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AoEZone calendar can be used to submit Age Of Empires related events. You can freely submit events but they have to be approved by a moderator before they appears in the calendar.

If you want your thread to appear in other forums than the standard event calendar you can find info on how to do that here.

The calendar have 4 different view modes. They appears in the submenu when you are in the calendar. Try them out to see how they look.

The calendar require you to select a forum where to publish a thread connected to your calendar-event. If you get an error while trying to save your event check that you have selected something in the field named Event thread. Images can also be added to an event either by using the "Browse" button.

Below you see and exmaple of a thread. The next pictures show how the event will look in calendar view and in the widget in the upper right corner of the site.

Below you see the full event view. The event at the top and the connected auto-created thread below. That is a regular thread that orher users can reply to.

If you have registered your stream-channel and optionally stream-display-name in your profile then you will be able to opt-in and out as a streamer for the event.

And here is what the widget-display of the event will look like

All date and times in the calendar should always be given in the timezone selected.


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Upcoming Events

ECL SE Asia 3v3 Semi Final
Friday 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL SE Asia 3v3 Semi Final
DeZu's showmatch $100 TheYo vs Lyx, full 7 games
Saturday 14:00 (GMT +01:00)
TheYo vs Lyx showmatch
Bluewolf Showmatch ($10) Episode 2
Saturday 14:30 (GMT +01:00)
TheHappyBoar vs PaperHades
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Ro8
Saturday 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Ro8
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Semi Finals & Grand Final
March 30th 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
ECL South East Asia 3v3 Semi Finals & Grand Final

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