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    New Stream: AoE2 & History <3

    Just watched some of your stream from the VOD. Very nicely done. I really enjoyed the walk through with added explanations and facts. I'll try and tune in live next time to interact. Congratulations on finding an interesting and enjoyable niche that aligns with your skills and love of the game.
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    Doubles Age | 2v2 Tournament Announcement

    I like the prize pool distribution for 1st and 2nd place being a factor of the score in the final. It means something is on the line in every game of the final and all games in the set will be played.
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    Discussion - NAC2 Group Stage TheViper vs MbL

    Mr @Turkman, you did a great job in your interview with mbl/liery. A significant improvement on previous post game interviews I've heard. Your style is one of breathless, why use 3 words when I can use17, enthusiasm; but don't forget to give players enough time to elaborate on their...
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    Discussion - NAC2 Group Stage TheViper vs MbL

    I don't think any of the casters I've seen, in any of the tournaments, have nailed the post game interviews. It's a difficult skill and also requires some complicity from the players. I like game/series specific questions, but if it's too focused on a particular moment or a general, "what about...
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    Play along Bingo: NAC2 edition

    Ah yes, thanks. That would be a good idea. One for next time.
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    Play along Bingo: NAC2 edition

    Feel free to add your own... Or play along with this 'community card'.
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    Play along Bingo: NAC2 edition

    Hi everyone, I've created a play along Bingo game for NAC2. Attached is an image of a 4x4 grid containing 16 specific events. When an event occurs during NAC2, mark it off on the grid. There are 3 mini-wins when you reach the following milestones: - all 4 corners - any row - any column And...
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    Experts Tournament ELO

    Yes, because he won 40% of the games. Slightly higher than the 37% predicted.
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    NAC2Q2 Grand Final DauT vs F1Re

    ggs Great performances from both players through Q1 & Q2. Looking forward to more at the LAN.
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    2018 Review

    Hi everyone, here is my review of 2018. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know your own personal highlights, lowlights, memories and reflections from the year... January - Plus ca change Viper had ended 2017 as the undisputed world number 1 at the conclusion of KoTD. Would 2018 see the rise of new...
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    KotD2 Special Interview - Hera

    Another entertaining interview. @Hera_ seems like a very relatable young man (particularly the irritating family :p) and I wish him well with his aspiration of becoming a maths teacher. I feel like the interviews can sometimes get bogged down by tge questions asking players to list top 5's...
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    KotD2 Special Interview - RiuT

    Just watched the VOD of the interview. What a dream interviewee RiuT was. Open, honest, insightful, emotional.... He really came across well and I'll be cheering for him at KoTD2 and in other tournaments. @RiuT i also wish you well in your life. With those talents, if you leave Aoe you can...
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    Why is it so hard to get non Arabia games on WK at 16-17++ level?

    Look out for me when I’m online. I host “any map” games for 14/15++
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    Masters of AI 2 - Grand Final

    This was wonderful to watch. Thank you to everyone involved for your time, commitment and passion to AI scripting. @Aleph your commentary on stream was interesting and entertaining. I hope to see/hear more in the future. ggs gl nxt


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