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    Which maps would you include to make a perfect map pack?

    I would add chaos pit and notsocotra for some crazy and 100% diferent gameplay And too much water for me.
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    AOE-II Nerfing Palisades & Moving Stone Walls to Castle Age. Poll To Nerf Walls

    crap man i almost kill myself main map, i was going to post that i want move the walls to castle age but then what i do with my life without my stone walls in blackforest map? :membface:
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    NAC2 Qualification

    Round 2 Best of 5
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    NAC2 Vinchester vs LaaaaN

    Vinchester vs LaaaaaN
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    Who is currently the best Black Forest (team) player?

    i will host a fortnite tournament before the BF one, stay tunis
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    General Feedback (Maps, Sign Ups and Rules)

    im not a fan to see in tournaments about nations many teams from every country, it make to lose the sense of the tournament because we can see few times same countries facing eachother, i think there should be a limit for those, but that my pov, in case that you want let everyone to play which...
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    Fixed positions in high end teamgame tournaments

    get good maps and good settings and the tournament will never be boring, we have seen this already, maps in battle of africa for example would be imposible to be boring and for sure if we did the fixed positions would have been as close as perfect, i say that because nothing is posible to be...
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    Fixed positions in high end teamgame tournaments

    The next TG tournament that i want/will host in 2019 will be fixed positions. Stay tunis.
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    ECL Africa 3v3 Ro8 aM vs Suomi

    Casted aswell and 1st game is just impressive, love this teams that try 200% congrats to both, great performance.
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    Who is currently the best Black Forest (team) player?

    the thing is, there is alot players that when they play blackforest, they love to troll, make crazy strats, and unconvetional stuff, but just according to pure BF player, the best player in TG at the moment i think it is Peter, DoubleZX and many other nicknames. But out of the BF community the...
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    NAC2 - Qualifier Feedback

    Even if im not a fan of arena to be played or bf for tournaments i think for qualifications with double eliminations to do not have Arabia, arena and bf (i agree this to be out) the maps what basically are played on voobly is weird. i think with good settings those maps can be great to be...
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    SY vs Secret Showmatch - Best of 7

    is that live? because that is a pretty late time for SY, settings? prize? open streaming? some info? thx
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    AOE-II Help Please !

    i recommend you more ram and a normal GPU should be fine. Then its also depend how many scenes and stuff you add but for normal stream without so much graphics or videos, you should be good.
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    T90's Hidden Cup 1v1 Event

    I like the idea but like been said since Saturday is ecl and there is many people involve in ecl, many wont be able to watch both so would have to choose, also many would not be able to cast because people like nili, me, zak, res are with ecl, so since is recorded games isnt posible to move to...
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    Is rise of rajas worth buying?

    rise of the rajas is the best happened to age of empires, also with others expansions so definitly YES.


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