adopta Un Noob registration.

Write down your equipment, you have time until Tuesday at 00hs.

Form in Spanish:

Form in English:

Any questions can write to me privately on Facebook at The Manko.
General inquiries can be done here or in the Facebook group The Manko Army - Age of Empires.

Adopta un Noob 2018 - Edición Copa del Mundo/Adopt a Noob 2018 - World Cup Edition:
Hi everyone! After a long time The Manko has decided to make a 2nd edition of the tournament that started everything for him, a tournament that catched the eye especially for the Ibericoamerican community but with the special participation of players as Daut
, Edie
, TaToh
and Nicov
, the premise it's the same, 1 Pro it's in charge of a team with 2 NPL/Low Rated players, that has to been coached by him, the teams are still able to be watched right here.

This year, the Manko Army team wants this event to be even bigger, one of our goals is to call the attention of The Viper himself to be in charge of one of the teams. That's why we are looking for the support of the community, especially to offer a prize as this tournament deserves.

Before we pass to an inscriptions stage we want to cover the prize pool issue, searching for everyone that would like to become a sponsor of the tournament, for the moment every pay will be realized just on PayPal , Each payment is contributing to make the prize pool more interesting and bigger nothing you donate is for us.

Of course I also take advantage of inviting all the 2k that are interested to think about it because it will be super fun and it is a completely different experience.

I'm waiting for your feedback


ADOPT A NOOB 2018 World Cup Edition

Adopt a noob is a 3v3 tournament in which the teams are composed of players from the same country, with different rating ranges. The goal is to take your team as far as possible, throughout the competition.
Each team is composed of:
1) Squire: player with a rating lower than 1300 (NPL PLAYER)
2) Apprentice: Player with a rating lower than 1600 and higher than 1300.
3) Master: Player with a rating above 1900.

Players who don't meet these scoring requirements will not be allowed.

In this second edition, the number of entries to 32 teams will be expanded. Each team representing their country. Every registered team must have 3 players from the same country.
the maximum teams per country it's only 2.

General Rules

Adopt Noob it's a 3v3 tournament. The tournament itself has 32 teams and they should follow the next format:

Player 1: “Master”; should have a rating superior to 1900 Player 2: “Apprentice”; should have a rating between 1300 and 1600. Player 3:”Squire”; his rating must be less than 1300.

We will only consider Voobly ratings and there’s no exception to this rule, especially to avoid any kind of smurfs. That’s why we will check every account.

*Accounts with less than 50 matches will be considered as doubtful

The 3 player from each team must be from the same country, without exception. We have the maximum of 2 teams for country. (Example: Argentina A and B) We will announce the date when records begin here on AoEZone, into a formulary that will be valid just for the next 3 days since we upload it.

The tournament will be played in round format of 32, to direct elimination. The teams have a week to play the games and if a match does not occur, the result will be decided by the staff. In case of irregularities The Manko has the power to disqualifies any team.

The Matches

Map Style: Standard
Map Size: Normal (6 players)
Game Speed: Normal (Locked)
Initial Age: Standard
Population Limit: 200
Reveal Map: Normal
Victory: Conquest
Team Together
Don’t Allow Cheats
Match Stats Only
Mod: Wololo Kingdoms
Patch: 1.5 or superior
Spectator Delay: 02:00 Minutes

*Maps without TC (Nomad), the rules from “Elimination Draft” will be allowed, given 1 restart by team before 5 minutes initiated the match.

Maps :
32th finals: Bo3
Arabia, LHM, WHM.
Quarter Finals: Bo3
Arabia, LHM, WHM.
Semifinals: Bo5
Arabia, LHM, WHM, Team Islands, Arena.
Final: B07
Arabia,LHM, WHM, Migración, Arena, Team island, Most voted by the audience map.

Dates and Other Issues
To schedule the games you must use the corresponding space in the forum. The games can be played from Sunday to Sunday (7 days) until the 24 GMT. Teams should quickly make available their schedules, if a team does not show sufficient diligence to coordinate schedules, is at risk of disqualification, recorded games will be uploaded by the organizing team, the items NOT recorded are worthless and meetings will have to be played again.

For the Casters: Anyone is free and can stream the games of the tournament however the official channel will be the channel of The Manko and we ask you to take that into consideration when making the stream. Please schedule the games with time in AoEZone to avoid any delay and inconvenience.

In case of any kind of issue you should contact with The Manko, in case of FP and it’s impossible to keep playing the match will be back to schedule, in case that the FP continues the team will be eliminated. When a team doesn’t answer to schedule the time and date please contact with us. The idea it’s to have every match schedule before the Friday. When you initiate the match the other team have at least 30 minutes to appear and play if not please send a screenshot to The Manko. Teams can´t switch Players.


the prize of this edition will be cash. We are collecting donations to make the eye-catching prize and to summon the best players in the world. Please, get in touch with the organization if you wish to make a donation.

Any Cuestion?

You can write me here or on my Facebook page.




May 9, 2013
hey amigos, i read rules a country can only have two teams, but we have possibly a 3rd team who are interrested for playing for france, is it possible for them to sign up ? Or only two team max?
Likes: The_MankoAOE


Active Member
Dec 29, 2017
IMPORTANT! Brazilian Players !!

We are looking to complete the last team for the tournament, we need 2 Brazilian players, one Squire: player with a rating lower than 1300 (NPL PLAYER) and one Apprentice: Player with a rating lower than 1600 and higher than 1300.
With these we could finally end the sign up phase and start the tournament.

Likes: The_MankoAOE


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