(2019) Argeking Cup III


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Jul 18, 2013

Hello there!

The first stage of argeking cup is officially over (see bracket)

First stage bracket

We have our first champion and the best seven players from this stage which will advance to the final stage.

Now we walk the beginning of the end. The second and final stage will start on Monday 11 and this is the final bracket:

Final stage bracket

We hope to watch very tied games and series since almost every player is in good shape and ready to take the throne from nicov.

You can find more info right here (web also in English)
Let me know if it is not working.


And if there is anyone interested in streaming just go and read "streaming rules" at the bottom of the page.

I would love to see you guys around voobly or the stream trying to support our national tournament. There's a calendar in the front page of Mundo 's web but I will try to add the best series here in aoezone calendar as well.

No more to say. I hope you enjoy!

Ps: forgive my grammar I'm not using Google translate and English is clearly not my first language :geek:


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