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    My NAC2 Experience

    Hello guys, im back home and super happy because i can be with my family after 11 days, but being said that i will try to show you what this experience has meant for me in terms of personal and profesional povs. I want say that as a caster, this experience has been probably the best experience...
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    Best Casting Duo of NAC

    A bit tired of that, i hype in the moments i have to hype, the games last sometimes 1 hour and i hype 10 minutes while 50 i analyze and show what going on, i just go according how the games go, is imposible to hype all the time and i would not able to do that all the time, i have rewatched some...
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    Best Casting Duo of NAC

    Plz guys is 68.9 i need 69 and you make my day, too far from home hurts. :(
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    [KotD2] Semifinals & Grand Final

    i will make soon a big post about my thoughts about KOTD2 and few things related to the tournament and to the community but about the time you need to be pro or to dedicate to your personall life.... I dont like to take myself like an example but when i was in the university, i had always 1 job...
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    [KotD2] Semifinals & Grand Final

    im sorry to say but liereyy could have won the 1st game if he was much more agressive at some point he had big advantage and in the last game if he find that gap at the back, viper had nothing at home, and liereyy got 1000000 archers (britons), liereyy could have won yesterday for sure, for me...
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    Who will win the KoTD2 final (Poll and Official Discussion Thread)?

    i had a video call with him after the series, for over 1 hour, if you would seen how sick he was, and all what he talked you would feel like how in the hell he played like this, and he was asking me when KOTD3, cuz he was so hyped and wanted revenge lol
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    Who will win the KoTD2 final (Poll and Official Discussion Thread)?

    if the grand final is 50% as good as last edition, i would be happy, so imagine, i just hope for great quality games, that is the most important. Wish both they are at their 100%, that would be the best for the whole thing. Today i have to say, im vivi's fan, his reactions were epic and mr...
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    KotD2 - Semifinal#2

    remember guys that after the great series from today, Viper vs Yo, this one will can be even crazier, or we hope so right??? Said that i want remind you guys that, FaceCams will be there again, and will have Hera as a cocaster, that if you have not seen him cocast you gonna enjoy alot, he is...
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    KotD2 - Semifinal#1

    today was friday, and you forget youtube, with today more than 4k viewers there, so basically AoE2 got today over 12-13k, think its record, can´t feel better with this, love it. Hope everyone enjoyed, let see if Liereyy and ViVi give some feelings tommorrow with webcams, because viper and yo...
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    ECL East Asia 4v4 Grand Final

    Excelent final, i prefer always 3v3 or 1v1 but with games like that even a 5v5 would be good. Great stuff yesterday, looking fwd for future ECL live events that can be even more epic.
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    [KotD2] Semifinals & Grand Final

    forgot to mention that Hera will cast liereyy vs vivi, and DauT will co cast TheViper vs Yo. :membsmile:
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    One player should not be able to pause 8 players game

    now seriously, that is a bugged thing, that should not happen you any often because continue the game should be enough.
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    One player should not be able to pause 8 players game

    was blackforest, best map, best community :membsmile:
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    Which matchup would you most like to see in the final?

    i hope best games posible, that the most important, then everyone has diferent preferences, but i want 4-3, 4-3 and 5-4. If you get that is like a dream come truth, and doesn´t matter that much anymore the match ups. Any 4-0 is bad, so a Yo vs Liereyy with 5-4 would be great and a Viper vs...
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    [KotD2] Feedback

    u want to make me cry? thanks god, never got a post like that :D :membsmile:


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