clan war

  1. TroySupport

    Training for EscapeGamingLeague

    Hello everyone!! Team Alliance is around 2050/2100+ we are looking for training games vs other really good teams here are our available times right now, Friday & Saturday between 9 - 17 GMT. (4v4 Prefer) Please let us know if you are interested below to get some games rolling we plan to play...
  2. Black Adder

    Gaucho, the Champions - Look Back at RTS League's Clan League S41

    With talks of the new season already in the air, let's properly close up RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League Season 41 and reminisce on its progress and its memorable moments - as usual, in the longest running and prominent community-driven competition in Age of Empires...
  3. Black Adder

    Grand Finals - Gaucho vs. nC

    Stream vid
  4. Black Adder

    Semifinals - nC vs. Gaucho|B

    Stream vid
  5. Black Adder

    Semifinals - Gaucho vs. RFR

    Stream vid part 1, part 2
  6. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - BF' vs. Gaucho|B

    Stream vid
  7. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - nC vs. ByT

    Stream vid
  8. Black Adder

    Quarterfinals - RFR vs. Arg

    Stream vid
  9. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - VN vs. Arg

    Stream vid
  10. Black Adder

    Round of 16 - NHN vs. Gaucho|B

    Stream vid


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Nomad Battlegrounds
Monday 16:00 (GMT +02:00)
TheViper,DauT&TaToH vs saymyname&VNS__4T
Nomad Battlegrounds
Monday 20:00 (GMT +02:00)
Nicov MbL vs Nili LB10
ECL Qualification Highlights
Saturday 16:00 (GMT +02:00)
Collection of highlights from the best games of qualification.

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