World Cup 2v2 has come to an end!

Jul 22, 2012
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RM - 1v1

Final Results:

1st - FINLAND 365,88 U$D
2nd - CHINA 304,90 U$D
3rd - VIETNAM 182,94 U$D
4th - NORWAY 121,96 U$D
5th-8th - 60,98 U$D​

First of all congratulations to FINLAND !!! Their run during the tournament was just amazing, I absolutely loved their games and I really enjoyed their playstyle. It was the perfect combination between fun and high level <3 .

This was the first big tournament I hosted, and I was so afraid that it would go all wrong, especially when I saw the amazing quality of the players that signed up. I had the fear that I maybe wasn't up at the organization level. Luckily everything went perfect from start to finish! And I was hyped during the entire tournament, so it was totally worth it for me!!

Thank you's :

The tournament wouldn't have been possible without the help of @Lanchi and @Poxo . Those guys, whom I barely knew before the start of the tournament, proved to me that they are the best of the best. We knew perfectly when to talk about the games and have fun, and when to speak about serious matters, to have order in the tourney. I had a lot of fun with you, and I swear that it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. Thank you so much for giving your time and so much work into this. You guys rock! (Fun fact, we're all 23 years old, screw you blink, we like each other). Also thanks a lot to @Crove for doing all the tournament art <3

Thank you to every streamer who casted the tournament. A tournament that lacks good people that take the games to the public, is a failed one. And I couldn't ask for better people to be casting/pov streaming the games! Just amazing people, and thanks for what you do for AoC!

Thank you to all donators!!! : Lanchi , AceJohn, Ari Marhaba and HJFE . You guys are so kind-hearted, please keep being such good persons!

Thank you to T90Official. I already saw people caring a lot about streamers, people caring a lot about players. But such an amazing guy caring a lot about the tournament Admins, I swear that's new to me. He kindly donated 100 U$D to every admin that participated in the tournament, including myself. And it just left me with my mouth open, for me him having our back during the tourney and always saying nice things and supporting was something very heart-warming and I'm really happy that such a good person is up there, at the top of AoC streaming. We're lucky to have you!

And last but not least, thank you for all the players. What would have been of the World Cup if no one would have signed up? I don't mean only experts, I mean every one of you. Hyping the tourney from the start, thank you a lot to all AoC-Players that actually wanted to take a shot at representing their own country!


Fun-Section :
; Bruh's random Drama Post
; Masmora saying I desperately am looking for likes (I AM)
; Italy against the odds wins with double douche
; Rubenstock (WC Champion) wins game without TC and lumbercamp)
; TheViper killing Canada's TC with archers

[Btw, I just love aoezone and with the like and tag I was trying to get people to try and use aoezone in a more regular social media way! I like this site a lot, and the more content there is, the better for me. At least people in the Spanish-speaking community use it very little, was trying to do my best to change that hehe <3 ]

Hope you had as much fun as we had, we definitely have plans for future AoC-Tournaments!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Dec 19, 2016
Congratz Finland! You really showed your good strategy and high preparation throughout the tournament!
China be known as a very good 2v2 team for a long time, provides very high quality games every rounds! Also proofed that TI is a landing map not water map
Vietnam prepared very clear strategy that ACCM slow both opponent and BacT carry later, this really worked out and won them the Bronze!
Norway brought out the insane combination: Mayan + Saracens
Also other top 8 teams, really strong but lack a little bit luck, maybe next time!

3 fun moments of the tournament:
Finland vs Spain G5 (Cloud Casting): Link
 translation: He have no way to save this villager. Wa Wa WaWaWaaaaaaa
China vs Brazil G2, Lyx and RiuT TC distance is root 37, 0.083 tiles away from admin re
Finland vs China G6, some call Ruben as "sling partner of TheMax"
 but in the last game of Final, he says he can carry too!

Thanks to all the 108 signed up team,
64 teams played through whole tournament without AL
no Norway
tw Taiwan
cn China A
it Italy
in India
ar Argentina
de Germany
hu Hungary
es Spain
at Austria
us USA
au Australia
fi Finland
ru Russia
cz Czech Rupublic
es Spain B
cn China
vn Vietnam
br Brazil
ar Argentina B
ca Canada
ie Ireland
mx Mexico
cl Chile B
tw Taiwan C
nz New Zealand
tw Taiwan B
mx Mexico H
hu Hungary B
be Belgium B
ru Russia D
no Norway B
de Germany B
mx Mexico E
de Germany D
nl Netherlands
ar Argentina O
es Spain C
uk United Kingdom
We praise your good sportmanship!

The teams that have beat higher rating teams are:
it Italy, in India, de Germany
fi Finland, cn China, vn Vietnam
tw Taiwan C, hu Hungary B
Not a easy thing, wp guys!

Also thanks to the streamers that help us to promote this tournament and very respect to our admin team
Thanks to all the viewers, we reach a maximum of 9000 same time viewer count!
And in the end, thanks @ImRiver and @Poxo , was a great cooperation experience with you :smile:


Feb 27, 2017
Props to you, Lanchi and Poxo for all the admin work. As a viewer I really enjoyed the tournament and it felt like everything went very smoothly!

Massive congrats to Finland for their well deserved victory. TheMax has now won three of the last 4 major 2v2 events he took part in (Nomad Battlegrounds, ECL East Asia and the World Cup), only losing in the ECL Africa stage if I'm not mistaken. Beating TheViper twice as well as so many other top teams only adds to this achievement.
Best 2v2 player in the world right now?


Bronze Supporter
Sep 24, 2012
Awesome tournament!
Lots and lots of great series.

Even more than 1v1s, I believe the level and quality of team games in AoE has improved massively over the last couple of years.
The way teams synchronize their army movements across the map; how carefully they choose which fights to take and not to take; the level of preparation; etc
Very impressive!

And of course Finland is the epitome of all of this.

Awesome job by the Admin Team too. Extremely smooth tournament.
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Jan 15, 2014
Thanks a lot for organizing this, it was a lot of fun to participate. Special thanks to Lanchi, who made sure to show up for every game we played and helped making sure we picked the right settings.
I enjoyed watching the tournament a lot as well, there were some really great games (Spain vs Finland nomad), I hope you guys will organize more tournaments <3
Jun 10, 2012
I agree with everything said here. Although I only watched few games - more than I had planned - it seemed exactly like what was needed in between at the moment, with players having much fun and so many 3:2s.
I hope the admins/organisers convinced enough to attract more sponsors to host more tournaments.
A Nations Cup should not happen too often, but I'm hoping for another 2v2 cup which is not 1 map only and possibly with home maps.
Oct 6, 2018
Massive congrats to Finland for their well deserved victory. TheMax has now won three of the last 4 major 2v2 events he took part in (Nomad Battlegrounds, ECL East Asia and the World Cup), only losing in the ECL Africa stage if I'm not mistaken. Beating TheViper twice as well as so many other top teams only adds to this achievement.
Best 2v2 player in the world right now?
He lost in final v viper and tati in deathmatch tournament, which means a 2nd place as well. Recently winning ECL East Asia is, in my opinion, the culmination of his achievements, and I'd say it's been a long time coming. As mentioned in talk of the Empire, it was also such a close call in BOA. I think the tide is turning and I hope this will bring an even higher level of competitive play.

Also, where's joadn?


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