1. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - Weljet vs. FOX

    Stream vid
  2. Abraxas

    Dioses del Age (AoM: The Titans)

    Welcome to our first Age of Mythology tournament! We invite the whole community to participate, learn and have fun. DIOSES DEL AGE (AOE GODS) is a 1vs1 Tournament for Age of Mythology: The Titans with patch 3.0 and is played entirely in Voobly! More information and signups HERE
  3. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - nC vs. Heresy

    Stream vid
  4. Abraxas

    T-Rex IV (AoE II WK Noobs)

    Welcome everyone to this new edition of T-Rex. This time we´ll play in water maps! All noobs (<1250) are welcomed to participate. Signups are open until next Saturday (128 spots). Price pool is low but fun is high :smile: More info at: Tournament 14!
  5. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - CM' vs. CZ

    Stream vids: English Spanish:
  6. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - CM' vs. NHN

    Stream vid (only last game)
  7. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - Weljet vs. RBTV

    Stream vid (only last game)
  8. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - FOX vs. ByT

    Stream vid
  9. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - nC vs. RFR

    Stream vids: RTSL casting, NilPferD's PoV
  10. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - Heresy vs. RoR

    Stream vids: RTSL casting, Spring's PoV
  11. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - WOTC vs. CZ

    Stream vid
  12. Henkdesupernerd

    Rewards Random Map Contest

    I'm happy to announce some crazy rewards for the winner of each stage in this random map contest! First of all the winning competitive map (which will be submitted in the weekend of 3-4november) will be featured in a show match between expert players. The exact date and format will follow soon...
  13. Black Adder

    Title Getting Close - First AoR RTS League Playoffs Begin!

    Seems the first Season of RTS League's Age of Empires II: Rise of the Rajas Clan League started on the right foot as we have seen top level gameplay all around with some real memorable matches along the way, including the very season premiere and also closing matches to the Group Stage (and...
  14. Henkdesupernerd

    24 Hours Random Map Contest

    (see pdf in attachment for full quality of these images) Rewards: links: Discord: Website for submissions: Resources, Guides and Tools for Random Map scripting:
  15. Pyroptere

    True FMT 2nd edition - Merry-Go-Rounds 2v2 Tournament

    Hello everyone, If you enjoy the first edition or you missed it, don't worry you have another opportunity to team up with anyone you like, regardless of his elo, and have tons of fun =) Since Merry-Go-Rounds is a map especially made to be beginner-friendly while keeping the game interesting for...
  16. Pyroptere

    Merry-Go-Rounds - True FMT Tournament (2v2)

    Tournament is over, watch my last post on this thread for the recap =) Thanks for the interest! Hello everyone, Did you ever like playing with someone but there is a huge skill gap between you? In those cases, it is such a pain to find a fun and balanced game to play together, therefore you...
  17. Black Adder

    Gaucho, the Champions - Look Back at RTS League's Clan League S41

    With talks of the new season already in the air, let's properly close up RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League Season 41 and reminisce on its progress and its memorable moments - as usual, in the longest running and prominent community-driven competition in Age of Empires...
  18. Black Adder

    Grand Finals - Gaucho vs. nC

    Stream vid


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