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    The player with most games in AOE?

    I doubt that. Last time I checked accounts over 2001 1v1 rating, mine had the most games, but I'd be very surprised if I have the most among all. That's also only counting games since 2013 (or when was the rating reset). If you count games from 2007-2013 aswell, my acc might be top 20 - 50...
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    Make mamelukes great again!

    @Henkdesupernerd I'd say that Khmer are actually fine. They are OP pocket on closed maps (BF, maybe best pocket Arena civ), their halb + scorp is good for 1v1 closed maps too, being able to skip buildings is huge on some maps. The civ has real usage in some situations, although its still little...
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    Make mamelukes great again!

    @King_Marv I don't get how somebody can say that saracens don't need a buff and that with eco bonus they'd be unbeatable. In AoC Saracens were one of the civs with the most limited usage, being only good in BF TGs/full water TGs. That was because they had very good and extremely expensive UU AND...
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    Melkor vs Vinchester Bo5 Arina Showmatch hosted by MrGPN

    This is like DauT vs Viper, Vinch has 0 chance. Melkor is way better Arina player with more practice, more experienced, smarter and far better drafter/civ picker than Vinch is. Right now there aren't many players capable of winning BO5+ vs him, it would generally require aggressive play and...
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    ECL Middle East 3v3 Ro8 Secret vs Suomi

    Congratz to Suomi, Max's performance in both games was very impressive.
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    Those Boars...

    FC - Siege Workshop - Siege Tower - shoot boar with vill - put vill into siege tower - go back to TC.
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    [KotD2] Map

    @King_Marv most maps are way more wallable than Arabia (FR maps) and then there are some maps that are supposed to be played open (Land Madness, Chaos Pit, Acropolis..), it's ok if both players can wall, it's ok if neither of the players can wall, it's not ok if 1 player can wall, other can't...
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    [KotD2] Map

    1) I'd prefer sheeps over goats, goats are pretty easy to overlook as the desert has basically the same colour as them. Also, it's not as clear if you just have the goat in vision or if the goat already "belongs" to you. 2) The map is more unfair than standard Arabia. Having no cliffs makes it...
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    [KotD2] Feedback

    Given the time schedule, there's very little room for qualification stage - delaying the tournament = finals collide with NaC2 would be bad, playing qualification stage during Christmas would be bad aswell. Rating race for KoTD 1 was pretty fair and interesting, players weren't really camping...
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    AOE-II Balance suggestions?

    I don't see why is it such a crime to make a balance post. I'm very sure we'll have more balance patches in the future, that might be inspired by good ideas here. Maybe making a reasonable argument would be more useful than flaming the author in a "funny" way to get mainstream likes. None is...
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    [KotD2] Registrations

    I have read and accepted all the rules and settings. I will check frequently during the tournament. I will schedule as efficiently as possibly during the tournament. I register the tournament using this account:
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    NAC2 Qualif1 Who will qualify ?

    I'd bet on F1Re. I don't think he's the best player in the qualifier, but 1) he's still in wb 2) I think his experience + macro style should work well vs both Bact and Vinch 3) being down 2:0 vs ACCM, tired and still coming back shows skill, mental resistance and also that he's taking it quite...
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    AOE-II what strategy to go for when you are outskilled ?

    *cough* ...if you are outskilled... *cough*
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    List of Highest RM 1v1 Rating Reached

    @angelina_jolie milking 2ks doesn't count, that's why hue didn't update your rating.
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    Who wants to be a clown? Arena Weekend tournament hosted by JonSlow

    Damn! I'm an *****, seriously. I completely forgot that my heavy scorps and halbs die to castles + onagers, my halbs rams die to long swordsmen, my tarkans die to halbs, my warwolf trebs all the time focusing on the sr wont kill those and eagles rektify all my onagers. GG me.


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