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Why not use this account to sign them up :o ?
Which account to sign up who?
oh, I thought those Tim_ happyhappy vivi_ D8_baby is control by you
No, this time not. I did not even know they had signed up until now.
But it would be better to know who was it to be able to contact that person. I'm quite sure CL and vivi did not do it themselves.
Someone please make starting 4 sheep spawn closer please.
I just wanted to say I'm your biggest fan. Your nickname is literally "your mom" in deutsch, however you schedule like a british prince and are one hell of a educated dude.
Cheers man! Best of luck in the silver leage <3 Cheering for you
Quick reminder everyone: Last night (at least where I live) the clocks were changed one hour back to winter time. Don't forget when it comes to scheduling etc...
Got deleted an inoffensive message with very very little trolling saying that Nicov should be given a pc with FP at NAC2 ....
Never should have joined this stupid forum, if it wasn't for the register prior to watch images thing I would have never joined this sh*t.. censure wasn't necesary. BYE. F who ever censured me. my nick name "god why" means, why the f do I have to register wo watch some stupid images? makes no sense to me. F this forum, I have seen pro's streams and none of them pays the membership and use adblocks :) so there you have the loyalty to this SH*t Viper's father :)
@ImRiver hey man sorry for the worst ever sign up I was pretty tispy and completely forgot to then realised Yoshi already did it 11

But I'm impressed that I did something so bad it made everyone laugh ❤
Don't worry about it <3 It was just a joke, because we got a ton of weird sign-ups 11, also the 10 posts to post link incidents, I just had to make at least one joke!
I'm glad you guys entered and wish you best of luck!
Some free advice: never play this game drunk or tired late at night at 2AM especially if it's team game.

I learned that the hard way ;(


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