12hours AoE2 Streaming

12hours AoE2 Streaming
Posted by Spainkiquekq
12h AoE2 Streaming kiquekq channel
Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 15:00 (GMT +01:00)
Until: Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 03:00 (GMT +01:00)
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/Amsterdam)

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Streamers: @kiquekq
Feb 27, 2018
I reached my goal of subscribers, now I have to fulfill my promise and make a stream of 12 hours.

Come, follow the channel and enjoy (and play if you want).


14:00 GMT Voobly or Steam games.
15:00 GMT TTF.
16:00 GMT 3rd place ByT Tournament: Poxo vs Castolo BO5.
18:00 GMT BF Tournament (Batalla de aldeas): Birras y tapas vs Tapas y birras (3 games).
21:00 GMT Minitournament FFA (for the community). Play, survive and win kqs.
23:00 GMT Watchin clips of AoE2 and talking about AoE2.
00:00 GMT Forest Nothing/256tech games or some crazy game.
01:00 GMT Improvisation if I survive.
02:00 GMT Mission accomplished, bye.

* Accumulate kqs and win a free subscription to my channel!
** There may be changes in the programming.
*** Official language of kiquekq channel is Spanish.


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